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  2. The first is from an Instagram story. Here's the info from FB on the second.
  3. A week? A whole week? Doesn’t Clay know how long that can be to a crazy fan 🤪 This.😋 helps
  4. Last week
  5. A note from Clay about the podcast: Sounds like he's got some exciting projects with Politicon coming up! So, we've got a week off from the podcast.
  6. A little bit of clack via FB. There's a clip of Clay doing Copacabana! https://www.facebook.com/mary.nelsonhuffman/posts/10225690732403772
  7. More screenshots from last night. Did anyone here try to buy a ticket for the show this evening? And mik, I have no idea why they cancelled Saturday night.
  8. I’ll 2nd that thx, Fear! Ldyj, don’t work too hard today! Love the reviews! Makes me want to hear those songs even more now.. esp, the opening number. Why aren’t they doing the Saturday night show? 😟So sad if no podcast. I was hoping they prerecorded. I loved last week’s because when the lady said that Clay is unique, and was going to live his life his way.. she nailed it 🥰
  9. I'm guessing this is a week off from the podcast, because of the Pittsburgh CLO thing. I'll be back later tonight with more screenshots and such. Busy day at work today!
  10. pghintheround.com Stars take the field for the Pittsburgh CLO 75th Anniversary Celebration
  11. Another great review! https://www.pghintheround.com/stars-take-the-field-for-the-pittsburgh-clo-75th-anniversary-celebration/?fbclid=IwAR1MjJE9_uMRtTyhaPrkz9n7gKMDUJhBXCFcm7C57QrPtxDyopo_w4EDjIk The Clay part:
  12. Thanks ldyj for the pictures at al. Sounds like a fun show. Clay doesnt seem to change. I hope he is as happy as he appears. It was a tough year for everyone. So glad to see some normalcy return.
  13. The program from this week's shows. https://www.pittsburghclo.org/uploads/media/2021/Broadway_Musical_Celebration/PCLO_2021_BroadwayMusicalCelebration_Program-DIGITAL-VERSION.pdf
  14. I love the “backsplash” jacket—not so much the pants. They looked too much like PJ bottoms. But, as far as I’m concerned, Clay can pretty much carry off anything he wears. He had so many “costume” changes—made it fun to see him with so many different looks. I’m sure he did “carry the show”—such a natural and still has “IT”!!
  15. That suit looks totally like a backsplash! 😂 I love how merrieeee proclaims every year how he has insurance coverage ..every dang year- so funny BAD FANS UNITE !?! Probably not the best new thread title 😝
  16. post-gazette.com Review: Some stars shine in CLO's 'Broadway Musical Celebration' at Heinz Field
  17. A review of the show (full text in the news section): https://www.post-gazette.com/ae/theater-dance/2021/07/22/Review-Pittsburgh-CLO-Broadway-Musical-Celebration-Heinz-Field-2021/stories/202107220146 Gotta love this description of the suit: They also liked the opening number he did.
  18. He has the best suits to perform in! Oh and his insurance is now good for another year Hee Hee!
  19. Here's the scrumptious pictures. The suit? Gah. Love the purple accents. Up close, it's gorgeous.
  20. Some nice pics here on FB, from the CLO. I'll grab them after my meeting in a few minutes. https://www.facebook.com/38696706695/posts/10158033320526696/
  21. Not yet, but I'm thinking there will be after tonight's show. I wanna see Copacabana! That profile is verra verra nice. ETA: mik -- BAD FANS UNITED! LOL!
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