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  2. Thanks! We are going to Deerfield, MA--it's kind of a mini Williamsburg and we are going to stay at the inn which is on site. I just sent you a message (email) and said I thought it had been therapeutic for him to be on WUWT!! They are great together. She is compassionate and she gets him!!
  3. The download from this morning's WUWT is now at the CV vault. If you need access, let me know!
  4. RIFAN, I hope you and your DH have a great anniversary trip! I've only listened to the show just past his letter. While I didn't cry, I was very touched by the whole thing. I can't imagine anyone thinking, after that, that he isn't a kind and gentle human being. One with faults, sure, but one who knows who he is at this point too. Can't wait to hear the rest of it later today! The one other thing I've got to say: does Clay think of Taylor as his therapist? My gosh, he's told so many stories about himself that I NEVER would have expected we'd ever learn. He's so open and free with her. It's amazing.
  5. Rifan I agree after hearing Clay reading the heartfelt letter I was thinking the samething what a wonderful person Clay is! I thought the end of Wakeup with Taylor was cute when they were talking about the tooth fairy with Hilery Clay said how Parker likes to tell other people how his daddy is famous.
  6. I caught part of the show this morning--heard most of the letter (missed the first part). I was in tears. Anyone who doesn't realized after hearing a letter like that what a true friend and wonderful person Clay is does not deserve his friendship. Imagine pouring your heart out like that and being rejected. I was broken hearted for him. I paused the show since I had to leave the house before it was over. When I came back I resumed and started listening again. Decided to fast forward through the long commercial--big mistake. I started listening and could tell something was off. It was a different show--Jenny McCarthy, I think. So I had lost the Taylor show and will have to wait until it is up on demand or until some kind soul provides a link. I really want to hear a the whole letter and Kim story again from start to finish since I missed part of it and I want to hear the last hour or so that I missed!! But, right now I have to pack--going on a two day trip with DH for a late anniversary. Hoping the show will be up when we get back!!!
  7. Leroy, that was Taylor's reaction too...and I'm going to guess will be everyone's as well. The key for Clay is that she was his "special" -- that first person he told about being gay. THAT us what makes the issue a bit more difficult. He still gets asked about that, and it hurts him that he has to say he's no longer friends with her. In the end, Clay and Taylor said they are going to change their coming out stories, so they are each other's special person! I encourage ALL to listen to it when it's available. It's heartbreaking, but it also adds a bunch of details not properly conveyed via recaps.
  8. Thanks so very much for the recaps, everyone. Personally, I don't think Clay had any reason to apologize to Kim L. at all. She was way out of line to say anything about a tour before she confirmed it. I can't imagine any entertainer would have had any other response than what Clay did. Sometimes friendships can't be mended by just one person. Both have to forgive and forget, and it seems Kim L. didn't and won't. Too bad, so sad... Gosh, the banner is HAWT!!!
  9. Short recap starting with the Kim story In relation to KimShe did ask him about doing a tour with the three of them. He sort of said, sounds good, knowing his agent would say no. Felt it would be bad for Ruben to be his opening act (Ruben was the winner) and yet he couldn't open for Ruben. He left it in the hands of the respective agents, He was on tour and avoided her attempts to contact him. She announced the tour in an interview. He also had promised two of her friends he would come to her birthday party, but then didn't because he had been in rehearsals for Spamalot for eight hours and was more tired than he expected. At the Idol finale last year she gave him the cold shoulder. After Ricky died, he wrote her, trying to mend fences, but she essentially said, you're forgiven, but get lost. He read the letter he wrote her, Taylor cried. That was the part that was heart breaking. He also talked about how special she was to him because she was the one person he trusted enough to come out to first.Parker got an early birthday present, a cell phone which is programmed so he can only call the numbers of people programmed in. And Parker has a tendency to tell people his Daddy's famous. Tooth fairy section was cute. Bad, bad Clay! He did actually sing a few notes. He'll be back some time in July.
  10. I only heard half of the KLo story, had to leave my car to get to work. I'm dying to hear this, will listen to it later today hopefully. At least we do know the origins, as many of us suspected.
  11. He went to see Cars 3 last nite. Does that mean Parker is with him? Says he'll be on WUWT in July. Interested on others' take on the KLo story. I think he's got it backward why she got so upset with him, but I'm generally wrong. He made Taylor cry, tho. Clay is a real skeptic about psychics, which is currently the conversation. Hillary Duff just came on. I hate spellchek, just sayin
  12. The KLo story is starting. She's sort of forgiven him, but she still wants nothing to do with him. He feels bad about it still, and some have said he should get over it, Ruben included. She was a bitch to Clay during the AI finale! Going to do this next hour! AAAAAARGH!
  13. Now talking about if divorced parents of adult children still have to get along. He talked about him being close to two people, and one had a fight with Clay. The other two still talk, and Clay and the other guy were both in the third guy's wedding. Nick! Of course, Clay forgot abour the AI story he's going to tell, but Taylor just remembered. They are going to tease this out! Talked about how his Mom realized his natural father was still his father, so made sure he did see him once in a while. Also talked about how a friend with a contentious divorce handles the transfer of children by having them dropped off to a middle person. Did he say that's how he and Jaymes do ths with Parker? Not sure, sorry I missed that.
