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  2. Clay at Politicon. Nashville’s best and brightest take to the Politicon stage in this exciting college debate chaired by Clay Aiken! Don’t miss when they settle the question of whether President Trump’s impeachment would bring stability or chaos to our country and the world…so our politicians don’t have to!
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  4. Twilight, glad you had a great time at the Power of Play conference. From the pictures I saw on FB, it sounds like it was a really good and inspiring event! Good for you to volunteer with them as well.
  5. Clays tweet is exciting can’t wait to hear more! I volunteered at the power of play conference Monday and Tuesday! That was a lot of fun and inspiring! Even though I’m not in the field of working with kids I still get a lot out of the conference My friend Casey who lives in Ohio stayed with me for a couple days for the conference. The Champions reception Monday night was inspiring! It was lovely evening! It was great seeing Clay!
  6. It reminds me of listening to him read his book or the Ugly Duckling!
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  8. Another picture from last night, via FB (sorry, no link Available for from where it came). Looks like he might have changed clothes at some point?
  9. United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County: United Arts 30th Anniversary Gala Sat., Oct. 12, 2019 at 7:00 PM Performed by Clay Aiken; Hayes Permar, emcee Ballroom, Talley Student Center at NC State University, 2610 Cates Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27695 Program Enjoy an evening celebrating United Arts Council’s 30th anniversary with special guest Clay Aiken and emcee Hayes Permar. Dinner, drinks, artist performances, live and silent auctions featuring arts and travel experiences. Proceeds directly support United Arts’ Artists in Schools Program. Notes $200 per person, artsy-cocktail attire. Cost $200 More information
  10. Lisa York - Auctioneer/REALTOR 8 hrs · Me & this guy right here will be sharing the stage again this Saturday, this time for the United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County. The auction business gives us an opportunity to meet some fantastic people & do some really AMAZING things to raise money for funding of programs, I am truly blessed to LOVE what I do & can't wait to share the stage once again with Clay Aiken & many others! Special thanks to Seth Palmer for recommending our services! #NAAPRO #auctionswork#raisingmoneyforacause
  11. Right now I’m in the anyone but you know who camp. Anyone who runs against him will have the cards stacked against them. I try not to get too involved in political stuff for a myriad of reasons but I will never understand blind loyalty. It really is what’s in it for me! I think it always was and hidden well but now they might as well openly campaign on the “I don’t care as long as I stay in power so I can make more money” platform. IMO of course!
  12. April 18 is my 22nd wedding anniversary. Think my husband would mind if I spent it with my pretend boyfriend? Or do you think he would share? I've seen some speculation that CNN might mention Clay tonight during their town hall forum, because of this piece. That would be cool!
  13. Good article. I am getting used to thinking of Biden as President, but with all the campaign funds the Repubs have I'm concerned that they will damage anyone who runs. We so need campaign reform. Hopefully Clay will appear on CNN after this opinion article was printed.
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