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  2. I dare you to! :-) everytime I hear Stay by Rihanna I Want to hear Clay sing it. Ive requested Falling, Ashes , Lonely No More. Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran, and You Will Be Found Dear Even Hansen.
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  4. I suggested three so far: "Thinking Out Loud" by...hmmm, Ed Sheeran. *g* "The End of the Innocence" by Don Henley "Walk Away Renee" by The Left Banke (which I think Clay would laugh at the suggestion, if nothing else)
  5. I'll probably be the only one to do it but I'm submitting an Ed Sheeran song ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can be thanked for not choosing a song by my favorite Japanese band at least lol (even though I'd love to see Clay try)
  6. Someone dare me to ask for "Love on the Brain" (Rhianna).
  7. I added "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green Maybe this will give Clay some new ideas for a possible album.
  8. Last week
  9. This is such a great idea! I just submitted Falling. I also thought about You Will Be Found.
  10. ninna -- jinx! So, any ideas that we can pool together to see what Clay would want to sing? Or we want him to sing in general? I'd suggest "The End of the Innocence" by Don Henley, but not many people know that....
  11. Hmmmm...a new fundraiser for the National Inclusion Project:
  12. You can submit a song suggestion (this next week) for Clay to live stream from Gala. Sorry, don't have the link.
  13. Trying not to watch weather channel. Mexican earthquake-dreadful. Hurricane Maria is massive and headed toward Puerto Rico tomorrow.
  14. Ditto to what ninna and ldyjocelyn just posted!! (I love that when I start to type ldyjocelyn the computer finishes it for me!!!) (Edited because I just noticed that the computer also finished ninna, but autocorrected it to make Nina!! Guess my computer is not as smart as I thought it was!!)
  15. I love listening to hear him talk, and I have to agree ninna -- his laugh is infectious.
  16. I think I actually listen for his laugh and sometimes we get a few notes!
  17. Watching Hurricane Maria. Hoping to hear WUWT later. The one thing I find most annoying is when callers get cut off before the end of a good story!
  18. I think that being judgemental is just part of Tayor's shtick. My issue with her is that often she doesn't let Clay finish his thought. (Of course, it's her show--not his--but still....) As the show ended, he said he had some stories and didn't get to tell them--and would likely forget them by next week. Honestly, the best part of the show for me is Clay's stories. That's why I listen.
  19. I did get to hear a bit more of WUWT before going to work. Apartment stuff: he says there are only three apartments on his floor. He is renting from a person, not a company; he originally thought this would be temporary, but obviously that didn't happen. Square footage of his apartment -- 1500 feet. Two floors above him is a full-floor apartment -- selling price $9 million, but for 5500 square feet. Of course, in NYC, that is considered a bargain. When I left my car, they were talking to a guy named Rude Jude, who has written two memoirs. He has a Sirius Radio show on the West Coast, and was also on the Jenny Jones Show. I have a love/hate relationship with Taylor -- she's funny, but I find myself hating how judgemental she is.
  20. I always thought of ATDW as my birthday album. Still love so much of it! Clay is on WUWT! Seven things right now.... Talking about Nicole Kidman's kiss of Alexander Skaarsgaard's kiss after winning an Emmy. Clay doesn't care, Taylor is freaked out.... Now talking about NYC dream apartments. Clay says he rents, the rent is more expensive Than his mortgage in NYC.
  21. Happy 11 Anniversary A Thousand Different Ways! I remember that morning putting a tape in for GMA then going over to my sisters to do school work. Then coming home when I was done watched GMA waited impatiently to go to my piano lesson. We went to Walmart after I finally got that cd in my hands. My favorite tv appearance Clay did for that album was Jimmy Kimmel. I remember it was on my birthday. That performance of A Thousand Days is still my favorite performance of that song, I just loved it!
  22. September 18 cont. Back to replying to Liberalette: Another "Imelda" reply: Clay's reply: A reply: A reply to that: And Clay's reply to that:
  23. Never anything I actually can put my finger on, just an occasional comment that feels like male superiority. I'm sure he would be shocked, but I know a few other die-hard fans who sometimes feel it, too.
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