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    If you don't follow the National Inclusion Project on Facebook, the Project is doing "The 12 Days of Giving," with a suggested amount to be given each day. Each amount is tied to a theme. Here's todays, and it's cute. And have we seen this picture before?
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    I’m baaack! Did ya miss me? I had a really restful cruise. We staked out a spot where no one ever went and read to our hearts content. Just watching the ocean go by is so peaceful. I forgot it was thanksgiving. No cooking, no dishes and someone to clean up after me.
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    Hey everyone I started a new job this week at a thrift store after being laid off at Walgreens this summer for having to cut hours. I think I'm going to love it. I'm getting use to s bit of a new schedule. Boldtv this this morning was excellent! Love Clays latest tweet!Loved the hashtag. So I've been taking my time re reading LTS anther fan gave me the idea. I did re read it at the beginning of 2014. It's almost been 15th years since this whole journey started so much as happened. Reading LTS you can just tell how much Clay has grown and as become comfortable with himself. Reading LTS does make me want anther book by Clay. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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    Hey everyone, Here in NC this past weekend on Friday Saturday we did get a trace of snow and sleet, it wasn't much of a problem since it's been warm.Has anyone seen the previews or heard about the Greatest Showman? I want to see it the movie looks like it's going to be good! Keala is in it! I think she's got a wonderful voice! I love that I got to she her at the gala in 2013. I've been listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack it's fantastic! Pasek and Paul who wrote Dear Even Hansen wrote the lyrics and music to this movie I just really like the work they do. I've enjoying reading the little fun facts that go along with the suggested donation amount for the The Projects 12 days of giving. Clay is so supportive of his friends!. I'm happy for Quiana. Honestly I've always liked Quiana's voice more then Angela's I do hope something more then just Bold happens for Clay soon. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week. Brittany
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    My dr said that cataract surgery is like putting a lens into grape skin! You need the skin to hold the lens in until it heals and sometimes it clouds up from debris so they go in and zap it away. I didn’t realise how cloudy my vision was. I just bought myself a new iPad Pro 12.9. so I could see better. Ah the dilemma....keep it or send it back? Oh who am I kidding I’m keeping that sucker!
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    This is one of my new favorite pictures!! Sometimes he takes my breath away--seeing this picture was one of those times. LOVED him on BOLD. Especially loved when he said to the girl he agreed with that he'd go straight so he could marry her!! I missed last week when she filled in for him--will have to go back and watch now. Missed part of it due to an interruption--good excuse to go back and watch whole thing again.
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    Bold TV's Thanksgiving/Black Friday message. Love changing "Bold" to "Old" for Clay's birthday! Nice plug for the Project too!
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    Yes, have a wonderful time. So nice that Clay sang at the wedding. If I don't get here tomorrow I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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    While I still have cell service. Happy thanksgiving to one and all. I’m off on a cruise to the Bahamas and will be out of pocket for a while.
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    Yep my brother and his girlfriend Morgan got engaged yesterday! There's a photographer from Raleigh that they really both like Morgans Birthday is Christmas Eve so for an early birthday present RJ booked a Mimi session he proposed during the session. She wants a winter wedding so there thinking January or February of 2019. Morgan was really surprised. The family happy for them!
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    Twilight, glad you're doing good with your new job! I also read on Facebook about an upcoming wedding for your family?
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    Congratulations twilight. Great that you are enjoying the new job.