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  2. Shhhh, I don’t think it’s a good idea if this gets out - but Clay Aiken is a NERD. 🤓 No shit Sherlock ;)) Can you even imagine what his closet looks like? One plaid button up right after the other!
  3. There is a new video into to this week's podcast on Facebook and Instagram; however, they won't embed in the board. Waiting for the twitter version.... Seems like they aren't doing one on Twitter this week. Here's the Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/p/COlrl-0jYG4/
  4. I LOVE those glasses! But then, I love Clay in glasses in general.
  5. I managed to see the Clay parts last night, glad to hear him finally say he should have won apprentice I have to say I will NOT miss that covid cubby we always see him in No comment on the hair ;). But he did wear his glasses for us Ldyj !!
  6. I tend to hold on to my iPhones for about 4 years -- two years after paying them off. It's served us well, at least. Clay's NEVER had very good memory about what he says or doesn't say, IMO. Hence, the Aiken Random Lyric Generator! But heck, I still love him anyway! BTW, there is a show on tonight that will feature Clay (and Ruben). It's called "For Real: the Story of Reality TV," and it's on at 9 pm Eastern (8 for us in the Central Zone) on the E! network. The show is hosted by Andy Cohen. This is the last episode of the series; I've been watching it every week, and it's been
  7. Oh, believe me, it’s old.. Ive been looking in to getting a new one for some time now. I keep my phones forever b/c I’ve had such good luck, never a crack or chip- never dropped one ever, esp into a toilet. It’s my ‘still at home’ brain I swear.. I never put them into my back pocket for that reason but I wasn’t wearing my leggings with the side cell phone pocket like I do 90% of the time 😬 All functions work, just keeps clouding up on me. I could use an updated camera anyway. Speaking of covid brain.. how about our dear Clay in that last reunion vid, the fans had to remind him of
  8. How old is your iPhone? You dropping it (and the resulting rice) may have been a signal to get a new one. On the other hand, if it's only a year or two...keep trying to dry it out! Good luck. (I've been fortunate to never have dropped mine in water.)
  9. Still here- but for the first time since I’ve had an iPhone (11yrs) I dropped it in the toilet! Still working on it 😳 I think there’s rice stuck up in the charging hole.. ooo that sounds dirty
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  11. Thank u ldyj! Yesss! They are doing this weekly.. such a great idea!
  12. Uh oh Meghan McCain just said, on the View “let’s call a spade a spade” Did’nt Arsenio say that was a big no-no? racial slur) Clay’s going to have to have a talk with her.. twitter gonna getter yay/podcast - I love me some documentaries! Even though I haven’t seen Clay’s The Runner Up yet 😪 off to go camping for the weekend, first of the season. Finally hit 70’s and some sun! ☀️
  13. ❤️ You Go Kamala , lead those men in the right direction! so true what Clay is saying yet Tim Scott, the only black senate republican, rebutts with Trump talking points .. there is no systemic racism in America don’t ya know 🙄
  14. Am I a bad American that I didn't watch President Biden last night? I figured I'd get the highlights via my online newspaper reading. (Did love the image of the two women, VP Kamala Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, behind President Biden)
  15. Flexing my Ticketmaster fingers for the first time in a LONG time. Alton Brown (my favorite Food Network personality) is bringing his show to my area for March 2022. We should be able to attend something like that by then...right? Anyway, ticket sales start in 3 minutes!
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