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  1. No Clay on Bold again tomorrow. https://bold.global/melvint/2017/08/17/watch-friday-10amet-charlottesville-whats-future-confederate-monuments/
  2. August 16 Clay's reply: And Clay.... Clay's getting a bit hot at this point: And Clay's reply:
  3. I'm going to have to go to Twitter to find all these responses...but with this tweet, he seems to have gained a HELL of a lot of respect. I think Chris D'Elia (a comedian) is pretty cool and funny, so that makes my heart pitter pat a bit. Here's a few more: And one with two famous actors covered in one tweet:
  4. Supposedly Clay is going to be talking today on TMZ. Care to guess what it's all about? *g*
  5. Today is an extremely busy day at work, but I'm catching a FB/boards break for a bit. I'll be catching up on the articles and tweets in their respective threads either later tonight or tomorrow night.
  6. Joy Reid, from MSNBC, retweeted Clay's tweet with a comment:
  7. August 15 (cont.) Another reply to his original tweet: Clay's snarky reply: And another reply: With Clay's reply: One more: Clay's reply: Clay's reply:
  8. Meanwhile, Clay's Twitter feed is BLOWING UP. It's going so fast that I can't follow it! ETA: Missed a tweet earlier....
  9. A couple of more from Clay: Another reply: Clay's reply: One more reply: Clay's reply:
  10. August 15 A reply: Clay's reply: Another reply: Clay's reply: One more reply: Clay's reply:
  11. No Clay on Bold, as you may have figured out. I'm guessing he's still with Parker in NC, trying to soak up as much "son" time as possible before school starts again. My life lately has been crazy busy -- much less time at work to be checking on the boards, so forgive me if I don't get something posted right away. The faculty at my college come back next week, so there's all kinds of activities for us to push library resources. And then, the following week is when students come back. That's always great, but it means that the workload starts getting very intense. I'm off today, though -- hooray. DH and I are going to my Dad's family reunion later this afternoon though, and will be gone all weekend. I'll be staying with my brother, fortunately his wifi is good. But if we're out and about -- in my home area, Verizon is NOT the preferred cellular provider, so connectivity sucks. I'll keep up as much as possible today, but then.... Be good y'all!
  12. Another Civilized video, with Clay interviews sprinkled within it!
  13. Clay/Sharknado talk on James Corden's show last night.