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    Gotta go to bed, it’s been an exciting day around here, plus my bell choir plays at church tomorrow. Loved watching the Instagrams, he’s in fine voice. Here’s the new kitties...Mac and Meyer...
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    Aw, sweet that at least some people were able to see Clay and Ruben at the Today Show!
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    Adam Corolla show around the 27 minute mark https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=560898104358006&id=17738138995&_rdr
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    Between The Grinch and Clay and Ruben I haven't laughed this much at a promo run in ages!! 😂😂 Unfortunately I'm unable to go (working in retail doesn't exactly allow taking vacations in December) but I am loving everything that's being brought over. Thank you for all the hard work!
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    Well I’m back from Vegas. It went surprisingly well. Either my sister in law or I have mellowed over the years. I’m really tired and a lot poorer!
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    Great picture of Clay! Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We ate and have a half of turkey breast leftover. One son and granddaughter came over. Even fed the dog some turkey. Talked to our west coast son.
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    Happy turkey day! At a local casino you could win a free pumpkin pie! And no I did not win. It would have been way cheaper just to go to Kroger’s.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!! Clay's up and tweeting.
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    The Instagram link leads to the “Plymouth Rock” joke that the show’s page posted a few days ago.
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    The Instagram: There's two videos with the Instagram.
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    Three new YouTube clips. Knowing that Clay had to be in on the jokes, I LOL'd!
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    Woo hoo. I saw the videos and booked a flight to New York!
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    Response to snowball Instagram post: Aww! hannah_waddingham I bloody love you Cake Bakin’! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Love the pictures! Those two together, too funny!! I see the banner ad often when I'm online