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  1. Clay also tweeted the image as well. Hard to believe that it's been 15 years. For me, this is pretty much the beginning on my true fandom. I loved Clay before, but after the so-called Anomaly, I was so afraid I'd never see him again. Boy, hindsight is 20/20, isn't it? LOL!
  2. i don't know if there is sound for this, but it looks hysterical nonetheless....
  3. He liked fine today! Mighty fine! From Bold, who Tweeted this picture.
  4. From today’s Bold...I love Sally Kohn, and I gotta get that book!
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    Clay Aiken Does His Own Instagram!

    May 15
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    April through June 2018

    yahoo.com Clay Aiken bashes 'American Idol' again; current contestants call him 'bitter'
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    April through June 2018

    huffingtonpost.com Ada Vox Lost ‘American Idol’ Because She Wasn’t The Best Singer. Period.
  8. I should have said "OUR king of controversy too!" Because I'm inclusive and all that... Who knows, maybe Clay is on the payroll of AI on the sly, since he seems to make it so people talk about Idol! Heh, I crack myself up sometimes...I
  9. First of all, I think it interesting enough that Clay is actually commenting on Idol. He may be watching, he may just be seeing clips, but either way...I kinda thought that ship sailed. Secondly: reading comprehension seems to be a thing of the past. Yeah, it was more on the judges than Catie, but so many can't see past that. (Having said that, I seem to remember similar things happening in 2003...) Third: I agree with both of you RIFan and Twilight. It really doesn't do a service to be like that for these singers, especially if they want a career in show business. I know "The Voice" takes lumps on that too; to me, the big difference is that the COACHES on The Voice are more coaches, and I would bet that if a performer doesn't have a bad show -- they may not say something on the show per se, but would probably talk to them later to try and improve. That's what I'd like to believe anyway! But the JUDGES on Idol, I believe, just make their critiques once a week and done. Not quite the same. Finally, I've seen the "defenders of Clay" come out again this week too. Makes me kind of sad, really. I was hoping we were finally past that. Sigh. For the record, Ada Vox (whom Clay and she had a gracious exchange last week) inserted herself into this week's events, and IMO not in a good way. I've seen one article about all this. Having said all that, I love my King of Controversy.