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  1. Was a good program, good guests. Have a new tablet, haven't quite mastered screen shots!
  2. Just getting a blank page instead of the vault sign in page😥
  3. I thought that, as usual, it was well written.
  4. Posting this cuz I've never read that Clay was being performed at a Pops concert by a Choral group. Pocono Record Information and registration: 570-629-3061. Spring Pops 18: Pleasant Valley Choral Society, 7 to 9 p.m., Pleasant Valley High School, Route 209, Brodheadsville. Performing George Gershwin to Louis Armstrong, Neil Diamond, Carol King, James Taylor, Clay Aiken and of course, the Beatles. Tickets: $8 ...
  5. Read on another site that Clay sang at an event in Raleigh last night. No clack. Guess it's on CV.
  6. Applications may be submitted at… … or materials can be sent to the North Carolina Awards Committee, N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, 4601 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-4600.
  7. Think someone nominated him yesterday.
  8. Yikes! Feel better. Good program this morning.
  9. Lately they've been boring, just a name mention in AI articles.
  10. Clay tweet: Countdown to the Disney movie about #UMBC starts now. Talk about MADNESS!! #MarchMadness2018
  11. Yes, I get google alerts. I would send you the alerts if I had your email address. I guess I wasn't noticing Sedaka as pained, think it might have fit with rest of the sentence. I was more focused on the impossible, unknowable concept of Clay Aiken.
  12. So many articles about AI. Clay seems to get a mention in every one. Strangest comment so far: "Neil Sedaka pained with admiration after being introduced to the impossible, unknowable concept of Clay Aiken"
  13. There lots of problems yesterday. It was weird. I started on Facebook, somehow got kicked to periscope, which kept reloading, back to Facebook, which would stop then start again a few seconds before it stopped. And then would just keep doing that. Was great to see Clay, tho.
  14. Great guests today. Clay said he was called out of town unexpectedly
  15. Bold tweeted Clay will be there tomorrow!
  16. Not a fan of Franklin Graham, I have to say.