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    Faye posted this on Facebook. FAKE NEWS !!!Verify before you post or tweet πŸŒžπŸ˜€
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    I tuned in late but the woman discussing taxes seemed pretty sharp.Clay said something like she made taxes sexy and he finds himself nodding in agreement with her although he knows he really doesn't agree with her. His commentator voice gets better all the time and he really looked the part today, mature and sophisticated.
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    Its a big problem in NC. The court threw out our redistricting which was racially discriminatory and our legislature made a few changes and voila , it's still discriminatory. We need a new method of selecting our districts, preferably an impartial method. I so agree with Clay.
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    I'm with you Twilight. I'm happy to hear any of them. Hopefully we will hear many more. Last year's Gala was so good.
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    This article from Time Magazine mentions Clay's tweet about the 280 character length of Twitter, coming soon: http://time.com/4959225/donald-trump-twitter-280-character-limit/
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    Clay liked this tweet by Heather Headley A math problem: Heather buys 1.5lbs of grapes at the farmers market. When she gets home 20mins later, she has 2grapes. How many did she eat😳
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    Happy 11 Anniversary A Thousand Different Ways! I remember that morning putting a tape in for GMA then going over to my sisters to do school work. Then coming home when I was done watched GMA waited impatiently to go to my piano lesson. We went to Walmart after I finally got that cd in my hands. My favorite tv appearance Clay did for that album was Jimmy Kimmel. I remember it was on my birthday. That performance of A Thousand Days is still my favorite performance of that song, I just loved it!
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    Sorry, Nina--have to disagree. Never have seen him as sexist AT ALL. I think the man just calls it as he sees it and doesn't make allowances if you are a woman. Making allowances would be sexist. But, don't worry--I never throw tomatoes!! LOL
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    I think he is in quick sand right now. Somebody save him before he goes under.
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    Crap. We learned so much about Clay from that show... Onward and upward Clay!
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    Just Jenny on Sirius announced that Taylor is no longer with the radio.