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    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Manchester England}}}}}}}}}}}}} I just searched YouTube and didn't find much on the AI Tour special, although I have to admit I didn't do an EXTENSIVE search. No time! I'll have my iPad and phone with me, so I'll be able to check in. I just won't be able to do some of the archiving I normally do during vacation! And we leave....in an hour!
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    I think it is a vault only thing as of now, There used to be public download sites (there's where i got the special from) in 2006/2007 but they all closed down, and if i can recall correctly only the Raleigh homecoming is on you tube. I'd upload the full thing on yt, but the account that I use for clay aiken stuff (mostly montages) is inaccessible due to me not migrating the account to google nearly 7 years ago, basically locking me out. Thanks! I feel creative again, after i stopped drawing and painting for years, I restarted it and it kinda feels good.
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    Never too much posting! I have never seen the tour special. Is it on youtube or in the vault? Periscope was awesome, as always. Have a great vacation!