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  2. This showed up,today. Clay on The View. Wednesday 12/11
  3. FYI: Clayversity is down at the moment (server upgrade). When it comes back I can let everyone know. ETA back up!
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  5. Gregory has turned into a very handsome man! And the other guy in the pic is pretty cool too... Happiest of birthdays to you Clay!
  6. I think it has to be Gregory Ellis. The guy in the picture is too young to be William Joseph 14 yrs. later.
  7. If you own an Alexa enabled device you can buy a smart plug for $4.99 today instead of $25.. just tell Alexa to order one and pay for it in the amazon cart! I get a 10% moving discount so I ended up getting one for %2.70! Sweet!
  8. FYI, I think that's Gregory Ellis, who played the boy in the show. He was eleven at the time. If it's not him, it's William Joseph, the pianist who opened for Clay.
  9. Did a lot of cooking yesterday. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  10. The full parade.
  11. Several good pictures here. Swipe through! (Love the suit...)
  12. Video from this morning, recorded from a tv screen.
  13. He looks adorable bu I think she’s going to be cold!
  14. Carpool Karaoke with Clay!
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