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  1. Really enjoying the Olympic figure skating. There is a Clay connection--they save it for last every night!! Remember when we'd watch shows and wait for Clay to be on and he was always on at the end--same thing!! Loving that lots of music from the 60s is being used. I went to the NIP site to do the heart challenge. I clicked on the first two I saw and it worked. Then, when I clicked on the other hearts I found, nothing happened. I went to the site three times and tried and it just didn't work. I'd see the flashing heart and the first couple would work--then after that nothing would happen when I clicked. I am on an iPad. May get out my computer later and see if that works. What a great idea, though!! Very creative.
  2. Here's Clay "Bringing Sexy Back" He's more entertaining than anyone I've ever watched. Knows how to have fun!! Loved that tour--he had everyone in stitches.
  3. Nice, upbeat half time show!! And he went up into the audience and a boy got to take a selfie with him.
  4. Watching the Super Bowl halftime show. Justin Timberlake's is singing "Bringing Sexy Back"--sorry--all I can think of is Clay singing it at the SRHP Tour!! Will have to see if I can find Clay's version on you tube!!
  5. Also enjoyed BOLD even though it kept cutting out for me (on Periscope) for the first half hour. Will have to go back and rewatch since I missed the flow of the conversation every time it cut out. I LOVED his look--just perfection! I think when he says he's not interested in dating what he really means is that he kind of wants her to mind her own business about it!! He's a private person. But, the good natured teasing doesn't really seem to bother him. I was awfully glad to see him after all the crap on Twitter that is being thrown at him. Nice to see him looking so good!
  6. I agree, FearofH2O--Clay and Morgan were great together. I do like Carrie, but felt that Morgan seemed more at ease--very good chemistry between them. It made me want to tune into the business show on Tuesdays--maybe I could learn something!!! I will have to watch BOLD again--it kept cutting out on me (Periscope) and I missed bits of it. Have to say--loved the hair--perfect color for him!! (Although, the hair really never matters--he always looks good to me.)
  7. So sorry you have been so sick, ldyjocelyn!! Hope you are nearing the end of it! It's been in the single digits here in NH and the demand for oil is exceeding what can be delivered. They have enough oil, just not enough people to deliver it--and they've been working round the clock. It's a statewide problem. So, when our tank showed 1/4 full last week, DH called and they said they couldn't get to us until January 24!! We knew we'd never make it that long. Well, we ran out Sunday during the night--woke up to 58 degrees (which isn't too bad). It seems our oil gauge is not really all that accurate. So DH called and they said they could move us up to Friday--the best they could do. We cannot blame them--they've always been reliable--it's just beyond their control. Fortunately, DH knew that he could use diesel from a gas station. So, he has made multiple trips with gas cans and has put 35 gallons in to hold us over. He may need to go back before Friday. I have the heat turned waaaaay down in the bedroom and wore a turtle neck and LLBean fur lined shirt to bed--also have a toasty warm down comforter. So, we are fine--but, it was a bit scary before I realized DH could use the diesel--was worried about freezing pipes, etc. The weather is a balmy 38 degrees today and will warm up more this week, so that will also help. I will be relieved when we get our oil!!! It really is absurd that we ran out--we have two oil tanks which hold a total of over 600 gallons! But, we never realized that the oil gauge is so inaccurate. Lesson learned!!!
  8. This is one of my new favorite pictures!! Sometimes he takes my breath away--seeing this picture was one of those times. LOVED him on BOLD. Especially loved when he said to the girl he agreed with that he'd go straight so he could marry her!! I missed last week when she filled in for him--will have to go back and watch now. Missed part of it due to an interruption--good excuse to go back and watch whole thing again.
  9. Had to Google YAG laser surgery. Didn't know that sometimes cloudiness resulted after cataract surgery and then they'd have to do the laser. Is that what happened? I had cataract surgery at a fairly young age a few years ago. For me the worst part was all of the eye drops! What I loved was that the doctor put corrective lenses in. I had worn glasses since the second grade--could barely see the large E on the eye chart. Now I have 20-20 vision in one eye and 20-40 in the other. She did the 20-40 so I could still read a newspaper without reading glasses. (Did you bring an iPad with Clay songs to listen to for the 4 hours--bet you wished you had!!!)
  10. This is the post I was intending to quote in my post above!! Sorry.
  11. They didn't include his second tweet--just the first one and they really go together. Still, glad they did include him with other celebrities. When Clay tweets, people do take notice. Anticpating seeing him on BOLD tomorrow!!
  12. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgivng as well. Have two--one tomorrow at DD's with her family. Then on Saturday my sister, two brothers and all spouses are coming to our house for another turkey dinner. DH is so clever--he goes out the day after Thanksgivng and gets a fresh turkey for a fraction of what it would have cost the day before Thanksgiving!! We always have such a good time--this second Thanksgiving is a new tradition we started four years ago.
  13. I am so sorry to hear it. Will certainly keep him (and you) in my thoughts and prayers. I know you will be there for encouragement, but it's got to be hard for you both. Keep us posted.
  14. I loved him singing this so much that I put the audio in my iPod and had it on repeat. He looked hauntingly beautiful to me that night. Unfortunately, I've not been able to rewatch much of that final show--such a travesty--but, this is the part that I could watch a million times and it still wouldn't be enough.