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  2. FYI, the smallest ad we can do is $175. My financial sitaution has changed since last year, so I may not be able to give as much. Please step forward, if you can. I’m setting a deadline of July 23 to let me know if you’re willing to give. Then I can start to collect money and talk to Tonya about design. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! Yeah, Clay's quiet...but I think that's OK. I just hope he's doing something he loves, and that it includes spending time with Parker. Anyway...Clayskater from CV contacted me regarding an ad for the 2018 Gala program. We were able to get enough money together last year to get a basic ad from FCA. I'd love to be able to do it again this year -- so please post if you are willing to give! If you don't want to publicly state that you're in, just PM me! It's the 15th year of the Gala, so let's see what we can do!
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  5. No Clay on Bold this week. (Ah well, it frees up an hour for me!). I’m guessing he’s with Parker for the summer?
  6. Wish Clay would give us something to talk about, I miss him.
  7. Ldyj, glad you are safe!! Flash floods are really dangerous - so smart of you to stay put and not risk getting washed away.
  8. He does seem like a good person. During when they were performing Demons he talked about how he has battled with depression how it’s important to each out to friends, family it’s ok if you need to see a therapist, how your not broken.
  9. I love Imagine Dragons! Their lead singer just produced a documentary about Mormon LGBTQ youth, and so he's been on the talk show circuit lately. Seems like a good guy. I also did see some of Grace VanderWaal's season of AGT, and she was so much fun.
  10. Last night I went with my sister, niece nephew and a friend to see Imagine Dragons it was an awesome concert! Grace VanderWaal opened for them she won A America Got Talent a couple years ago she was cute really good we didnt get to see all of her set it took forever to get in.
  11. Idyjocelyn glad you made it home ok.
  12. Made it home after a half hour. Husband and I just walked a bit in our neighborhood, and there are places where you can see the water line in the yards! It was really scary for a while...
  13. Sitting in my car, parked a block away from my house. Flash flooding is preventing me from getting home. Probably drove through some stuff I shouldn’t have to get this far, but at this point, I’ll wait a bit longer!
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