  14. Listening to WUWT now. Taylor's new Facebook Live show, Getting Younger, premieres tomorrow, so that is what they are talking about.I can only listen to an hour and a half today though.7 things: 2 different things on Bill Cosby and his "town halls." One is Shonda Rimes reaction to it. Next: Wonder Woman breaking box office records. Clay and Taylor haven't seen it. Clay saw Cars 3 last night, he liked it. Talking about the plane that was shaking like a walking machine. (I saw the video, it's scary)Kendra Wilkenson. Eh.Facebook is looking for scripted shows. Clay says he doesn't have a TV, watches all online. (It may be a smart TV)Last one about the Kardashians spending time with Caitlyn for Father's Day; Mom didn't like it.
  15. Busy morning for me tomorrow. Granddaughter stayed over and I am teaching her counted cross stitch. She hated to stop and go to bed. Said she wanted to get up really early and do more with me. But, her "early" is probably 8 or later. I will start the show at 7 and then just pause it and listen later. That will be mid afternoon since I am doing a ladies' luncheon at noon. Dropping granddaughter off at her house on the way to the luncheon. I will be dying to hear the show!!! ETA--Merrieeee--love hearing about your trip. Looked like a yummy meal that room service brought you. I've never done room service. Must feel very luxurious. So glad your trip is going well. (Of course anything I don't have to cook is yummy as far as I am concerned!!)
  16. I'll try my best to remember to listen! I'll miss the last hour and a half though, due to work! Wah!
  17. Last week
  18. I'm really looking forward to Clay on Wakeup with Taylor tomorrow morning!
  19. merrieeee - so glad you're having a wonderful time. I'm another who misses the singing and so I really look forward to any Diamond songs that are shared. The politics isn't my thing, so I kind of just wait out the next bit of entertainment type thing that he does. Regardless of my level of fandom now, I still hope for health and happiness for Clay.
  20. Ah! Room service! Cheese and chutney sandwich. Heaven its 10:30 at night here and it's still light but I'm too tired to go for s walk.
  21. There's a link on the upper right to click on to register. Then ldyjocelyn has to click something on the admin site. After that, just log in using the username and password you registered with. If it's dabrand who registered today, it looks like she's ready to go, just needs to log in, but I'm somewhat uncertain as this is a part of the admin area I've never admin-ed before. On some sites there's an email you have to click on to prove you are you, and I'm sure we have a "prove you are human" thing as well before you can complete the sign-in. Does any of this help? Meanwhile ldyj obviously just took care of it!! LOL. And welcome new member!! We're always happy to have new folks joining and participating. Me especially, since I don't say much but always read. I am also a "do what he wants" person. Clay on TV for an hour a day once a week and radio three hours a day every other week is a lot to me!! I still have an "I survived the drought of '05" tee-shirt, for Pete's sake. That was no Clay at all for months. These days he posts now and then and blogs now and then and there is new music pretty often and new photos--what's not to like?
  22. This? Perfect, IMO. I have lots of "wishes" and "hopes" for Clay, but my main one is "I hope he's happy and living the life he wants." There's a TON of clack out there, and I do the same thing. It's easy to go down the clack rabbit hole, and if I've got the time -- that's a fun afternoon. Well, I just got notification for someone who applied (and which I approved), so hopefully it's the same person. If it's not, PM me and I'll write up some instructions.
  23. Have someone interested in joining, but I don't remember how. Help!
  24. When it's quiet I think that gives me the opportunity to reflect and enjoy all the Clack Clay has given us over the years when Clay has done something like a tour, Spamalot or even when he did apprentice I think we're mainly focused on that so when it is quiet I can go and watch Clack that I haven't seen in a while. The other night I watched Clays AI5 finale appearance I hadn't watched that in a long time it was almost like watching the first time. I love that Clay has done way more then just singing recording, touring I think it's made this ride with him way more exciting, interesting!
  25. From the perspective of a six year fan I had never been a fan of anyone, although I had liked many singers/groups. So I wasn't prepared for the intensity of being a member of the Clay Fan world. When I found the Voice, I felt he was done touring. Thank goodness he did the JNT12, so I did have the excitement of one tour. And it Was fun! But since that wasn't something I had experienced, what he's doing now makes me happy. Plus, thanks to shared clack, I have an endless supply of the wonderful voice, and his off beat sense of humor. I'm glad he has his summers with Parker, I'm sure he enjoys the dad part of his real life. Do I wish he would sing in public? Sure. Wish he would go back to tweeting daily, that would be great. Wish he would find a guy. Wish he was on WUWT more often. I have lots of wishes, knowing he will live his life, and I will appreciate every glimpse I get of it. So I will hang out, waiting. (And we do have his guest spot in the shark movie to look forward to!).
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