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    It is hard to believe it’s been 15 years, time sure does fly by. I was 14 when Clay was on Idol. I didn’t have internet then honestly I wasn’t worried I would never see Clay after the show was over since I saw what happened with Kelly and Justin I was mad he didn’t win for while especially with living in the Raleigh area. All I remember about that summer is it took me a week to get the TITN / BOTW single in my hands , I couldn’t wait to go to the Idol tour my very first concert. I somehow was in the 12th row with a couple other friends I’ll never forget how loud the screaming was for Clay. These past 15 years have been filled with ups and downs, music ,joy memories and friendships!
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    I kinda love that the article used the picture that's currently in our banner.
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    Clay also tweeted the image as well. Hard to believe that it's been 15 years. For me, this is pretty much the beginning on my true fandom. I loved Clay before, but after the so-called Anomaly, I was so afraid I'd never see him again. Boy, hindsight is 20/20, isn't it? LOL!
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    I'm sure Clay wil receive plenty of hateful comments, but he is spot on!! He's really criticizing the judges--not Catie. Although I personally am amazed that she even got this far. I listened to that song--it wasn't just that she forgot the lyrics--just didn't sound good at all. She seems extremely immature and perhaps the judges sense that she wouldn't take criticism well--who knows? In any case, he said a couple of years ago that she was not ready--she still isn't. It really is doing the kids a disservice to say that everything they are doing is wonderful. Kind of like giving everyone a trophy who participates. Constructive criticism doesn't hurt anyone--it helps them to grow and it helps to prepare them for the tough music business.