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    Thanks to Google, I have fixed the "Like" problem! You may now like up to 25 posts per day. Sadly, as if we have 25 posts per day...c'mon Clay, give us something to talk about...
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    ldyjocelyn - sounds like you had a great time at the concert. Hope you enjoy your week off! I have to agree with soulsista4clay - even though I don't post much, this seems to be my home board since CAT closed down. I've been at CV since it started (my membership number is 2!) and CB since 2003, but the bigger boards don't really work for me at this point in time. If all Clay breaks loose, then all bets are off! But for now, FCA is a good place to be.
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    I remembered my password. I used to read here all the time. I'll try to post more often. It looks like I need to change my picture...that picture of Clay is probably 8 or nine years old.
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    Feeling much better today, and should be going back to work tomorrow, depending on the weather (it's snowing at the moment). The fun part? I work tomorrow and Tuesday, and then am on vacation until January 2!
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    This news about Clay being in Grease is. exciting! A great way to start the week although Im still on quite a high from this weekend! The moment I walked into the Omni on Friday started seeing folks I knew I felt like I was with family. The pre party Friday night was a lot of fun! I that it was cute seeing Diane wearing a Clay shirt. Then the brunch Saturday morning was great! I enjoyed hearing from Phil Liebson hearing about this accreditation program the Projects working on. I thought it was cute when Clay said I look cute today while he was sitting with Diane and Phil answering questions. I agreed I thought Clay looked adorable! The play date with "National Inclusion Project" was fun! The main event, I was sitting just a couple seats down from Lori I loved seeing her reaction to receiving founders award she was so surprised! That was so deserved! Seeing Jerome speak was just moving real Jeung him talk about what hes been through. The lost concert was soo good! Clay sounded amazing! Some of my favorites were OMWH, As long as Were here, TITN falling, lover all alone. I dont think Ill ever listen to Falling or Grace Of God the same way again. I liked the suit Clay wore.I enjoyed spending time with new and old friends this past weekend. fear it was great getting to meet you on Saturday!
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    Quiana tweeted. I tried to tell you he was fool as hell! Never agreed with his spirit! ??
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    Fabulous time at the Gala. When Clay sang You'll Never Walk Alone as his opening number, I really remembered why I have been a fan for all these years. Just wow!! Each and every song that he and Quiana sang was great. The honorees were also so very good. After a good nights sleep, I'll remember more.
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    And Ben and Sean: _______ Cool article about Politicon: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2015/10/12/inside-the-comiccon-for-politics/ The best Clay related part:
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    You know what I hate? It's when someone says we have a meeting in the office at 5am and I come in at 4:45, to open up and put the coffee on and they don't show up till 6:15!
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    Thanks ldyj and merrieeee.Love the pictures and tweets. Hope Clay has a great Christmas. I managed to meet my deadline and passed the advanced tax test last night with a 97.5. Now to getting the others at our site to do the same in January. Next project is gift wrapping and cleaning for our open house. Also one more WFI day this week. Have great day all!
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    Keeping your BIL in my prayers Tijala. And {{{{{{hugs}}}}} to you Fear. So many good posts here again today. Who knows what would have happened if people hadn't started attaching checks to underwear 10 years ago, not to mention major fundraising? And I agree that he'll never be able to totally distance himself from the Project, although I'm sure that is something of a goal for the Project. Having said that -- I go to the Galas for Clay, and end up being very impressed with the Project itself. So much so, that even though I can't attend the Gala this year, I'm planning to make a donation. Uncertainty. It's not particularly fun. But you know what? There's a saying -- "life is uncertain. Eat dessert first." Life can change on a dime. Birth. Life. Death. Lots of money. No money. Health. Security. These changes are all around us every day, and we all survive them. Therefore, I'm not going to worry about the changes in Clay's life and career. I still believe to this day that much of the worry about Clay revolves around "our" voting for him in 2003. He survived because of "us." Now that there's not as many of "us" (for whatever reason), "we" are once again afraid he's going to leave -- and that he owes us an explanation on why that may be. While I am addicted to him (and his humor), I don't feel he owes me anything. I just enjoy what he provides, however he provides it. OT: I'm listening to Elton John's new album at the moment. It's awesome! luckiest, have you gotten it yet? (I'm listening on Spotify, but I now know I'm going to be purchasing!)
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    Clay just can't win. In the past, when he has indicated he will be doing something without giving details, the fandom starts doing its own analysis and builds its expectations beyond reason. When their expectations are not met, they have blamed Clay. I know this sounds really strange, but it happens all the time. Now that he has indicated change of some type, they are speculating he is leaving the business entirely, and are angry. The poor guy owes them nothing, but tries to give them a heads up and they pounce on him. It's really nuts out there....much more comfortable here. There is no reasoning at this point...some don't want to go to the gala now and others are upset because he will auction off a dinner at the Friday night event with VIP ticketholders -- except anyone can bid, so the anger is just that -- anger at Clay. Clay is my happy place...I will support whatever he wants to do to earn a living and support inclusion -- or anything else for that matter. Hope the change is to theater and acting because IMO he shines there and is respected. If not, am sure he will not disappoint.
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    Happy birthday gbmifan! Good news for my son's finger, we visited with the surgeon this morning and no surgery is necessary. Just some physical therapy and taping fingers together, and he should be able to start playing baseball again (in a limited capacity) in 3 weeks.
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    LOVE 💕 the new banner! He’s done so many different things. He’s a multitalented man for sure.
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    From Gooood Baby Brush at CV, with permission!
