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    Ah! Room service! Cheese and chutney sandwich. Heaven its 10:30 at night here and it's still light but I'm too tired to go for s walk.
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    ldyjocelyn - sounds like you had a great time at the concert. Hope you enjoy your week off! I have to agree with soulsista4clay - even though I don't post much, this seems to be my home board since CAT closed down. I've been at CV since it started (my membership number is 2!) and CB since 2003, but the bigger boards don't really work for me at this point in time. If all Clay breaks loose, then all bets are off! But for now, FCA is a good place to be.
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    Taylor said today that she really likes Clay and he is really smart and a great person! Aww!
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    Last night I listened to Clay talking about Kim for the second time, I thing I noticed while listening to him reading the heartfelt letter is what s good writer he is, he's really good with words. We knew this already from reading the different blogs and things he's written I really noticed that while he was reading that email he wrote.
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    RIFAN, I hope you and your DH have a great anniversary trip! I've only listened to the show just past his letter. While I didn't cry, I was very touched by the whole thing. I can't imagine anyone thinking, after that, that he isn't a kind and gentle human being. One with faults, sure, but one who knows who he is at this point too. Can't wait to hear the rest of it later today! The one other thing I've got to say: does Clay think of Taylor as his therapist? My gosh, he's told so many stories about himself that I NEVER would have expected we'd ever learn. He's so open and free with her. It's amazing.
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    This is Aya Sofia, a museum that has been a church and a mosque.
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    We can't leave earlier but I do have an exrtra day figured in. As long as I'm in England on Monday to get on the ship I'll be ok
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    She's talking about the shooting of the lawmakers while they were practicing for their annual charity baseball game. Republican Majority Whip of the House Steve Scalise was shot (he's recovering) along with three other people. It looks like the shooter was targeting Republicans. Very sad situation. Clay didn't tweet about it, but he was on Wake Up with Taylor yesterday. If you get a chance, download it from the vault and listen, especially to the last hour. (If you're using that download, start at about the 1 hour and 51 minute mark.) It's a discussion of friendship -- and we learn quite a bit about the JNT 2005 tour, with Nick and John Dahlstrom. Clay also started a story about Kim Locke, but didn't have time to finish it. He says he's going to be on Taylor's show again next week, and he's promised to finish this story. (BTW, Clay doesn't mention ANY names...but those of us in the fandom can pretty much figure it all out...) Pretty juicy stuff, IMO. I'm amazed at how much Clay reveals to us on Taylor's show. That's why I enjoy it so much -- it feels like we're just talking, even though I know full well it's not that kind of relationship at all. This would have never happened, IMO, even 4 years ago.
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    I hope Burr can do as good a job as Senator Sam did. Richard Burr is from the same town in NC that I live in. At one time he was very bipartisan and worked closely with our, at that time, Democratic senator. Tea-party Republicans started picketing outside his office because they didn't like their cooperation. And to be fair a lot of Democrats didn't appreciate her working with him. So I guess that's why we are in such a state of grid lock.
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    The main "complaint" about the Facebook app is that it is a memory hog! It also doesn't sort by most recent posts first, but most popular. That's an annoyance, but it really works well for Facebook Live, and that's how I watch Bold Blend regularly. There's an app for almost EVERYTHING!
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    Wow, I was just coincidentally watching all the sharknado movies before hearing the news, heck i'm watching a sharknado movie now. I was wondering about the cameos in the 5th movie and it turns out clay was gonna be one of them. I sorta can't wait to see it now! I sorta like this board now and it would be my home board right now. I was searching for a home board for yes, prob since 2005 and i now found it.
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    I'm really looking forward to Clay on Wakeup with Taylor tomorrow morning!
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    From the perspective of a six year fan I had never been a fan of anyone, although I had liked many singers/groups. So I wasn't prepared for the intensity of being a member of the Clay Fan world. When I found the Voice, I felt he was done touring. Thank goodness he did the JNT12, so I did have the excitement of one tour. And it Was fun! But since that wasn't something I had experienced, what he's doing now makes me happy. Plus, thanks to shared clack, I have an endless supply of the wonderful voice, and his off beat sense of humor. I'm glad he has his summers with Parker, I'm sure he enjoys the dad part of his real life. Do I wish he would sing in public? Sure. Wish he would go back to tweeting daily, that would be great. Wish he would find a guy. Wish he was on WUWT more often. I have lots of wishes, knowing he will live his life, and I will appreciate every glimpse I get of it. So I will hang out, waiting. (And we do have his guest spot in the shark movie to look forward to!).
