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Clay Aiken TimeLine 2017

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Clay Aiken Timeline for 2017. ldyj will try her darndest to keep this list up-to-date. If you see anything missing/incorrect, please PM ldyjocelyn!

  • January 4 -- The first Bold Blend for the year, airing at noon Eastern time (a change for the new year).  This one was just Carrie Sheffield and Clay, talking about the issues for 2017.  Clay had a terrible cold, so he was particularly feisty.
  • January 6 -- Clay and Sunny Hostin, as reporters from The View, interview students at West High School in Iowa City, Iowa, for a future piece for the show.  The topic is the students reactions to the election of Donald Trump; their story was originally told in the New York Times.  
  • January 11 -- Clay's first appearance on America Now with Meghan McCain (iHeart Radio) for the year.  Topics included President Obama's farewell address, more on Trump supporters, and a brief discussion on his View interviews with the high school students.
  • January 13 -- Bold Blend has a fascinating discussion on race relations in America.  It was a very respectful discussion, and fitting for MLK Day week.
  • January 16 -- ABC broadcasts The View with the interviews from January 6.  This discussion was a fascinating insight into bringing America back together after the contentious election.
  • January 17 -- Early morning radio!  Another fun appearance on Taylor in the Morning (Sirius XM).  He talked about his membership in the Screen Actor's Guild, and how he gets Oscar screeners because of it.  He also was part of a tasting of several types of Mexican food (enjoying most of it.)
  • January 24 -- Clay's on America Now with Meghan McCain for the week. The main topic was the Inauguration of Trump, and his disputing of the number of attendees.
  • January 25 -- A Twitter picture from Clay and Tyra Banks has them attending Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. Ben Cohn is the musical director of this show.
  • January 27 -- Bold Blend is back! And Clay is back with Carrie Sheffield.  The main focus of the show has Clay moderating a debate if religion should be a part of politics.
  • January 31 -- The final episode of America Now with Meghan McCain airs on iHeart Radio, and Clay is the very last guest.  Much of the discussion is on the selection of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.  At the end, though, Clay was very heartfelt in his words toward Meghan.  Sob.
  • February 3 -- The topic for this week's Bold Blend is Roe v. Wade, and if the Supreme Court will overturn in the age of President Trump.  The discussion gets a bit heated, but ends on a respectful note from Clay.
  • February 4 -- Clay is spotted attending the Broadway Musical In Transit.  This show features Justin Guarini.
  • February 5 -- Another time at Dear Evan Hansen, this time with his Mom Faye.
  • February 6 -- Clay is a cosponsor of a fund raiser for possible Democratic National Chair, Ray Buckley, held in New York City.  It does not appear Clay attended though. 
  • February 7 -- Taylor in the Morning! (Sirius XM).  Another fun show, with topics ranging from Lady Gaga's performance during the Super Bowl Halftime, if copying someone is a sincere form of flattery, and skin care!  Clay also gave Taylor an Ionic toothbrush; he's raved about these in previous appearances on the show. 
  • February 10 -- The topic of Bold Blend this week is the relationship between the US and Russia.  Clay and Carrie mostly asked questions of the two guests, and both learned a great deal!
  • February 14 -- Clay appears on the Headline News show "MichaelLA."
  • February 17 -- Can President Trump bring the country together? This is the topic of today's Bold Blend.
  • February 24 -- Bold Blend's topic is about the relationship between the Republican party and the Latino community.  
  • March 3 -- The weekly gig is getting good!  Today's Bold Blend topic is the relationship between President Trump and the media.
  • March 10 -- Bold Blend has Clay and Carrie talking about President Trump's affect on foreign relations.  Also, they talked with a former chair of the Congressional Budget Office, in preparation for their analysis of the Republican/Trump replacement of the Affordable Care Act.
  • March 14 -- Whoa!  Clay, in the middle of a major snowstorm in NYC, is on Wake Up with Taylor.  He Periscopes his travels to the studios, having to get off a train early since the trains were all running late.  He then walked 15 blocks to get to the studio!  Topics of the show include Tyra Banks, "mean tweets," (including Clay talking about his not he received from Donald Trump), and a spelling bee!
  • March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day on Bold Blend.  Carrie Sheffield, Clay, and their guests talk about the new health care bill (ie., "Trumpcare").  There was also a discussion of charter schools and how they affect children with special needs.
  • March 18 -- Up Periscope!  "The Change" (originally done by Garth Brooks) is sung by Clay, accompanied by Ben Cohn, live from Orlando.
  • March 21 -- Another co-hosting gig with Wake Up with Taylor!  Kellie Pickler was a guest, as well as someone on Instagram -- "the girl with no job!"  She has over 2 million Instagram followers!  This was a fun show!  Later that night, Facebook reports that Clay attends Miss Saigon on Broadway.
  • March 24 -- Bold Blend has a spirited discussion about Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice nominee.  However, the topics veered wildly away from this, into state's rights, religious freedom, and gun control.  
  • March 27 -- According to Instagram, Clay attends the Broadway play Present Laughter.
  • March 30 -- The National Inclusion Project's "Power of Play" Conference was held in Raleigh, NC, and Clay (as co-founder of the Project) was there!
