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  1. Love the increase in activity with the new members showing up and/or returning. So, my cheap thrill for the week was strolling through Kroger only to be stopped by someone's rendition of Kyrie, which immediately threw me back to his first solo tour. The sound of the music, his voice,the screaming and yelling in the Joe Louis Arena, when he walked out singing that song hit me like a wave! We were in the first tier above the floor and the effect was incredible. Something I will never forget and now it seems ANY version of Kyrie throws me back to that night. *sigh* Such an exciting time.
  2. That would be Caleb Johnson, from Asheville, Season 13 winner.
  3. rohdy

    # 68: The Absurdly Charming Clay Aiken

    Exciting day here in Flint, MI with our visit from Pres. Obama!! We didn't attend any of the official functions, but did manage to get caught up in some of the traffic!! I don't care if the Pres. is Democrat or's just so exciting to have one come and visit!! If only it wasn't because of the lead in the water..... I wish he could have seen Flint in it's heyday, we were really something, back before the auto industry moved out.
  4. rohdy

    # 68: The Absurdly Charming Clay Aiken

    Hi All! I've been on the road for the past two weeks (helping one of the kids move back to Michigan, from Oregon) and I just want to thank everyone for always having all the latest and greatest, up to date info, all in one place!! You do an amazing job and I am forever grateful. Thanks you!
  5. rohdy

    # 68: The Absurdly Charming Clay Aiken

    Such a long time lurker at The Clackhouse, like everyone else I'm going to miss it and all who posted there.
  6. rohdy

    # 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"

    Well, if kd lang is taking over from Fanty, how about Clay taking over from Dule? Would love to have him sing with kd!
  7. rohdy

    # 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"

    Ahhh, we cut the cord this summer as well. Our Fox channel tends to be shaky, so I just watch it a week later, for free, on If I wanted to join, I could watch it the evening it airs w/no commercials. We have gotten Amazon Prime and have watched a lot of free 'stuff' through there, keeps us entertained.
  8. rohdy

    # 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"

    First picture, from the two above. Love. That man has thee most expressive face and eyebrows!! Love that most seem to be in the 'calm' car over here, it can get stressful reading elsewhere!! Thank you.
  9. gbfan....your biking season should be starting pretty soon, shouldn't it? That is, if our snow ever goes away...... Akim, congrats on hubby's retirement. It's different, I will say that.
  10. Shorty! Great pics......thanks for sharing them here!
  11. rohdy

    #59: Forget life -- It's CLAY time!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHORTY! It's good to see you here....
  12. rohdy

    FCA Attendee List

    Hammond, for me.
  13. rohdy

    FCA Photo Tourney, Top 32...Round 8

    Woo-hoo....first vote!! And I have to go with #1. Favorite performance of Solitaire. I remember the camera panning around the backside of him and thinking, 'Man, would I love to run my fingers through that!' His hair was so perfect..... And I loved the whole black turtleneck and suit outfit. It was a good night. That being said, #2 is also one of my favorite pics of him.
  14. rohdy

    FCA Photo Tourney, Top 32...Round 3

    Bang Clay......oh my!
  15. rohdy

    Random YouTube videos

    Claytonic...thank you for that! What a giggle! I am so amazed at how .....human...Simon is on this show! Dang if he isn't almost likeable!