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    Quiana tweeted. I tried to tell you he was fool as hell! Never agreed with his spirit! 🙅🏾
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    That little bit is just quintessential Clay. I LOVE that laugh. Just hearing it brightens my day.
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    Yes twilight. I'll be going to the Gala with my sister. My friend who I've gone with for several years can't afford it this year. My husband gave me the money as a birthday gift this year. Our medical bills are through the roof this year and with my 14 year old granddaughter staying with us. Ouch! Dance camps twice this summer and now field hockey.
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    Just to keep everyone in the loop -- I have sent off the check to the National Inclusion Project, for a 1/2 page B&W ad in the Project Gala's Program. I'm hoping we'll get to see a proof before it goes to press. And thanks to the generosity of everyone here, we were also able to make an extra $50 donation to the Project! THANK YOU ALL!
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    That's him. I'm not an experienced capper but just happened to stop the video at the right moment. There's a bit before this when I think he's facing forward.
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    Hi Idyjocelyn sorry you cut your thumb. Glad to hear Clay was on Wakeup with Taylor this morning. Looking forward to the reports from this coming weekend. Dancermom is on vacation so it will probably be a delay to Wakeup With Taylor being vaulted. I'm going to see Journey tonight with my mom friend Amanda and my sister Darice. It was a last minute thing. Amanda when I saw her the other day hadn't seen her since the gala last October we got to hangout she mentioned the concert. I used the vouchers from that lawsuit from Ticketmaster there lawn seats I think it will be fun I'm excited!
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    Welcome back, Merrieeee!! Love the new banner!! Also love that Clay turned down the PR opportunities--have so much respect for him.
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    Beautiful banner by ldyj!! I love that he turned down all those "PR opportunities" that most people would have jumped all over - what a guy!!
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    It's very innteresting reading the twitter feed of @clayaiken By far the comments are positive and not fans. There are quite a few who disagree and some have drunk the Koolaid for sure.
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    Aw...how sweet of Clay to post that message to his beloved son. And that pancake breakfast with the whipped cream and the sprinkles is just what a boy of 9 would want. Happy Birthday, Parker!!!
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    Politicon posted this picture last night on their FB page. I'm also checking to see if I can get other pictures posted here as well.
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    vanguardnow.org LGBT Conservatives, Progressives Find Common Ground at Politicon
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    More pictures from the weekend here: https://www.rexfeatures.com/search/?kw=Clay+Aiken&js-site-search_submit=Go&order=newest&iso=GBR&lkw=&viah=Y&stk=N&sft=&timer=N&requester=&iprs=f
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    Also, artquest posted the first part of the LGBTQ panel, which is unedited.
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    I love the Great British Baking Show. Such talented bakers! I also love the hosts. idyjocelyn, it's hot here, too, but I imagine it's relative. Hitting 90 is hot for us up here in ND. Unfortunately, the western and central part of the state are under a severe drought. So many ranchers have had to sell their cattle since they can't feed them. Here in the eastern part, the Red River Valley, things are quite good. What a cute banner. Thanks to jmh and all who make this board such a great place.
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    Woo-hoo - got the top menu off of the bottom of the banner!! That was NOT easy. The admin theme area is structured quite differently since the upgrade, but once I gave up trying to alter the template, which is divided into many pieces, I found the right setting and it was deliberately set to minus 36 px!! So I guess they figure we want the top menu on the banner?? The simpler settings to change colors of many different parts of the board no longer correspond to the parts of the board in the way they did before. That top menu that was sitting over the banner is still set to be light blue. But I was able to change the font on the two light-colored tabs so they can be seen. Next goal will be to put a margin to the left of the lines of text in a post, and that's going to be harder I fear. Luckily I love to play around with stuff I know nothing about. But no more today. I'm spent!
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    Hey, just to let y'all know that I didn't change the look of the board today. For whatever reason some changes have appeared. Settings have not changed. I'm mainly annoyed about the lack of a margin on the left before text appears. There are some other changes as well, minor. Given the new "like" button and emoties that appear when you hover over the new heart, I'm guessing that Invision has made changes to the default template. I'll look into it one of these days soon.