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  2. Got my ticket for the Gala. i'll be going with playbiller. Late Happy Birthday couchie. . JMH, so sorry to hear of your illness. Hope you make a 100% recuperation. My mother had aphasia and would laugh at herself sometimes. Hope yours clears up quickly.
  3. Last week
  4. I hope Clay is having a wonderful Father’s Day with Parker!
  5. Hugs Idyjocelyn and merrieeee. I hope your job situations get better.
  6. (((Hugs))) Since I got let go along with 7 others I might have a lot of time on my hands.......hopefully not for long.
  7. Well, things kind of blew up at work today, so I will probably not be able to keep an eye on the boards during the day anymore, except at lunch. Sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it. Watching the new season of Queer Eye right now. I love every single one of those guys. And I've found out that Jonathan, the grooming guy, is from my hometown!
  8. No Clay on Bold tomorrow...
  9. I have an annual pass to Universal (Studios and Islands, but not the water park)-- want to meet for a day or a meal? It's likely to be very busy for the holiday week so plenty of time in line to visit with each other. You need a two-park ticket to ride Hogwarts Express, but you can use a one day ticket to visit the HP section at either park, Can you tell I've done this before? I get a 15% discount on tickets for guests at the gate, but you can get 20% by purchasing online. Express Passes to get in a shorter line ($140 or $110 per day on top of ticket prices) are already sold out for 7/5-6, but still available for 7/7-8 (so far).
  10. Will be there on the 5th and leaving late on the 8th. My dd wants to go to Harry Potter at universal. We cruise on the 9th. My cousin and his wife have been here 4 days. Oh vey! Say no more.
  11. When are you coming to Orlando?!? Spending any time here or just passing through?
  12. Earlier
  13. I’ve got company from England and we’re heading to Vegas tomorrow. After they leave I’m going to Orlando and then a cruise to Cuba. Then id better check on the new job maybe they won’t want me.
  14. I know that merrieeee is extremely busy at the moment, and will be for the next few weeks. And as Twilight said, it doesn't help that Clay hasn't even tweeted that much, let alone be around! On the other hand....I'll be going to Chicago for a special trip in a few weeks....eeeeee!
  15. I just don’t have much to say, nothing much going on with me I wish Clay would give us something to talk about.
  16. Getting a little concerned here-- no posts since Friday noon?
  17. Hee I got the job. Said they had seen me work so they didn’t need a resume or interview.
  18. merrieee, sorry to hear about your job....but hopefully this new one will pan out for you! I'm doing better today. Never did feel as if I fell, so the main thing I'm dealing with is the major scrape on my right knee. I'm having to use a wrap on it, just to keep the band aid on it.
  19. Ouchie! As of today I am unemployed. When there is no golf tournament there’s no need for staff! Oh well. I walked across the hall to tell the other office about deliveries and guess what they are looking for someone that fits my job description so I’m going to talk to them. Who knows.
  20. Oh no!! I gasped when I read this. So glad your hip seems ok, though. Take care.
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