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  2. And the new Star Wars movie was AWESOME! Hopefully will get to watch Bold Blend early next week, as I've got next week off!
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  4. I love Judah Freelander. He's weird, but I like that. Can't wait to see this.
  5. Bold today. Guest loves Clay's Solitaire and wants him to rerecord or rerelease it (unclear which).
  6. Loved BOLD today. Very interesting discussion on both sides of the aisle.
  7. FYI. The term ride or die that is in Meghan’s post means that Clay is better than a friend! Urban dictionary quote to follow.
  8. Video clip of Meghan and Joe from The View yesterday. Very touching!
  9. Several retweets. He must be in the audience for The View today.
  10. December 13 Several retweets: Plus he then retweeted two replies to this particular retweet:
  11. Hey everyone! Glad to see you all checking in here...makes my heart glad! Another pic of Clay from Meghan’s wedding. You have to swipe left to scroll through the pics, you’ll get to the one with Clay!
  12. Hi twilight. Living a little further west in Winston-Salem, we had 2 to 4 inches and it did get cold here. There is still some snow left from Friday. I had to pick up my granddaughter from school and it took 4 times longer than usual - an hour each way. Worse yet, my husband fell on Sunday afternoon and injured his hand. X-rays don't show a break but it is so swollen, painful and discolored they think it may be a break that is hidden. I was hoping he would help wrap on Saturday and Sunday but hopefully my granddaughter and some friends will help. A wonderful CV poster has volunteered to do Mon and Tues.
  13. Hey everyone, Here in NC this past weekend on Friday Saturday we did get a trace of snow and sleet, it wasn't much of a problem since it's been warm.Has anyone seen the previews or heard about the Greatest Showman? I want to see it the movie looks like it's going to be good! Keala is in it! I think she's got a wonderful voice! I love that I got to she her at the gala in 2013. I've been listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack it's fantastic! Pasek and Paul who wrote Dear Even Hansen wrote the lyrics and music to this movie I just really like the work they do. I've enjoying reading the little fun facts that go along with the suggested donation amount for the The Projects 12 days of giving. Clay is so supportive of his friends!. I'm happy for Quiana. Honestly I've always liked Quiana's voice more then Angela's I do hope something more then just Bold happens for Clay soon. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week. Brittany
  14. Clay Aiken Does His Own Instagram!

    December 11
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  16. Three pictures of Clay from Bold's Instagram story from today:
  17. Sparsh Shah at the National Inclusion Project Gala:
  18. My dr said that cataract surgery is like putting a lens into grape skin! You need the skin to hold the lens in until it heals and sometimes it clouds up from debris so they go in and zap it away. I didn’t realise how cloudy my vision was. I just bought myself a new iPad Pro 12.9. so I could see better. Ah the dilemma....keep it or send it back? Oh who am I kidding I’m keeping that sucker!
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