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  1. Congrats to the Cleveland Browns -- that had to feel good! There's some good news about our favorite bodyguard in the private section of our board. Check it out!
  2. The schedule for Politicon is out. Here's the link for Saturday's schedule. https://politicon.com/schedule-for-saturday-october-20/ Clay's in one event: And the link for Sunday: https://politicon.com/schedule-for-saturday-october-20/schedule-for-sunday-october-21/? And, oh Lord, here's the panel: Oh Lord. But he can handle her....
  3. Thanks all! Had bloodwork in the morning, and then my husband took me to breakfast! Alas, I had the late shift at work, so it is time to go to bed
  4. Fear, how is the weather for you? Are you in an area that could have trouble?
  5. ldyjocelyn

    Clay Aiken Does His Own Instagram!

    September 13
  6. Always here to help! This makes my heart so glad to see this....love their friendship. Sorry I haven't been around much lately...work is kicking my butt. My tooth is better, but still not great. From what I'm reading, though, it could be a few weeks before it feels back to normal again.
  7. ldyjocelyn

    Clay Aiken Does His Own Instagram!

    September 12