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  1. I loved him singing this so much that I put the audio in my iPod and had it on repeat. He looked hauntingly beautiful to me that night. Unfortunately, I've not been able to rewatch much of that final show--such a travesty--but, this is the part that I could watch a million times and it still wouldn't be enough.
  2. Love the new banner!! Some great new pics. I wonder if stuffedplay had puppets and was anything like the puppets that they did on Celebrity Apprentice. Clay was SO GOOD at it. He and Lisa were comedy gold. I actually didn't recognize her at first in the pics above. Clay is awfully cute in shorts!!! Actually, he's just awfully cute in anything!!!
  3. Fun watching and loved that Clay was on with Meghan--he's pretty sharp! Maybe I am just too much of a rule follower--but, I didn't think it was fair that they gave Joy an extra 20 seconds. Then she went on to win. (Yes, I know it was all in good fun--but still.....)
  4. I can see him even tho it's blurry. Looks as if he's wearing the same shirt as he has on in the banner! Can definitely also tell it's him by his feet. So like Clay to be there to support Meghan. He is a true friend.
  5. I'm so glad I just came here now instead of messing around trying to get Facebook to replay! I don't know why I didn't get the notification for Periscope. Couldn't even find it when I looked. Anyway--it's there for replay and I am a happy camper. I should remember that good things come to those who wait!! Just read below about Jerome being at the Gala--wonderful news Also read below about the BOLD donation to NIP--fantastic!! SO GLAD HE IS BACK!!!!
  6. Apparently they are using Facebook today. Have been sitting here waiting for the periscope to start. Cannot watch Facebook live on iPad!! #veryfrustratedand disappointed!! Will try to get replay later this evening. Made sure I was home from 10-11 today for BOLD. Wish they'd be consistent. You never know if they will periscope or not. Sorry to be so grumpy--just very disappointed--was so looking forward to seeing him live after so many weeks of not having him on!! I am one who loves him on BOLD.
  7. Loved the show! But, I missed the Billy Porter part. I paused it to take a shower and then came back and listened. When I do that I can advance it and skip the commercials. But, I skipped too much when I was advancing and the next thing I knew it was the Jenny McCarthy Show. Billy Porter was the part I really wanted to hear!!! Next time I will just suffer through the commercials instead of trying to fast forward. Clay mentioned being there in October--will love having him on. But, I'm wondering if that means that the "thing" he was going to be busy with isn't happening. Hope that's not the case. Was just thinking as I listened this morning how he is always on with women who are opposite from him. He's such a news junkie and doesn't know a lot of the pop culture stuff--Taylor--just the opposite, so they complement each other. Then he has been on with Meghan and Carrie--both opposite political views. Even when he did the trial radio show with Quiana--opposites. She'd give the whacky and funny answers and he'd laugh and try to give some answers that made more sense. I still remember the question about someone saying they'd go months with hearing from a boyfriend and Quiana asked if maybe he was in jail!!! They really were comedy gold together. But, Clay is just "Gold" no matter whom he is with and what kind of show he is on.
  8. Ditto to what ninna and ldyjocelyn just posted!! (I love that when I start to type ldyjocelyn the computer finishes it for me!!!) (Edited because I just noticed that the computer also finished ninna, but autocorrected it to make Nina!! Guess my computer is not as smart as I thought it was!!)
  9. I think that being judgemental is just part of Tayor's shtick. My issue with her is that often she doesn't let Clay finish his thought. (Of course, it's her show--not his--but still....) As the show ended, he said he had some stories and didn't get to tell them--and would likely forget them by next week. Honestly, the best part of the show for me is Clay's stories. That's why I listen.
  10. And happy birthday to ldyjocelyn!! Was that Chicago trip an early birthday present?? I don't know how you will find time to celebrate today--there is so much to read on Twitter right now that you won't have time for anything else!!
  11. Sorry, Nina--have to disagree. Never have seen him as sexist AT ALL. I think the man just calls it as he sees it and doesn't make allowances if you are a woman. Making allowances would be sexist. But, don't worry--I never throw tomatoes!! LOL
  12. Thanks. I do remember him being on--just cannot remember that particular one from seeing the (BEAUTIFUL) screen shot.
  13. What a great look for him!! Still my favorite hair. When was this taken and is there video to go with it?
  14. Enjoy, ldyjocelyn !! DH had deep dish Chicago pizza today. But, it was at UNO'S--so, probably not as good as what you'll have!
  15. Awfully disappointed to read that Clay will not be on BOLD tomorrow. Friday's are just not the same without him.