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  1. Hope someone grabbed it. Never got to see it.
  2. Oh, I completely agreed with Clay. But by the end of the evening, I just wanted a normal Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday. Those poor families. Did you see the Bold tweet for a go fund me for the community? Yes to the figure skating. Haven't watched it in years. But these athletes are so amazing.
  3. Can we go back to wedding pictures and chasing hearts through NIP? The news is just unbearable
  4. Now my browser just doesn't support the videošŸ˜  Not supposed to see the video, I guess.
  5. I'm genetically incapable of finding things, my whole life. Can't believe how long I've been on that site. The site is great! Well organized with lots of info about everything, including finances
  6. Speak for yourself! Just can't find the last one
  7. If you use imikimi, and haven't been there lately, they are changing their site. If you don't sign up for the new site, you'll lose all your kimis that are on the old site.
  8. The site does look great. Oddly, nevervp get emails or newletters from them any more. Excited for the surprise
  9. Watching This is Us. Saw the end of the game
  10. Yes, he looked great! Went back and did screenshots of his facial expressions this morningšŸ˜±
  11. Bold was interesting today, although had problems with both Facebook and Periscope. Clay looked great, loved his sweater. Any thoughts on his seeming lack of interest in dating?