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  2. 😂 Loved it.. getting into it and then whoa Chaka Khan! Ha, there wasn’t any harmonies going on with Clay in like the first time ever! so this show must be a cult classic.. kinda like when grown men watch Sponge Bob
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  4. I just finished the podcast, and that beginning did make me totally laugh! This was from 2010.
  5. Since I missed him so much this week, I tuned in and in the first minute of the pcast they talk about the Phineas and pherb episode with Chaka Khan. How strange that I’ve never heard of this ?? It must have been made after 2009.
  6. Last week
  7. I want to cry! He is such an idiot! Cares more about what his party thinks than his people! When can I vote him out?
  8. merrieeee, I just saw the latest news from Texas. I pray for you all down there....especially as it seems you have an idiot for a governor. It does kind of seem that Clay's fallen off the map a bit, although he has been reposting Instagram stories from friends. He'll be around soon....
  9. Spent the day sledding with grandkid.. perfect weather, not too warm not too cold. Wiped me the hell out! While I was out there I thought, winter is coming to an end soon and we have not seen Clay in his game show we were to see ‘in the winter’ I really need to see him. and not just from the shoulders up 😛
  10. Hey -- just checking in to see how everyone is.....the weather here today was wonderful! 55 degrees and sunny, so DH and I went for a long walk. It was a good day!
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  12. It’s quite amazing how you feel when you get that shot! I was so happy I felt like crying. Even after it takes full effect I am still going to be careful but at least I can go to a store that’s not too crowded, like Aldi. I won’t be as paranoid.
  13. Same here *sigh* good for you merrieeee!! I’m on 3 waiting lists. I am not going back to work til I get one I AM a teacher and I should have gotten one by now- I’m so over Fauci wahhhhh! {Uses best privileged whiny voice} 🙄 sometimes I wonder how Clay can handle her.
  14. Congratulations merrieeee! You must be relieved. Yeah, this is one of the few times in my life (at this point in my life anyway) where I wish I was older!
  15. I just got my second shot! Yeah Megan I’m old! At least that’s a benefit!
  16. My podcast notification came in late last night, so I started listening but fell asleep.. will have to get back to it sometime today. Happy Anniversary to Clay and the team of HTHAWGTGA - please go back to a vodcast later this year so we can see the man at work the way the good lord intended ( non singing version ) 🙏🏻
  17. Ohhhhh, David Price just mentioned as a rising star in Congress Cheri Bustos from Illinois. She's not my Congressperson, but she's very close to my district, and I love her.
  18. New podcast is up early, with Clay’s representative David Price. One year of the podcast!
  19. Tons of shirts, but how many thongs?? 😉 Who wouldn’t love a shirt with a LIPBITE?! Someone knew how to sell a shirt ha . now if Ms McCain wears the shirt today on the show, that’s a true friend
  20. Do I agree with Meghan McCain on most issues? Hell, no. I do find her whiny much of the time, and I know she is a conservative, which is against most of my principles. BUT...I don't HATE her either. There's got to be compassion somewhere in this life (something I think that the alt-right/QAnon people have lost entirely, but not most traditional Republicans). JMO. I have that shirt. Matter of fact, I had one, wore it out, and managed to snag a second one from someone who was giving all their stuff away. That's one of my favorite shirts! (I have a TON of shirts...)
  21. Oh my.. i miss one day of The View and all hell breaks loose. So according to the comments, Meg must have whined that she hasn’t gotten a shot yet? Well get in line girl! There are some big time Meghan McCain haters out there. But she can’t be all bad if she has Clay as her bestie, and even I didn’t buy that shirt 🤷‍♀️ now if she gets the autographed thong.... 🤗
  22. Yes- I lurves me some ‘thinker’ Clay Ldyj knows I ❤️ glasses Clay just as much! Thank ya, thank ya 😘
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