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  2. merrieeeee, I hope you have a fabulous time on your cruise! I'm working at the library today. Thankfully, as it's too darn hot outside to do anything much else! And then I'm off for a week. Kids, this could be trouble -- I'm also going to be unavailable at the end of next week. DH and I are going with friends to a house by Lake Michigan, and may have limited internet. Actually, I need an internet break; too addicted to FB and all the troubling news I find there! Anyway, so at the end of next week....1) everyone be good; and 2) probably all Clay will break loose!
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  4. Glad your back ldyj. I’m off on Sunday for a cruise to Jamaica. My cousin is visiting and we’re all going. There’s not a lot to do in Houston for two weeks in hot weather! He doesn’t like the heat, can’t walk far, has trouble with steps and won’t sit in a car for long periods of time. Today we went outlet shopping. His wife loves to shop. She is almost 35 years younger than him so she has no problem. I have to laugh as he is 2 years younger than I am and I can run rings around him! So I figured a cruise would be good. A lot of “old” people manage very well!
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  6. Sad news from Clay’s friend Meghan McCain: she had a miscarriage.
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  8. He does! But he also looks really good! I'm back! But only for about a week. These past few days were a good workshop; tomorrow it's back to "real work." Sigh.
  9. What kind of trouble can we get in. Clay where are you?
  10. FYI, I'm out for a work trip until Wednesday night. I'll probably be able to catch up in the evenings, but past that...pretty much nada! So, merrieeee will be here to keep track of y'all this week (and maybe jmh123 will show up as well!). Be good and have fun!
  11. July 14 For some reason the picture doesn't automatically show on my Twitter feed, so I'm attaching.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Mine is that everyone makes it through this weekend of disasters!
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  14. Thanks for the compliment on the banner. I love making things like these, and I thought that a good theme... Happy birthday to kimiye, who sometimes posts here!
  15. LOVE 💕 the new banner! He’s done so many different things. He’s a multitalented man for sure.
  16. New Dogs Old Tricks free on Amazon Prime Episode 6 features Clay.
  17. Happy Fourth weekend. I was a little busy yesterday cleaning off deck, setting up new grill and getting dinner ready for three of us. It was hot, muggy, threatening rain. Dog wouldn't walk it was so hot and humid. Got the steak and burgers grilled before the sky opened up. We ate inside despite my cleaning up the deck and furniture earlier. Now dog won't walk today because someone in our neighborhood is getting a new roof and she is afraid of loud noises. Finally got her to walk in our tiny back yard. Hope you all had a great day and will have a great weekend.
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