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  1. I suggested three so far: "Thinking Out Loud" by...hmmm, Ed Sheeran. *g* "The End of the Innocence" by Don Henley "Walk Away Renee" by The Left Banke (which I think Clay would laugh at the suggestion, if nothing else)
  2. ninna -- jinx! So, any ideas that we can pool together to see what Clay would want to sing? Or we want him to sing in general? I'd suggest "The End of the Innocence" by Don Henley, but not many people know that....
  3. Hmmmm...a new fundraiser for the National Inclusion Project: https://www.inclusionproject.org/news/championsgala/vote-song/
  4. I love listening to hear him talk, and I have to agree ninna -- his laugh is infectious.
  5. I did get to hear a bit more of WUWT before going to work. Apartment stuff: he says there are only three apartments on his floor. He is renting from a person, not a company; he originally thought this would be temporary, but obviously that didn't happen. Square footage of his apartment -- 1500 feet. Two floors above him is a full-floor apartment -- selling price $9 million, but for 5500 square feet. Of course, in NYC, that is considered a bargain. When I left my car, they were talking to a guy named Rude Jude, who has written two memoirs. He has a Sirius Radio show on the West Coast, and was also on the Jenny Jones Show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rude_Jude I have a love/hate relationship with Taylor -- she's funny, but I find myself hating how judgemental she is.
  6. I always thought of ATDW as my birthday album. Still love so much of it! Clay is on WUWT! Seven things right now.... Talking about Nicole Kidman's kiss of Alexander Skaarsgaard's kiss after winning an Emmy. Clay doesn't care, Taylor is freaked out.... Now talking about NYC dream apartments. Clay says he rents, the rent is more expensive Than his mortgage in NYC.
  7. September 18 cont. Back to replying to Liberalette: Another "Imelda" reply: Clay's reply: A reply: A reply to that: And Clay's reply to that:
  8. September 18 A reply: Clay's reply: The reply back: And Clay's reply to that: Another reply to the Imelda tweet: Clay's reply:
  9. Back home! It was a great weekend....Friday night DH and I got to Chicago just in time to eat dinner at the Berghoff, which has some of the best German food (and BEER) ever. Saturday morning couchie met up with us at the hotel, and we went on the Chicago River Architectural Tour. Lunch at the Shake Shack, and then HAMILTON. I'm so familiar with the soundtrack, it was nice to put the staging and acting with it. It's such a fantastic show. Then DH and I introduced couchie to Giordano's deep dish pizza. Best deep dish, IMO. It was great to catch up with couchie, and I've told her that I'd reset her password so she can join us again! Attached are pictures from the weekend. I sadly can't name most of the buildings....
  10. Hamilton rocks. That is all. Oh, wait. couchie says Hi!
  11. I'm a HUGE Giordano's fan myself, but other's swear by Uno's. Different strokes for different folks! Tonight we did the Berghoff, great German food!