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  1. Clay tweet As a @GoHeels fan & PROUD @unccharlotte alum add my loud voice to chorus of people who know it's possible to respect UNC AND still feel strongly that UNCC is too important, unique, and prestigious to be hidden by Chapel Hill's shadow! I VOTE #DroptheUNC #longoverdue
  2. Wait.....the super bowl was on? As you can tell I had no interest. I watched Victoria instead.
  3. Here’s the story that tweet refers to.
  4. Well we get another day off work! The overpasses are really iced over and they are dangerous to drive. I’ll suffer and binge watch something.
  5. Nice pic! I have a day off work. Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees and today will be in the 20s! Right now it’s raining and we will be getting ice and snow later. For us it’s a big deal because no one knows how to drive in it and overpasses will freeze. But Sunday it’s supposed to be 70!