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    As my daughter put it I will be glamping! I have rented a small apartment but I’m not taking any furniture. Blow up bed, fold up table and a bean bag chair. Last time I did this I rented furniture but it seems a waste of $500 a month. However I already have the WiFi sorted and I’m taking a tv and my fire stick so I’m fine. I’m taking kitchen stuff and that’s it. My main computer died this week so it’s going into storage and I’ll figure it out later. My daughter lives about 100 yards away so if I need anything I can get it. ‘For Xmas I received a gift certificate to put pics on a thumb drive so I’m going to get those ready while I’m in the apt. As it’s just me I think it will be fun.
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    Four people looked at my house and three made offers! Must be pretty nice!
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    Omg. James Corden tweeted this: And Clay retweeted!
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    Hee that’s ok! I’ve been out of the loop getting my house ready to sell. I dont know where all the “stuff” comes from. I paid someone to empty my attic, clean my yard, clean my house and fix some lights. Geez! I did power wash the driveway myself and de-cluttered for the pics! I have one little plumbing issue to get fixed and then it’s ready. I hate the thought of people traipsing through the house so I hope it sells quick. I’m going to buy a house with my daughter. She’ll have up and I’ll have down. On a teachers salary she just can’t do it so when I’m gone it will all be hers.