  • March 31 -- Since Clay's still in Raleigh, there's no Bold Blend this week for him.  However, he does appear on MSNBC to talk about the partial repeal of HB2 in the state of NC.  It eliminates the "bathroom in the one that matches your birth certificate," but Clay talks about how much more work there is to go with this bill.
  • April 14 -- After two weeks off, Clay's back on Bold Blend!  The topic is US foreign relations.  In another segment, Clay and Carrie Sheffield talk to the author of Bitch Boss, and during this segment, Carrie lets slip that Clay's still working on his book.  Later in the day, Clay posts an Instagram picture, with him attending Cirque du Soleil's show Paramour on Broadway.  Finally, the latest Adam Sandler movie, Sandy Wexler, premieres on Netflix.  Clay has a cameo role as an amusement park duck!
  • April 18 -- Wake Up with Taylor! has Clay and Taylor talking about a variety of topics, including "pawternity leave" (allowing time off to employees for new pets; Clay was against this!), parenting styles regarding experimentation with alcohol and marijuana, and a talk with the former CEO of Chanel.  
  • April 21 -- A makeshift Bold Blend this week, with a different studio and many sudio problems. Topics include "getting out of your bubble," a veteran from Australia who designs beautiful leather jackets, and the author of a book about baseball player Jackie Robinson and his faith.
  • April 26 -- Surprise! A Facebook Live for Salon, with Carrie Sheffield and Amanda Marcotte (from Salon), talking about Trump's first 100 days in office. Clay was the moderator.
  • April 28 -- President Donald Trump made it through 100 days in office.  Clay and Carrie rate the President so far in this week's Bold Blend.
  • May 2 -- Clay appears on Wake Up with Taylor!  Topics include Kelly Ripa, and dermatology!
  • May 5 -- A good Bold Blend this week, with the topics of the Affordable Health Care Act, and Ivanka Trump's role in the White House. The discussion moved to the idea of Ivanka being a feminist or not!
  • May 6 -- Twitter reports that Clay attended the revival of "Sunset Boulevard" with Glenn Close today.
  • May 9 -- American Idol is reborn on ABC.  Clay, who happens to be at the offices of "Salon" magazine, does an interview with them, discussing his take on this event.
  • May 10 -- Clay interviews comedienne Paula Poundstone about her book "The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness" via "Salon" magazine's Facebook page.  This Facebook Live was a fun interview, and Clay read the book beforehand!
  • May 12 -- A busy week in the news means a busy episode of Bold Blend!  Topics include President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, and the state of race relations under President Trump.
  • May 15 -- Clay posts an Instagram picture; he's seeing Lea Salonga (the original Miss Saigon on Broadway) at Feinstein's/54 Below.
  • May 16 -- Wake Up with Taylor!  Topics include robots taking jobs, VR technology, and a professional cheesemaker.  Clay was very happy about that, as there was a tasting.  The tasting was broadcast on Facebook Live.  Clay also coined the name for Taylor's fans:  Taymates!
  • May 19 -- Bold Blend (or, as Clay called it by the end of the show, Bold Rabbit Holes) had three segments, plus a look at the week's wild headlines.  The first segment was on the Trump's tax plan, the second on how ACHA will affect people under the poverty line.  The Bookstr segment was on the book "The Gatekeepers" by Chris Whipple, about Presidential Chiefs of Staff.
  • May 20 -- "A Night Like This" is the song Clay Periscopes.
  • May 21 -- Social media reports that Clay attended "Groundhog Day" on Broadway. 
  • May 26 -- A big "get" for Bold Blend, as Dr. Deepak Chopra appears as part of the Bookstr segment.  His book is called "You are the Universe."  Technical glitches mar much of the rest of the show, though, especially during a segment with Congresswoman Terri Sewell.
  • May 30 -- Clay's semi-regular appearance as co-host of Wake Up with Taylor!  Topics included technology that needs to be brought back, whether tipping for alcohol should be 20% (Clay had little to say on that!) and a taste test with a New York chef.David DiBari.
  • June 2 -- Bold Blend has an exceptional show this week, with much discussion on the President's decision to pull out of the Paris Accord along with many other issues.  The author interviewed this week was AJ Tata, who writes military thrillers.
  • June 7 -- A test Facebook Live early in the morning, featuring Harlem at the dog park.
  • June 9 -- Interesting Bold Blend today.  Much of the focus is on former FBI Dirctor James Comey's testimony yesterday, but there were also discussions on the Virgin Islands, the British election (also yesterday), and books on art for children.
  • June 10 -- "Holding Out Hope to You" is the song performed on Facebook Live.
  • June 16 -- Bold Blend celebrates Father's Day! Guests include Tom Shillue, author of “Mean Dads for a Better America;" Krystal Ball talking about hijacking the Democratic party; and Dion Leonard with Gobi the dog.
  • June 20 -- A very revealing Wake Up with Taylor.  While most of the time was spent coming up with names for Taylor's fans (to replace Taymate -- too close to Claymate for Taylor), there was an interesting discussion of friendship.  Clay spilled several items about friends of his, without naming names....with a promise of more to come next week.
  • June 23 -- The Senate's version of the Health Care Bill was a major topic for this week's Bold Blend.  Guests included Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ -- a spitfire!), and Paul Massey, a mayoral candidate for the city of New York.
  • August 5 -- Clay makes a cameo appearance in Sharknado 5 (SyFy channel).  He plays Llewelyn, a cutting edge technology genius.

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