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    Cool picture merrieeee! Glad you checked in, and I hope you have a great time! Twilight, you bring up some valid points regarding Clay. Summer is usually pretty quiet for him, and that's OK. A couple of things this brings up to me though... "We" as a fandom were spoiled for many years. When he was touring, we'd get immediate recaps, clack, and news almost every day. Same when he was in Spamalot. In the back of my head, I was saying "enjoy this now, it's not going to last forever." And I was somewhat right. I've been in fandoms long enough to know that the hyperintensity of a new fandom doesn't last. I do think, though, that many didn't realize that fandoms work this way. In other ways, though -- this year has been far from a drought. We're getting Clay on Bold Blend at least once a week, and his Wake Up with Taylor gig is semi-regular. Yes, I know...not singing. But, to me, I love being able to see and hear Clay talk on a regular basis. No matter what...I love him, and I love FCA.
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    Hi there! Loved, loved, loved being back in Istanbul. It is very sad in a way as tourism has dropped off a lot and a lot of people are out of work. I felt it was the safest place to be and there were cops everywhere. We went through security screening in the airport 3 times before we got on the plane! By the way Turkish Airlines is great! London tonight!
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    Carrie's views do give up some of best of Clay's expressions, however
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    https://www.facebook.com/MakeMyDayEventPlanning/photos/a.440923624731.237596.116906204731/10155425301984732/?type=3 This is probably from Nick's wedding. Let me know if you can get to this. Usually these embed. This one didn't.
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    I think the ad is a great idea and I'd like to help. I'm terrible at posting but I'll keep popping by to see what's happening.
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    For those who didn't get to see it, as well as me being a person who likes to bring everything important here, this is the Facebook Live from Saturday night:
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    Dear Evan Hansen won the Tony! Clay has to be very happy for Ben Cohn.
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    II'm enjoyed the live FB video last night! I'm really looking forward to the Tonys tonight! The only show i know much about is Dear Evan Hason haven't heard much about the other shows nominated.
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    We've already had spectacular Greek food followed with cheesecake from Cheescake Factory. We're doing good.
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    Leaving in about an hour to meet up with merrieeee! Gonna be a fun weekend!
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    I never liked the jokes she made about Clay or thought they were funny. I do not feel sorry for her.
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    soulsista, glad you found your home! I'll watch the entirety of the latest Sharknado -- probably with a beer in my hand and some popcorn! I'm back from seeing U2 in Chicago! They put on a hell of a show, and I'm still on a concert high. Thankfully, the rain held off, and it was a gorgeous night for an outdoor concert at Soldier Field. This concert was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their landmark album, The Joshua Tree, which they played in its entirety. Added a bunch of other songs too, and the whole thing simply rocked. The hardest part was getting out -- 30,000 people all leaving, wanting a Uber or a cab, or simply walking. Needless to say, my friends and I didn't get back to our hotel until after midnight, and I didn't go to sleep until after 1 am (way past my bedtime!). I'm tired now! (I'm glad I've got this next week off!)
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    Hi soulsista4cla. Back In the day there were so many boards it was hard to find the right one. Ill admit to cheating too and just watching the snippet of Clay but in Sharknado I might just have to have a girls weekend and make it fun. Wine, cheese, good friends and sharknado! Works for me!
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    Glad to have you here soulsista. I watched the entire "Sandy Wexler" movie on Netflix just to see Clay's part. Guess Ill do the same with "Sharkanado". I thought I read somewhere that it is in August.
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    Off again ! This time to Chicago to see U2 in Soldier Field! Pray for no rain! Back tomorrow!
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    What a hoot about Clay being in Sharknado! If he's willing to do these cameos, I'm hoping he'd be willing to accept other entertainment type gigs, at least from time to time. Very nice pics of him on Bold.
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    I enjoyed Wakeup with Taylor yesterday. I really enjoyed the technology discussion in the first hour, then how Clay talked about the fans and how he said he had more faith in us when Taylor mentioned her fans being judgmental about her wearing the same clothes over and over. ninna I agree with you about Kathy G.
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    I have no interest in Kathy Griffin and would not even have known about her stunt if it wasn't for the internet particularly FB. it's a strange world where the smallest thing appears to get blown up around the world. I guess I just miss the days when things were not so in your face and you actually had to search in magazines or watch on TV.
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    I'm back! Very, very tired, but it was so much fun! Yesterday my husband and I spent our time in the Opryland area. There's a huge shopping mall, an even LARGER resort, and then went to see the actual Grand Ole Opry show. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, there wasn't any huge current stars, but we did see Ray Stevens, Bobby Bare and Ronnie Milsap. During the show, it rained cats and dogs, but while we were out it wasn't bad, and we didn't have to drive in any bad stuff. Same thing with our travels today -- thankfully no bad weather to deal with. I'd highly recommend Nashville to any music lover -- you will learn so much, and have fun at the same time! soulsista, I think I'd just go with the Clay stuff, but that's just me..... Will hopefully get to watch Bold Blend tomorrow....