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    Chicago = wonderful. More later. Gotta drive home! PS: Perusing One and Solo say hi! They don’t post, but they are goooooooood people!
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    He does seem like a good person. During when they were performing Demons he talked about how he has battled with depression how it’s important to each out to friends, family it’s ok if you need to see a therapist, how your not broken.
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    A fun take on a patriotic song. I got to see this group a few weeks ago, they are amazing!
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    Hoping that phone interview turns into a job for your DH-fingers crossed!!
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    For those going to the Gala, have a blast! I'M FREE! I'm on vacation between now and the beginning of July! No work for me, hooray!
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    Got my ticket for the Gala. i'll be going with playbiller. Late Happy Birthday couchie. . JMH, so sorry to hear of your illness. Hope you make a 100% recuperation. My mother had aphasia and would laugh at herself sometimes. Hope yours clears up quickly.
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    Wish Clay would give us something to talk about, I miss him.