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  2. No Clay on Bold again tomorrow.
  3. Clay now has 200,000 likes on his tweet.
  4. August 16 Clay's reply: And Clay.... Clay's getting a bit hot at this point: And Clay's reply:
  5. I'm going to have to go to Twitter to find all these responses...but with this tweet, he seems to have gained a HELL of a lot of respect. I think Chris D'Elia (a comedian) is pretty cool and funny, so that makes my heart pitter pat a bit. Here's a few more: And one with two famous actors covered in one tweet:
  6. Of all of the Positive tweets loved these
  7. I'm loving today! He gained 3000 twitter followers today.
  8. Cheryl Tiegs retweeted him and said thank you. Mark Ruffalo tweeted Hey man, I don't know you but I have a lot of respect for this. It shows a serious quality of character. #appreciated and John Cusack saiid "indeed"
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hee he made the rag Daily Mail!
  11. Alyssa Milano commented on his tweet. I respect this. 👇👇👇
  12. It's very innteresting reading the twitter feed of @clayaiken By far the comments are positive and not fans. There are quite a few who disagree and some have drunk the Koolaid for sure.
  13. Clay called in to TMZ. I cant seem to find the piece but will keep looking. Just saw a lot more articles about Clay but they are all basically the same. Scroll to the bottom for a short video!
  14. Omg fandoms collide. Allan Cumming retweeted Clay!
  15. Supposedly Clay is going to be talking today on TMZ. Care to guess what it's all about? *g*
  16. Today is an extremely busy day at work, but I'm catching a FB/boards break for a bit. I'll be catching up on the articles and tweets in their respective threads either later tonight or tomorrow night.
  17. There are a lot more articles but as they say basically the same thing I'm not bringing them over........but if one has a cute new pic then all bets are off! Yep I'm shallow!
  18. Thanks Merrieeee, great effort! He's lit up social media
  19. This is an interview.
  21. His tweet has been picked up by a lot of media sites. Too many to bring over. This is just one of them.
  22. Clay posted on Facebook but I can't bring it over on mu iPad.
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