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  1. I'm going to the gala along with a couple friends!
  2. I can't wait to see Sharknado! Today I listened to the Country discussion from Tuesday again I liked hearing Clay talk about music. I agree Taylor wasn't listening to him and interrupting Clay she always seems to interrupt him Taylor has grown on me. It does seem like she really likes to talk about herself. Ive never been a big fan of Country music. After hearing the little bit of Sam Hunt they played on Wakeup with Taylor I listened to Sam today I like the mix of Genres in his music. Really looking forward to Bold tomorrow since Clays been out for 3 weeks.
  3. Hi Idyjocelyn sorry you cut your thumb. Glad to hear Clay was on Wakeup with Taylor this morning. Looking forward to the reports from this coming weekend. Dancermom is on vacation so it will probably be a delay to Wakeup With Taylor being vaulted. I'm going to see Journey tonight with my mom friend Amanda and my sister Darice. It was a last minute thing. Amanda when I saw her the other day hadn't seen her since the gala last October we got to hangout she mentioned the concert. I used the vouchers from that lawsuit from Ticketmaster there lawn seats I think it will be fun I'm excited!
  4. Clay made a comment on the N& O article.
  5. I watched Bold this morning even though Clay wasn't on, I thought it was good! although with the stories and the one guest being a singer I kind of wished he was on. I love when Clay appears somewhere place unexpectedly like with the Dome Podcast. I just finished listening to it enjoyed it Clay does a great job with asking questions. Even though I don't like politics that much I'm so excited that Clay and Megan are working on something together! Sounds like it might be a podcast or something with Radio. I've missed hearing Clay and Megan together they have such great chemistry together both are outgoing. I hope Clays enjoying his time in NC! Carrie mentioned on old this morning that Clay was going to have lunch this his grandmother.
  6. The Donecast podcast is up!
  7. Forgot to mention that the theme of the room was from the 1920s we had to figure out who the boss was from a list of suspects and defuse a boumb. Yeah Idyjocelyn I agree we've learned a lot about Clay from him being on with Taylor , one more thing about Kim thd other night at the resort I was watching Clack from the Timeless tour I tried to imagine Kim being a part of it. Even if the whole situation with Clay and Kim was different I don't think a Tour with Clay , Kim and Ruben would have worked besides not a wise business dicsion I don't think it would have worked nothing against Kim's Talent I like Kim's voice I just think it would have been awkward and Kim would've seemed like a third wheel. The tour with Ruben and Clay worked they had their jokes and skits. The opening to the Timeless tour was perfect with Flying without Wings/ This Is The Night obviously Kim wouldn't of fit into that. Of course we would rather have more stage time for Clay.
  8. My niece had a fidget cube. I got home earlier this afternoon after having a pretty great week in Virginia Mountains thought I would share my favorite picture I took Friday evening when we went to watch the sunset at Shenandoah National park. Last night my sister niece and I did The escape room that they had at the resort along with a older couple to fill the room. It was hard we died we couldn't make it out in an hour, there were 2 secret rooms and bunch of lockboxs with different types of locks. I had fun I've never done an escape room before I can see how it's a good team building activitie.
  9. Bold was excellent this morning! Clay said at the end he won't be there next week,but probably be on by skpe at some point guessing he'll be in NC. I was thinking that he probably wouldn't be on Bold next week.
  10. Last night I listened to Clay talking about Kim for the second time, I thing I noticed while listening to him reading the heartfelt letter is what s good writer he is, he's really good with words. We knew this already from reading the different blogs and things he's written I really noticed that while he was reading that email he wrote.
  11. Rifan I agree after hearing Clay reading the heartfelt letter I was thinking the samething what a wonderful person Clay is! I thought the end of Wakeup with Taylor was cute when they were talking about the tooth fairy with Hilery Clay said how Parker likes to tell other people how his daddy is famous.
  12. I'm really looking forward to Clay on Wakeup with Taylor tomorrow morning!
  13. When it's quiet I think that gives me the opportunity to reflect and enjoy all the Clack Clay has given us over the years when Clay has done something like a tour, Spamalot or even when he did apprentice I think we're mainly focused on that so when it is quiet I can go and watch Clack that I haven't seen in a while. The other night I watched Clays AI5 finale appearance I hadn't watched that in a long time it was almost like watching the first time. I love that Clay has done way more then just singing recording, touring I think it's made this ride with him way more exciting, interesting!
  14. Hope everyone having a great weekend! Tomorrow I'm going to the mountains in Virginia for a week with my mom sister and niece. Should be fun! I was talking to anther fan about this the other day you know unless when there was a summer tour I kind of dread the summer since Clays usually pretty quiet he does deserve to have time off spend time with Parke but Since he's been mainly living In NY city I don't think the summers have been as quiet.
  15. I really enjoyed Wakeup with Taylor yesterday, its one of my favorite times Clays been on with Taylor. Merrieee safe trip! So I wonder when Clays new site will be up. It seems like it's taken longer then the last time it was redone I'm not expecting any big news on there or anything, I rarely go to anyone's else's website just check there social media. I'm looking forward to seeing it wonderr if their will be any new pics we haven't seen before.