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  2. Another good set:
  3. Yummy!
  4. Yeah, maybe the nip will get some money.
  5. Someone important caught wind of Clay's tweet from earlier today: This guy is a reporter from the Washington Post; he's been following up on Donald Trump's charitable "donations" for about a year now. This could be good.
  6. October through December 2017 Clay Aiken Shoots Down Report He ‘Could Be President Someday’ (Exclusive)
  7. Yesterday
  8. 10 Reasons Clay Aiken Could Be President Someday
  9. Check out @clayaiken’s Tweet:
  10. Google alert:
  11. Last week
  12. I loved him singing this so much that I put the audio in my iPod and had it on repeat. He looked hauntingly beautiful to me that night. Unfortunately, I've not been able to rewatch much of that final show--such a travesty--but, this is the part that I could watch a million times and it still wouldn't be enough.
  13. Crap. We learned so much about Clay from that show... Onward and upward Clay!
  14. Just Jenny on Sirius announced that Taylor is no longer with the radio.
  15. According to the schedule on Sirius radio Taylor is not on tomorrow so no Clay.
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