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  2. Photos from the DPAC Award Ceremony from last week:
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  4. Thank you for the pictures. Did not go to the Founders Brunch so did not see what he was wearing. Looking good in those pictures. I had so much fun this weekend seeing everyone. We did not stay at the Omni but it worked out we were there a lot. Our hotel was about 4 blocks away and had free shuttle in the city center so we took it many times. I walked back and forth a few extra times to get some steps in. The concert was great. He sounded wonderful and I even got to hear some early songs that I never saw live since I did not start going to concert to Christmas 2004. TITN and Invisable were fun. I did not want it to end.
  5. Pictures from the luncheon on Saturday -- thanks to nickikiwi for allowing me to share them!
  6. Clay Aiken Will Join Jackie Burns, Zach Adkins, More in Pittsburgh CLO’s Grease
  7. Clay Aiken, Zach Adkins, Jackie Burns and More Join GREASE at Pittsburgh CLO
  8. Fear and Twilight, thank you for the recaps! It sounds like it was a wonderful time.....
  9. This news about Clay being in Grease is. exciting! A great way to start the week although Im still on quite a high from this weekend! The moment I walked into the Omni on Friday started seeing folks I knew I felt like I was with family. The pre party Friday night was a lot of fun! I that it was cute seeing Diane wearing a Clay shirt. Then the brunch Saturday morning was great! I enjoyed hearing from Phil Liebson hearing about this accreditation program the Projects working on. I thought it was cute when Clay said I look cute today while he was sitting with Diane and Phil answering questions. I agreed I thought Clay looked adorable! The play date with "National Inclusion Project" was fun! The main event, I was sitting just a couple seats down from Lori I loved seeing her reaction to receiving founders award she was so surprised! That was so deserved! Seeing Jerome speak was just moving real Jeung him talk about what hes been through. The lost concert was soo good! Clay sounded amazing! Some of my favorites were OMWH, As long as Were here, TITN falling, lover all alone. I dont think Ill ever listen to Falling or Grace Of God the same way again. I liked the suit Clay wore.I enjoyed spending time with new and old friends this past weekend. fear it was great getting to meet you on Saturday!
  10. Nice article in Broadway World about the Grease appearance:
  11. The media still follows him:
  12. See that “blank space” up earlier? “Video no longer available?” Well, the Project righted themselves! (In other words, it was originally on it’s side, and it’s not now...YAY!)
  13. CV had some detailed reviews of the weekend. I am not focused enough to remember everything. But I can say it was very well planned from the Friday night party to the last notes of "Because you Love me" on Saturday evening. One thing that stood out to me was the deprecation of Clay and ,somewhat Diane that they are figure heads and just there to look pretty. I totally disagree. I realize they are interacting with PHD's and people with multiple years of experience working with typical children and children with disabilities. From hearing them speak and speaking with a board member, they are very much in charge. On the other hand, as a fan, I really enjoyed the gala program and the mini concert section. Clay was in great voice and the band was terrific playing and Interacting with Clay. Loved the music and wishes for the old days when someone would record it for posterity. It was a great weekend and all was well when I got home.
  14. From artquest at CV, used with permission. Interesting to learn more about Jerome!
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