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  3. And North Carolina had a 5.1 earthquake this morning. Anyone have Bingo for their 2020 card at this point?
  4. The radio show from yesterday via Spotify:
  5. Cool! Not sure if I can listen live though... Happy 12th birthday Parker! Wow, how time has flown...
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  7. A tweet: “@clayaiken joins me on "The Mo'Kelly Show" tomorrow (Sat.) evening as we dig into his new podcast on @iHeartRadio...and I am pretty sure I will also tease him for his (barely noticeable) southern drawl.”
  8. I just love this tweet! Not Clay related but so relatable to me! “If I woulda known that the last time I was in Ross Dress for Less was gonna be the last time I was in Ross Dress for Less I woulda got that set of 6 medium ramekins for 10 dollars. I regret it everyday.“
  9. Not sure either. My original thought was that the mayor of Charlotte was his pick for VP. Who knows!
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