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  1. You are so right. I haven’t listened to his music in a while. I know if I listen to one of his songs right now, it’ll be like hearing it for the first time and I will be gobsmacked all over again!! 💕
  2. Ldyjocelyn, I'm sorry to read about your husband's accident and to learn that he is still searching for that job. I have thought of you so often and hope that things will all work out for you both. i feel like a bad fan--totally forgot about Parker's birthday--first time. In some ways I'm afraid I do feel myself drifting away--no news, no BOLD, no Clay. But, when that has happened before, he makes an appearance and I'm drawn right back in. I do hope he's having a great summer with Parker--he deserves it and also deserves his privacy.
  3. It may be BS for Clay's season, but how would Clay know what happened (or didn't happen) during Taylor's season? Speaking of Taylor's season--favorite moment was when Clay appeared singing DLTSGDOM. That's all anyone talked about for days.
  4. Hoping that phone interview turns into a job for your DH-fingers crossed!!
  5. Oh no!! I gasped when I read this. So glad your hip seems ok, though. Take care.
  6. Exciting news!! And--yes, about the insurance--I though of that! He is a practical man. Wonder if he is already filming. He has been back to having hair that looked a bit more like AI Clay. Hope he has that look for the show.
  7. Glad he has Thayne for a friend--wish Thayne would post a video of Clay. I noticed the loaf of bread and was reminded of the time Clay talked about how "the twisty ties confused" him every time when he tried to make a sandwich. I also remember that he said things in his kitchen had to be blue and I noticed a couple of blue items. Have to finish watching BOLD--got busy today--I always savor it--so glad I still have some left.
  8. I'm sure Clay wil receive plenty of hateful comments, but he is spot on!! He's really criticizing the judges--not Catie. Although I personally am amazed that she even got this far. I listened to that song--it wasn't just that she forgot the lyrics--just didn't sound good at all. She seems extremely immature and perhaps the judges sense that she wouldn't take criticism well--who knows? In any case, he said a couple of years ago that she was not ready--she still isn't. It really is doing the kids a disservice to say that everything they are doing is wonderful. Kind of like giving everyone a trophy who participates. Constructive criticism doesn't hurt anyone--it helps them to grow and it helps to prepare them for the tough music business.
  9. It is a looong flight. We fly Southwest to California twice a year. They don't have entertainment either, but we manage just fine. The flights are a bit cheaper and we figure you get what you pay for. I bring newspaper articles that I've been too busy to read and use my Kindle and bring my iPad. I can play word games on the Kindle when I get tired of reading. I also listen to my iPod (Clay) a bit. I notice a lot of people have downloaded movies onto their iPads also. I actually find it refreshing not to have tv or a movie. I don't understand why Clay doesn't fly a different airline-one that does have movies. He certainly can afford to do that.
  10. Thanks! I think I'll skip the Google alerts. I used to get them and then got so upset when lots of unkind ones towards Clay would come through. So, I stopped.
  11. That is a weird comment. I wonder if there is a misprint there--trying to think of a substitute for the word "pained". I'd love to see some of the articles--where are you seeing them??
  12. Decided to watch AI last night--hadn't seen it for nearly 10 years (except for final show when Clay was on). Was prepared to really dislike Katy Perry-but, I liked her. Knew I'd like Lionel Ritche and had never heard of Luke Bryant. Enjoyed the show enough to keep watching. Was interested to listen to Catie Turner after reading an article where she spoke about being upset when she auditioned during the last season and was told by Clay that she wasn't ready yet. She didn't take it well and didn't seem to realize that he was very qualitified to be a judge. She couldn't understand being cut by a "former contestant". In all fairness, she was a baby when his season was on and totally missed all of the excitement, etc. I'm sure she didn't know a thing about him and didn't realize just how talented he is. But, I think she should realize that he most likely spoke the truth and did her a huge favor--because now she is more ready and did get the ticket to Hollywood. She probably wouldn't have made it past the other judges had he let her through during that last show. Anyway, I wish her well and hope she realizes that Clay is actually very fair and knows what he is talking about. I liked several who auditioned last night--they did all seem so young, though. No one stood out to me the way Clay did. (I suspect no one ever will!) Wonder if anyone else is watching.
  13. Thanks so much for this!! I watched on Periscope until it stopped working. Went to Facebook later and could not get it wot work. (I confess I pouted just a bit!). Now I will be able to watch the whole thing--thanks to you!!!
  14. Really enjoying the Olympic figure skating. There is a Clay connection--they save it for last every night!! Remember when we'd watch shows and wait for Clay to be on and he was always on at the end--same thing!! Loving that lots of music from the 60s is being used. I went to the NIP site to do the heart challenge. I clicked on the first two I saw and it worked. Then, when I clicked on the other hearts I found, nothing happened. I went to the site three times and tried and it just didn't work. I'd see the flashing heart and the first couple would work--then after that nothing would happen when I clicked. I am on an iPad. May get out my computer later and see if that works. What a great idea, though!! Very creative.