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    Hey RIFAN! Good to see you -- sorry to hear about your surgery! OTOH, good way to get DH to do some cooking/cleaning! Hope your recovery continues well. I too cannot wait for Clay and Ruben's version of OHN. That should be powerful! Netflix? Just finished watching the finale of "The Great British Baking Show" -- happy with who won, although I feel badly for the person who had done so well in so many weeks, only to have a really bad weekend during the finale! And then the Queer Eye crew are in Japan, just finished that first episode. Yes, my DH had an interview on Friday for an internship at our areas major employer. I think he was well prepared, we just have to hope and pray now that it comes through. It is a paid internship, so that would help so much! Off to Davenport Iowa to see a live version of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" with Joel Hodgson. Should be a blast!
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    He’s putting out a single with Ruben for Xmas! Oh! Holy Night.
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    Wolfgang Frick‏ @wolfiefrick More Replying to @RichardPfeifer9 Really disappointing. TSU attempted to rebut points Vanderbilt didn’t even raise (Mike Pence, Mueller report, trade war, etc.) even though the root flaw of V’s argument was that Trump committed a crime, which hasn’t been shown yet. @clayaiken won the debate. Well done.