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  1. Crap. We learned so much about Clay from that show... Onward and upward Clay!
  2. Nope, no puppets. From this page, http://wptheater.org/show/stuffed/ I LOVE his silver hair. I've always thought silver haired young guys were cool, and I think it's great that Clay joined that club. He may not think so, because then he feels old, but whatever.
  3. http://stuffedplay.com/ The lady with the blue hair is Lisa Lampanelli, and she wrote this play.
  4. That’s from last Tuesday, Clay took a selfie with him. From The View’s FB page:
  5. Missed a tweet! This was in reply to Meghan's tweet with the gif with Clay.
  6. October 13 Meghan McCain tweeted a gif of her and Clay together on The View today. This came because of that tweet:
  7. Clay Instagramed (and Tweeted) the same gif that I posted from Meghan earlier.