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  1. I noticed that as well. He has a good writer's instinct, and does a great job of putting words together in JUST the right way. It makes me wonder if he may have much more of a hand writing the next "rumored" book. I would venture a guess that Alison Glock did most of the "heavy lifting" in LTS. I think Clay may have more confidence in his writing now, that he may be wanting more input -- and that might be the reason it's taking forever, if it is even a thing anymore. Anyway, I love his writing style.
  2. The download from this morning's WUWT is now at the CV vault. If you need access, let me know!
  3. RIFAN, I hope you and your DH have a great anniversary trip! I've only listened to the show just past his letter. While I didn't cry, I was very touched by the whole thing. I can't imagine anyone thinking, after that, that he isn't a kind and gentle human being. One with faults, sure, but one who knows who he is at this point too. Can't wait to hear the rest of it later today! The one other thing I've got to say: does Clay think of Taylor as his therapist? My gosh, he's told so many stories about himself that I NEVER would have expected we'd ever learn. He's so open and free with her. It's amazing.
  4. Leroy, that was Taylor's reaction too...and I'm going to guess will be everyone's as well. The key for Clay is that she was his "special" -- that first person he told about being gay. THAT us what makes the issue a bit more difficult. He still gets asked about that, and it hurts him that he has to say he's no longer friends with her. In the end, Clay and Taylor said they are going to change their coming out stories, so they are each other's special person! I encourage ALL to listen to it when it's available. It's heartbreaking, but it also adds a bunch of details not properly conveyed via recaps.
  5. I only heard half of the KLo story, had to leave my car to get to work. I'm dying to hear this, will listen to it later today hopefully. At least we do know the origins, as many of us suspected.
  6. The KLo story is starting. She's sort of forgiven him, but she still wants nothing to do with him. He feels bad about it still, and some have said he should get over it, Ruben included. She was a bitch to Clay during the AI finale! Going to do this next hour! AAAAAARGH!
  7. Now talking about if divorced parents of adult children still have to get along. He talked about him being close to two people, and one had a fight with Clay. The other two still talk, and Clay and the other guy were both in the third guy's wedding. Nick! Of course, Clay forgot abour the AI story he's going to tell, but Taylor just remembered. They are going to tease this out! Talked about how his Mom realized his natural father was still his father, so made sure he did see him once in a while. Also talked about how a friend with a contentious divorce handles the transfer of children by having them dropped off to a middle person. Did he say that's how he and Jaymes do ths with Parker? Not sure, sorry I missed that.
  8. Listening to WUWT now. Taylor's new Facebook Live show, Getting Younger, premieres tomorrow, so that is what they are talking about.I can only listen to an hour and a half today though.7 things: 2 different things on Bill Cosby and his "town halls." One is Shonda Rimes reaction to it. Next: Wonder Woman breaking box office records. Clay and Taylor haven't seen it. Clay saw Cars 3 last night, he liked it. Talking about the plane that was shaking like a walking machine. (I saw the video, it's scary)Kendra Wilkenson. Eh.Facebook is looking for scripted shows. Clay says he doesn't have a TV, watches all online. (It may be a smart TV)Last one about the Kardashians spending time with Caitlyn for Father's Day; Mom didn't like it.
  9. I'll try my best to remember to listen! I'll miss the last hour and a half though, due to work! Wah!
  10. This? Perfect, IMO. I have lots of "wishes" and "hopes" for Clay, but my main one is "I hope he's happy and living the life he wants." There's a TON of clack out there, and I do the same thing. It's easy to go down the clack rabbit hole, and if I've got the time -- that's a fun afternoon. Well, I just got notification for someone who applied (and which I approved), so hopefully it's the same person. If it's not, PM me and I'll write up some instructions.
  11. Cool picture merrieeee! Glad you checked in, and I hope you have a great time! Twilight, you bring up some valid points regarding Clay. Summer is usually pretty quiet for him, and that's OK. A couple of things this brings up to me though... "We" as a fandom were spoiled for many years. When he was touring, we'd get immediate recaps, clack, and news almost every day. Same when he was in Spamalot. In the back of my head, I was saying "enjoy this now, it's not going to last forever." And I was somewhat right. I've been in fandoms long enough to know that the hyperintensity of a new fandom doesn't last. I do think, though, that many didn't realize that fandoms work this way. In other ways, though -- this year has been far from a drought. We're getting Clay on Bold Blend at least once a week, and his Wake Up with Taylor gig is semi-regular. Yes, I know...not singing. But, to me, I love being able to see and hear Clay talk on a regular basis. No matter what...I love him, and I love FCA.
  12. For those wondering, merrieeee made it to Istanbul! She has posted pictures on Facebook. Looks like a fun trip!