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  1. Oh man merrieeeee....I'm so sorry to read this. Please accept my sympathies in the loss of your aunt, and I hope you feel better soon! Keep your head up!
  2. Congratulations to Clay's friend (and National Inclusion Project Director) Nick Leisey and his wife!
  3. March 15 It started with this: Clay replied: Meghan McClain also replied: Clay's reply:
  4. Thanks ninna! Appreciate the help today! Clay will be on Bold tomorrow:
  5. I’m at a day long conference today, so I’ll try my best to keep up. Hopefully Clay will do something!
  6. RIP Stephen Hawking. A brilliant man, with a sense of humor. Loved him on "The Big Bang Theory," but I'll always remember him playing poker with Data, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton on "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
  7. Oh merrieeeee...so sorry! For those who don't know....she works for a company in charge of a major golf tournament. This tournament is Easter weekend, so she's just a bit swamped. Like a LOT swamped.
  8. I didn't watch American Idol last night. There are other things on TV I like -- last night it was "American Ninja Warrior." Tonight, it's The Voice. Yes, that show is really more about the coaches, but that's OK with me -- I like the four coaches this season. I've also found several artists, while not household names, that I follow on social media and buy their music. AI holds no interest for me. No hatred either -- just don't care. I've seen lots of these articles too -- I have a Google News alert set up for Clay. I haven't been bringing most of them over to our news section, as they do seem to be just passing mentions. That Neil Sedaka comment? Could it be "panted with admiration?"
  9. According to Instagram stories, Clay and Meghan McCain went to brunch this morning in NYC.