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    I volunteered at the power of play conference this week with a friend from Ohio, it was fun, inspiring time! Last night was fun Clue we were broken up in teams by a color we were given, we went around the museum doing challenges to get clues to figure out who did it. I really liked the Keynote speaker who spoke yesterday morning Kathie snow she was excellent!
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    Nice pictures. Thanks merrieeee. Twilight, thats great that you could volunteer for the Power of Play. I would love to have gone but I am taking my granddaughter to school in the morning and picking her up some of the time. Maybe next year when she will have her license.I always enjoyed Aron's sessions at the Gala.
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    @clayaiken: I ain't tryna lie. My "divorce" from iPhone and Apple has been the most satisfying breakup I've ever had. Jus sayin' #GooglePixel @projectfi http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwhvjzzjY its early and the crazy has not yet begun today! So hello everyone. I went to a lecture by Stephan Hawking. Let’s just say the only thing I understood was when he showed a pic of him on Star Trek! He said it was his favourite thing he ever did.