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    Ah! Room service! Cheese and chutney sandwich. Heaven its 10:30 at night here and it's still light but I'm too tired to go for s walk.
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    I'm all set if hurricane Harvey comes in! I went and stocked up on chocolate.
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    I remember having a third grade student with ADHD. We didn't have fidget spinners at that time. He had a small, smooth rock that he would hold in one hand and "fidget" with it. It did help him to focus. At the end of the year he gave me the rock. I collect heart rocks and keep them in a ceramic bowl. But, there among the heart rocks is a small, smooth rock.
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    I didn't get to see anything of the eclipse! Everyone in the office just left and I can't leave the phones. This is nothing new. It that's a whole different story. So I looked at this eclipse today....it was my cat whose name was eclipse.
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    Quiana tweeted. I tried to tell you he was fool as hell! Never agreed with his spirit! ??
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    That little bit is just quintessential Clay. I LOVE that laugh. Just hearing it brightens my day.
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    Yes twilight. I'll be going to the Gala with my sister. My friend who I've gone with for several years can't afford it this year. My husband gave me the money as a birthday gift this year. Our medical bills are through the roof this year and with my 14 year old granddaughter staying with us. Ouch! Dance camps twice this summer and now field hockey.
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    Just to keep everyone in the loop -- I have sent off the check to the National Inclusion Project, for a 1/2 page B&W ad in the Project Gala's Program. I'm hoping we'll get to see a proof before it goes to press. And thanks to the generosity of everyone here, we were also able to make an extra $50 donation to the Project! THANK YOU ALL!
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    That's him. I'm not an experienced capper but just happened to stop the video at the right moment. There's a bit before this when I think he's facing forward.
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    Hi Idyjocelyn sorry you cut your thumb. Glad to hear Clay was on Wakeup with Taylor this morning. Looking forward to the reports from this coming weekend. Dancermom is on vacation so it will probably be a delay to Wakeup With Taylor being vaulted. I'm going to see Journey tonight with my mom friend Amanda and my sister Darice. It was a last minute thing. Amanda when I saw her the other day hadn't seen her since the gala last October we got to hangout she mentioned the concert. I used the vouchers from that lawsuit from Ticketmaster there lawn seats I think it will be fun I'm excited!
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    Welcome back, Merrieeee!! Love the new banner!! Also love that Clay turned down the PR opportunities--have so much respect for him.
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    Beautiful banner by ldyj!! I love that he turned down all those "PR opportunities" that most people would have jumped all over - what a guy!!
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    Home! Nothing quite like it. I'm exhausted and don't even have the energy to go and get Milk! Oh well didn't need it anyway.
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    I was on the tour with a Russian guide who was making fun of trump and there were a lot of trump lovers who weren't happy! So I just kept my mouth shut and looked at the pretty scenery. Oh and the guide wasn't too bad to look at either.
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    Finally wifi! St. Petersburg is amazing. The palaces are unreal.
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    Last night I listened to Clay talking about Kim for the second time, I thing I noticed while listening to him reading the heartfelt letter is what s good writer he is, he's really good with words. We knew this already from reading the different blogs and things he's written I really noticed that while he was reading that email he wrote.
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    RIFAN, I hope you and your DH have a great anniversary trip! I've only listened to the show just past his letter. While I didn't cry, I was very touched by the whole thing. I can't imagine anyone thinking, after that, that he isn't a kind and gentle human being. One with faults, sure, but one who knows who he is at this point too. Can't wait to hear the rest of it later today! The one other thing I've got to say: does Clay think of Taylor as his therapist? My gosh, he's told so many stories about himself that I NEVER would have expected we'd ever learn. He's so open and free with her. It's amazing.
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    This is Aya Sofia, a museum that has been a church and a mosque.
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    We can't leave earlier but I do have an exrtra day figured in. As long as I'm in England on Monday to get on the ship I'll be ok
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    She's talking about the shooting of the lawmakers while they were practicing for their annual charity baseball game. Republican Majority Whip of the House Steve Scalise was shot (he's recovering) along with three other people. It looks like the shooter was targeting Republicans. Very sad situation. Clay didn't tweet about it, but he was on Wake Up with Taylor yesterday. If you get a chance, download it from the vault and listen, especially to the last hour. (If you're using that download, start at about the 1 hour and 51 minute mark.) It's a discussion of friendship -- and we learn quite a bit about the JNT 2005 tour, with Nick and John Dahlstrom. Clay also started a story about Kim Locke, but didn't have time to finish it. He says he's going to be on Taylor's show again next week, and he's promised to finish this story. (BTW, Clay doesn't mention ANY names...but those of us in the fandom can pretty much figure it all out...) Pretty juicy stuff, IMO. I'm amazed at how much Clay reveals to us on Taylor's show. That's why I enjoy it so much -- it feels like we're just talking, even though I know full well it's not that kind of relationship at all. This would have never happened, IMO, even 4 years ago.
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    Hi there from Merrie Olde England. I forgot what it is like with the heat and no air conditioning! I can't wait to get home where the faucets work, the dryer unlocks when the clothes are done not 10 minutes later and there are no relatives! As you can tell this is not the best part of our trip. This will always be home but I'm so glad I no longer live here. Im dying to catch up on my Clay stuff but I haven't had decent wifi until now.
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    Happy belated fourth! We were in Helsinki and the ship had a huge cake and a party with streamers. It was great. The food for the day was burgers, hot dogs etc with apple pie for dessert. We had roast lamb and salmon and steaks and shrimp and chicken. The food choice on the ship is great and very good. Off to Ypres next.