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  1. When it's quiet I think that gives me the opportunity to reflect and enjoy all the Clack Clay has given us over the years when Clay has done something like a tour, Spamalot or even when he did apprentice I think we're mainly focused on that so when it is quiet I can go and watch Clack that I haven't seen in a while. The other night I watched Clays AI5 finale appearance I hadn't watched that in a long time it was almost like watching the first time. I love that Clay has done way more then just singing recording, touring I think it's made this ride with him way more exciting, interesting!
  2. Hope everyone having a great weekend! Tomorrow I'm going to the mountains in Virginia for a week with my mom sister and niece. Should be fun! I was talking to anther fan about this the other day you know unless when there was a summer tour I kind of dread the summer since Clays usually pretty quiet he does deserve to have time off spend time with Parke but Since he's been mainly living In NY city I don't think the summers have been as quiet.
  3. I really enjoyed Wakeup with Taylor yesterday, its one of my favorite times Clays been on with Taylor. Merrieee safe trip! So I wonder when Clays new site will be up. It seems like it's taken longer then the last time it was redone I'm not expecting any big news on there or anything, I rarely go to anyone's else's website just check there social media. I'm looking forward to seeing it wonderr if their will be any new pics we haven't seen before.
  4. Clays on Wakeup with Taylor this morning!
  5. Bold was fantastic this morning! I love and admire Clay that he wouldn't blame and call out either side today after what happened earlier this week.
  6. I think it's a great idea Idyjocelyn trying to do an ad for the gala program together with the theme being friendships so many great friendships have developed because of that gorgeous guy in the great banner above and these boards were apart of unfortunately I can't contribute any wards it , I haven't been working much lately.
  7. There's a couple of cute pics from This past weekend that Cloopy posted on CV last night.
  8. II'm enjoyed the live FB video last night! I'm really looking forward to the Tonys tonight! The only show i know much about is Dear Evan Hason haven't heard much about the other shows nominated.
  9. Hey everyone, the first thing I saw when I went to FB this morning was that Clay was live caught the very last of it and watched it all on replay, Harlem is a cute well behaved dog. dyjocelyn I agree with you about the FB app. Since it is such a memory hog every once in a while I'll delete the app and then re download it I've done with all the social media apps I have I think FB the worst for memory it is annoying not to have the most recent first on my news feed. I enjoyed listening to Nick last night the gala sounds like it's going to be fantastic! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the standards and certifications Nick was talking about seems excited about.
  10. I enjoyed Wakeup with Taylor yesterday. I really enjoyed the technology discussion in the first hour, then how Clay talked about the fans and how he said he had more faith in us when Taylor mentioned her fans being judgmental about her wearing the same clothes over and over. ninna I agree with you about Kathy G.
  11. Idyjocelyn have a great time on your vacation! ninnai i'm sure the tour special is in the Vault. I've seen clips on YouTube .
  12. Sounds like it's going to be anther fantastic Gala! I like that there going to change it up and are doing Bingo instead of the Silent Auction. I enjoyed the bookstr Segment on Bold today I always seem to learn something when I watch Bold.
  13. That's adorable picture Clay with those 2 girls. figuered my free trail of Sirius would have ran out by now, but I was able to listen to the first hour this morning looking forward to hearing the rest later.
  14. I was just reading on CV that Jennifer Hudson is going to be one of the coaches on The Voice this fall along with Miley ,Adam , Blake. Kelly Clarkson is going to be a Coach next year in the spring so I guess that means she won't be a Judge on Idol. Aww that hat was sweet what Arsenio said about Clay NC.