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  1. who is going to windsor ....besides me !!!
  2. 20 questions

    i guess this person is "invisible"..... since canfly hasn't answered the questions....
  3. 20 questions

    has this person worked with Clay on any of his tours?
  4. Three Word Game

    what's love got
  5. Three Word Game

    Reed with a
  6. 20 questions

    is this person Clay related, family, significant other, or carracter that Clay has at one time played... I know i cheat... but hey A Mug !!!! geeeese..... my smutty mind would never have thought of that in a million years!!!!! and for winning ..... you win a Mug !!!! ha ha
  7. Three Word Game

    "You know it...
  8. 20 questions

    ok... here are my guesses it's either a toothbrush, or fork , or spoon.... is it one of the above
  9. Three Word Game

    in the middle
  10. 20 questions

    here i am confused... if part of it has to be in your mouth... yet it is not held in his hand.... where the heck is the other part!!!!!
  11. 20 questions

    hummmm.... he can suck on it.... but not blow on it.... hummmm..... will it melt in his mouth?
  12. Three Word Game

    who the hell
  13. one question about the GFI.... is it just golf or is there a gala evening too? I hope all our ladies have a safe trip to where ever their homes are and cherish the memories of last night... I thank you all for sharing your recaps of last night with us... Almost made me feel like i was there... I said Almost...
  14. Three Word Game

    when he tripped
  15. Connect The Song Titles Game

    WE are family... Pointer Sisters