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  3. Crap. We learned so much about Clay from that show... Onward and upward Clay!
  4. Just Jenny on Sirius announced that Taylor is no longer with the radio.
  5. According to the schedule on Sirius radio Taylor is not on tomorrow so no Clay.
  6. Nope, no puppets. From this page, I LOVE his silver hair. I've always thought silver haired young guys were cool, and I think it's great that Clay joined that club. He may not think so, because then he feels old, but whatever.
  7. Love the new banner!! Some great new pics. I wonder if stuffedplay had puppets and was anything like the puppets that they did on Celebrity Apprentice. Clay was SO GOOD at it. He and Lisa were comedy gold. I actually didn't recognize her at first in the pics above. Clay is awfully cute in shorts!!! Actually, he's just awfully cute in anything!!!
  8. I’m really loving the hair. One day I’ll do the same but I’m sure I’ll look older unlike clay.
  9. Last week
  10. The lady with the blue hair is Lisa Lampanelli, and she wrote this play.
  11. That’s from last Tuesday, Clay took a selfie with him. From The View’s FB page:
  12. Missed a tweet! This was in reply to Meghan's tweet with the gif with Clay.
  13. October 13 Meghan McCain tweeted a gif of her and Clay together on The View today. This came because of that tweet:
  14. Clay Instagramed (and Tweeted) the same gif that I posted from Meghan earlier.
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