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  2. Hope you feel better soon. Sorry to hear about your aunt...
  3. merrieeee I’m so sorry to hear about your ant.praying that you feel better soon.
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  5. Oh man merrieeeee....I'm so sorry to read this. Please accept my sympathies in the loss of your aunt, and I hope you feel better soon! Keep your head up!
  6. I’m having a pity party! This is my last day off until April 7th and I had oral surgery on Friday. I now have a flipper and guess what ? I’m having trouble talking, my cheek is swollen and starting to bruise! Geez, could it be any worse? Yep my aunt died yesterday. Hey at least Clay’s tweeting.
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  8. Clay tweet: Countdown to the Disney movie about #UMBC starts now. Talk about MADNESS!! #MarchMadness2018
  9. Congratulations to Clay's friend (and National Inclusion Project Director) Nick Leisey and his wife!
  10. March 15 It started with this: Clay replied: Meghan McClain also replied: Clay's reply:
  11. Thanks ninna! Appreciate the help today! Clay will be on Bold tomorrow:
  12. I’m at a day long conference today, so I’ll try my best to keep up. Hopefully Clay will do something!
  13. @clayaiken: I ain't tryna lie. My "divorce" from iPhone and Apple has been the most satisfying breakup I've ever had. Jus sayin' #GooglePixel @projectfi its early and the crazy has not yet begun today! So hello everyone. I went to a lecture by Stephan Hawking. Let’s just say the only thing I understood was when he showed a pic of him on Star Trek! He said it was his favourite thing he ever did.
  14. RIP Stephen Hawking. A brilliant man, with a sense of humor. Loved him on "The Big Bang Theory," but I'll always remember him playing poker with Data, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton on "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
  15. Oh sorry! For those who don't know....she works for a company in charge of a major golf tournament. This tournament is Easter weekend, so she's just a bit swamped. Like a LOT swamped.
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