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  1. February 16 Retweet from Bold (even though Clay wasn't on today):
  2. Twilight! That's great for you! It looks as if the video reward from yesterday has been taken down. Sob. (I'm sure someone grabbed it though....)
  3. I hear ya! But I understand Clay's frustration. My feeling is that we need to get the money out of backing politicians. The NRA has way too much power... Sorry, off my soapbox now.
  4. I think the killer part is that the hearts flash, so it's easy to miss the first time.
  5. Sorry ninna! I lost the link, and had to do the search again -- and that time it took me for-EVER! I'll try document the pages now...
  6. Note Clay's comment: "I sorta love this."
  7. I love Adam Rippon and his "glamazon bitch!"