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  1. From Newsweek: Looks like this is from next issue's cover story, TRUMP, AMERICA'S BOY KING: GOLF AND TELEVISION WON'T MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
  2. That's him. I'm not an experienced capper but just happened to stop the video at the right moment. There's a bit before this when I think he's facing forward.
  3. Personally I prefer Coke! Pepsi was created in New Bern, NC, whereas Coca-Cola originated in Georgia.
  4. Woo-hoo - got the top menu off of the bottom of the banner!! That was NOT easy. The admin theme area is structured quite differently since the upgrade, but once I gave up trying to alter the template, which is divided into many pieces, I found the right setting and it was deliberately set to minus 36 px!! So I guess they figure we want the top menu on the banner?? The simpler settings to change colors of many different parts of the board no longer correspond to the parts of the board in the way they did before. That top menu that was sitting over the banner is still set to be light blue. But I was able to change the font on the two light-colored tabs so they can be seen. Next goal will be to put a margin to the left of the lines of text in a post, and that's going to be harder I fear. Luckily I love to play around with stuff I know nothing about. But no more today. I'm spent!
  5. Hey, just to let y'all know that I didn't change the look of the board today. For whatever reason some changes have appeared. Settings have not changed. I'm mainly annoyed about the lack of a margin on the left before text appears. There are some other changes as well, minor. Given the new "like" button and emoties that appear when you hover over the new heart, I'm guessing that Invision has made changes to the default template. I'll look into it one of these days soon.
  6. Beautiful banner by ldyj!! I love that he turned down all those "PR opportunities" that most people would have jumped all over - what a guy!!
  7. I'm surprised anyone is surprised about Clay's statements as far as Trump's acting role in the show. I did think he decided whom to fire at least some of the time. I thought I read an article somewhere about producers running around editing film to try to justify some of Trump's decisions in the boardroom. Who knows? My point is, it doesn't really matter to me who decided. It's a reality show, it's manipulated to create drama, it's obviously edited a lot, and it's always been obvious that Trump himself had little to do with it. And it's a piss poor imitation of how business actually works--how could it be otherwise? How anyone could get the idea from that show that Trump is a great businessman I can't imagine. ETA: Found it, or something like it. Not the NY Times or anything for sure: This article is about people who worked on the 2004 to 2007 seasons so it doesn't necessarily reflect how the firing worked on Clay's season.
  8. Twilight, gorgeous photo!! I've never heard of an escape room - it sounds like fun!
  9. There's a link on the upper right to click on to register. Then ldyjocelyn has to click something on the admin site. After that, just log in using the username and password you registered with. If it's dabrand who registered today, it looks like she's ready to go, just needs to log in, but I'm somewhat uncertain as this is a part of the admin area I've never admin-ed before. On some sites there's an email you have to click on to prove you are you, and I'm sure we have a "prove you are human" thing as well before you can complete the sign-in. Does any of this help? Meanwhile ldyj obviously just took care of it!! LOL. And welcome new member!! We're always happy to have new folks joining and participating. Me especially, since I don't say much but always read. I am also a "do what he wants" person. Clay on TV for an hour a day once a week and radio three hours a day every other week is a lot to me!! I still have an "I survived the drought of '05" tee-shirt, for Pete's sake. That was no Clay at all for months. These days he posts now and then and blogs now and then and there is new music pretty often and new photos--what's not to like?
  10. I don't try hard enough either. I know I should, but frustration builds quickly. I admire Clay for sticking with it.
  11. I like "listening" so post all you want!!
  12. Hey, long time no see!! I'd just about forgotten that tour special. I remember it being soooo exciting at the time, just because. I do agree with you about the fighting scene--I remember it well and totally hated it. Your comments are very smart--too bad you aren't working for them. I feel like the show tried so hard to manufacture drama - and so much of that was just totally distasteful. Like the people they gave tons of attention to based on nothing but their bad behavior during the auditions. There have been a few very memorable bad auditions, but many, many forgettable ones. I always thought one of the reasons for those choices for what to focus on was that Simon Cowell was such a cynic about people. It would never occur to him what kinds of things people might have enjoyed watching much more than the crappy stuff. For me, that first season, my first, Clay's, the show was like Glee before there was a Glee.
  13. Don't know about NY, but here in NC I've been running the AC day and night most of the week! I can't believe y'all are still so cold. Welcome to more newbies!!
  14. Good point. And clack is available everywhere now--YouTube didn't even exist until February 14, 2005 (I just looked that up.)