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  2. April 18 Someone replied to his Barbara Bush tweet: Clay's reply:
  3. Hmmmmm....wonder if we can get Clay nominated?
  4. Clay's tweet is featured in this Entertainment Weekly article, about celebrities paying tribute to Barbara Bush.
  5. Last week
  6. I really like this artwork. Tempted to buy the notecards with the image on them. And from the artist's Facebook page:
  7. I'm into Clay's choice of artwork. Really like both pieces from both artists. Now we can imagine what we would see as his portrait if he should become President of the US.
  8. ldyjocelyn

    Clay Aiken Does His Own Instagram!

    April 16 Three pieces of art in this one. The other two:
  9. Thanks Twilight! I've never noticed that feature before, I'll have to use it more often!
  10. Idyjocelyn to upload more then one picture on Instagram when you go to upload where it shows you your pictures there’s a select multiples or it could look like the squares that are kind of over laying on the bottom right corner you touch that then you can select up to 10 pics.
  11. Jinx! Actually, he also Instagrammed it, and there are three different images. (I've got to figure out how to do that on Instagram!( The other two images:
  12. Enjoyed BOLD yesterday. I can understand D & S getting upset about Facebook calling them a threat but they should also have recognized that FB did apologize and fixed the computer error. JMO
  13. Earlier
  14. Another, this from Playbill. The show opened last night, but it looks as if he didn't walk the red carpet.
  15. Also, pictures from Getty Images. aiken&sort=best#license
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