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    Fear, I've been getting more interested in politics over the years. Mainly because I've been concerned by some of these crazy people who have been given a position of power, and because of all the money involved in politics. Think Citizen's United was one of the stupidest decisions the Supreme Court has made. So I am excited for this path that Clay is taking, but I was glad that he wasn't considering making this a permanent career change. As much as he is interested in politics, I really doubt that he would have gotten involved to this degree if politics wasn't such a mess right now, with NC being a particularly messy area thanks to gerrymandering and money. I have to disagree with Clay about John McCain, at least the McCain that has been around since he ran for president. That isn't the guy that I remember watching on The Daily Show. This one appears to have lost his mind. ldyj and merrieee, thank you both for keeping this board open. It was the first board where I ever felt accepted. I will make more of an effort to post here. Hugs back ldyj.