"If there was a flag and I had to design it, it would have Clay Aiken on it."

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2 hours ago, FearofH2O said:

Merrieeee, have a great cruise. Happy Thanksgiving to all. 



Yes, have a wonderful time.

So nice that Clay sang at the wedding. 

If I don't get here tomorrow I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!




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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgivng as well.

Have two--one tomorrow at DD's with her family.

Then on Saturday my sister, two brothers and all spouses are coming to our house for another turkey dinner. 

DH is so clever--he goes out the day after Thanksgivng and gets a fresh turkey for a fraction of what it would have cost the day before Thanksgiving!!  We always have such a good time--this second Thanksgiving is a new tradition we started four years ago. 

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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!  I hope you all have lots of food, fun and friends.....

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