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  3. Thank you everyone! Your comments mean a lot! Dont hsve much to add besides I miss Clay.
  4. Twilight, that is huge!! I've been in a space for a few years now where I'm afraid of doing all kind of things--watching the Olympics is inspiring and now your post is inspiring me too.
  5. Twilight, I hope you can get in many more hours too, it sounds like you are ready and willing, I will be at the gala next year for sure but not sure what level. This year my ticket was a birthday gift from my husband. Very nice video from Clay. I managed to see it after going over the site more than once. I do believe it has been captured by someone.
  6. February 16 Retweet from Bold (even though Clay wasn't on today):
  7. Hope someone grabbed it. Never got to see it.
  8. Twilight! That's great for you! It looks as if the video reward from yesterday has been taken down. Sob. (I'm sure someone grabbed it though....)
  9. Hey everyone, I enjoyed the Valentines hart search yesterday on the National Inclusion Projects great new site! It took me a little bit to find the 9th heart. I enjoyed the video. Ive been proud of myself the past couple weeks. In November I started working at the JCI thrift store its part of the organization that I go to that helps with employment for individuals with special needs and disadvantages. So up until recently I had never ran a cash register before I started working that was what I was most nervous about running s Register since I really cant see well, Im not great with interacting with people I think theres a bit of mutiltasking. I always felt awkward when a customer at Walgreens would ask if I could check them out and I had to get someone else but also glad I didnt run the register it was pretty busy. At the thrift store theres a different vibe then Walgreens, at the store Ive just been putting out clothes on the floor price stuff put it out. Well it was probably at the beginning of last month I started learning the register I didnt think it was that hard my co worker who was showing me just stood right next to for the first couple weeks as I was learning how to use the register, well last week and this Ive been running the register by myself! I feel pretty comfortable doing it, its cool that my manager can go to the ware house do something I can cover for her. I know its probably not that big a deal that I can run a register but I think this has built my confidence! I know the more I do it the easier it will be I just hope I can get more hours soon. Im only working 4hours a week.
  10. Oh, I completely agreed with Clay. But by the end of the evening, I just wanted a normal Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday. Those poor families. Did you see the Bold tweet for a go fund me for the community? Yes to the figure skating. Haven't watched it in years. But these athletes are so amazing.
  11. Really enjoying the Olympic figure skating. There is a Clay connection--they save it for last every night!! Remember when we'd watch shows and wait for Clay to be on and he was always on at the end--same thing!! Loving that lots of music from the 60s is being used. I went to the NIP site to do the heart challenge. I clicked on the first two I saw and it worked. Then, when I clicked on the other hearts I found, nothing happened. I went to the site three times and tried and it just didn't work. I'd see the flashing heart and the first couple would work--then after that nothing would happen when I clicked. I am on an iPad. May get out my computer later and see if that works. What a great idea, though!! Very creative.
  12. I hear ya! But I understand Clay's frustration. My feeling is that we need to get the money out of backing politicians. The NRA has way too much power... Sorry, off my soapbox now.
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  14. Can we go back to wedding pictures and chasing hearts through NIP? The news is just unbearable
  15. Now my browser just doesn't support the videošŸ˜  Not supposed to see the video, I guess.
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