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  3. Penn Jillete says ykw said some racially insensitive things when he was on Apprentice. Wanna bet that there’s some media trying to interview Clay about now?
  4. Then this coming weekend we’ll probably have a song to look forward on FB Saturday night then Sunday is the bowling fundraiser for the National Inclusion Project I’m sure we will get pics and reports from that.
  5. You are so right. I haven’t listened to his music in a while. I know if I listen to one of his songs right now, it’ll be like hearing it for the first time and I will be gobsmacked all over again!! 💕
  6. Thanks for the good thoughts everyone. I'm sure we'll adjust, but it's just scary. RIFAN, I do understand the "drifting away" thing, but I've always believed in "absence makes the heart grow fonder" too. He's got me for life.
  7. Ldyjocelyn, I'm sorry to read about your husband's accident and to learn that he is still searching for that job. I have thought of you so often and hope that things will all work out for you both. i feel like a bad fan--totally forgot about Parker's birthday--first time. In some ways I'm afraid I do feel myself drifting away--no news, no BOLD, no Clay. But, when that has happened before, he makes an appearance and I'm drawn right back in. I do hope he's having a great summer with Parker--he deserves it and also deserves his privacy.
  8. I can’t bring over the post, but according to Facebook, Clay was sighted last night at a Dwight Yocum concert in Raleigh!
  9. Going to a family reunion this weekend, with possible spotty internet, especially tomorrow. Not that there has been much with Clay...bummer. Oh well, hope he’s enjoying whatever it is he’s doing. I have read that Clay was mentioned on Bold Life yesterday. Tara Reid was on the show, promoting the latest Sharknado, and she talked about his good acting skills! We do have something to look forward to next weekend though... And I don’t normally do this kind of thing....but if you can spare some prayers for those around me. First, a coworker found out earlier in the week that she has pancreatic cancer. Then there is my husband. He still hasn’t found a steady job, but was perfectly happy driving for Uber — until this past week, when he had an accident that did major damage to his car. He’s fine, but it really shook him. The reason I’m concerned is because his last job’s contract ends this month, which means no more paychecks. Our income is effectively cut in half. Pinching pennies has never been my strong suit, especially when it comes to things like food, and Clay. But we are really going to have to stretch until he find something. He did have an interview for a parttime job at my library (different campus though), so that might help. I’m trying not to be frustrated with him, but it’s hard. He’s definitely happier now, with no job stresses, but soon there’s a different stress. I simply think he doesn’t know what to do, and I’m not sure how to help. Thanks for listening...
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  11. FYI, FCA was able to pull together enough money for a half page, B&W ad for the 2018 Gala program...with money to spare! The extra money went to Nick Leisey's "Face Your Fear" Fundraiser, located here: YAY FCA!
  12. Happy birthday to Parker! God, that was a crazy day around here. Remember IIT? Ha!
  13. It’s also hard to believe Parker is 10 today!
  14. Twilight, that’s so cool! 15th anniversary, wow!
  15. Clay Tweet Happy Anniversary to @includingkids 15 yrs ago today, Diane Bubel & I embarked on a mission to make play and recreation programs accessible to ALL children. The support of so many of you have helped make inclusion a possibility for TENS OF THOUSANDS of kids! Here's to many more
  16. Good morning everyone So 15 years ago today I was 14 I went to my very first concert, the American Idols live tour here in Raleigh. A couple of my friends and I had 12th row. I’ll never forget how loud the screaming was for Clay! Clays performance of TITN is still one of my favorites. I can’t believe 15 years later ,2 months from today I’ll see Clay yet again! What a journey it’s been so far along the way a gained a family I never expected.
  17. August 4 Ana Navarro tweeted this: Clay replied:
  18. Ana Navarro tweeted this: Clay replied:
  19. Clay is mentioned as part of this book. The Children of Harvey Milk This link has a caricature of Clay: Link from Facebook of Clay from this:
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