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    I DM'd Ken at the Ruben and Clay Instagram account, asking to see the pit area for tonight's show. He messaged back: "Who doesn't love Ben?" EEEEEEEE!
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    Wow! Thanks for the videos. It is pouring down snow here in NC. Newspaper said 12 inches so far. About twice as much as we normally get in a snowfall. I am enjoying having some time to myself since I can't go out in this weather. Takes several days before the streets are plowed. Our development has private streets so we have already been plowed once, not that you could tell several hours later. Got a steroid shot in my knee and can walk again so I am thinking of going out to NYC after Christmas. Start wrapping for the NIP on Friday and three more days after that so before Christmas is almost impossible to do. But after may be doable. .
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    Hoping that phone interview turns into a job for your DH-fingers crossed!!
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    Twilight, I hope you can get in many more hours too, it sounds like you are ready and willing, I will be at the gala next year for sure but not sure what level. This year my ticket was a birthday gift from my husband. Very nice video from Clay. I managed to see it after going over the site more than once. I do believe it has been captured by someone.
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    Just another example of Clay's modesty. Taylor talked about subway ads--large pictures of stars covering the subway cars, etc. He was not familiar with that concept, but must have known about the bus ads. He could have mentioned that his picture was plastered on the buses all over NYC during Spamalot, but didn't. I still remember the picure of a fan in a black coat and red gloves hugging the bus with his larger than life picture--with the AIW hair. (I think it was Cotton.)
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    Hannah Waddingham tweeted! For any of you who know Jerome from our #montypythonspamalotbroadway days,Please send your love and strength.
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    Frankly, I think it's because he's a GUY. Men seem to lose weight so much easier than women... FYI: I've just contacted SueReu over at CV -- she's attending Politicon this weekend, along with artquest and a few others. I asked permission to bring over any Clay-related posts from the weekend, and she is allowing it! Woohoo! Hopefully we'll get some tidbits!
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    Merrie Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all Can't stand Xmas this year so I'm off to NYC tomorrow and then on a cruise to Mexico so I might not be able to pop in. Looking forward to seeing Clay in April!
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    Wow John Lewis. Clay must have been awe struck as was I going to hear him speak along with Maya Angelou many years ago at Wake Forest University.
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day! luckiest, good luck with your "detox." My sweet tooth has been acting up lately, so I probably could stand to do that. The hardest part is all the extra added sugar in things you don't even think about -- spaghetti sauce and the like, just for example! RE: Clay's crowd phobia. I think he still may have it somewhat -- but it depends on his audience. I always try to put myself into someone else's shoes when I think about this. In Clay's case, I go back to 2003-4, and I think about him facing rooms with practically the polar opposite of himself. He probably would have been fine with a crowd of gay young men; instead, he was faced with women his mother's age who wanted to ravish him (you can take that anyway you want to...). Knowing that he wasn't out at the time, and also knowing that he already had a perfectly good mother in Faye, I have to believe M&G's in those early years had to be difficult. I'd also probably add that as much as he likes singing and performing, he may not have felt it his true "calling." So having people fawn over him for that may have made him uncomfortable. But his service "calling?" When I see him with these smaller crowds who want to hear what he has to say (and better yet, him listen to them), I think the last thing on his mind is a panic attack. Something else I was thinking about earlier. Again, probably not a popular opinion, but I'll post it here because you all won't throw stones. (You may not agree, but you won't throw things...) I've always thought that Clay felt more comfortable being a "big fish in a small pond." He felt pretty comfortable being a local Raleigh "celebrity." AI changed that, and he had to deal with many more pressures. Now, I think many of the perks he got from being on the national stage he liked -- flying first class, buying great clothes, being able to speak on topics he felt passionate about. But there was a lot that he didn't like either. I kinda see this new political turn as "the best of both worlds." If he wins, he's remaining true to his local roots, by representing his home district (including lots of trips home on a regular basis). But he would also have some of the perks of being in Washington as well. Anyway, just my 2 cents. I think Clay's got some appearances today, so be watching that Instagram feed! (I'm off work today, but have a school project to complete -- an observation. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up!) ETA: Hope everyone in Los Angeles is OK from the earthquake!!!!!
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    You sure do make a great team. Thanks!
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    thinkprogress.org What a Clay Aiken Congressional Candidacy Might Look Like
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    Twitter is blowing up about this. Saw this one on CV and had to laugh: Another good one:
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    I always said I was the person on the board that I am in real life. I am sure that is true for others too. And just like in real life, the negative voices often dominate and the squeaky wheels get the grease. I like to look at that time as training that helped me better communicate in my daily life
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    Loved catching up on all the play chatter. Sorry I missed it. First time ever that I'm really jealous. But what are you gonna do. Whole bunch of new Clay associates that I have no clue who they are. The whole Clay following fans on twitter is cracking me up. I broke down a few months ago and added twitter to my phone but honestly I just don't get it. I decided it's just not for me. Anyway, not doing much this weekend. Lazed around today and did a bit of work on job #2 - that I quit effective end of October. Tomorrow A's game. And who knows on Monday. I'll probably do some safety cleaning around the house. My mom keeps falling down. I just need to make sure that there are no hazards around. I looked for a movie to go see but absolutely nothing captured my interest. One week until I start incorporating real food back into my diet. I've lost 40 lbs. I started yoga this week and I got a bike - a nice foldable one that somehow ended up in my lap. Never could have afforded to buy anything like it. Hope you all have a nice day off and rest of the weekend.
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    This is cute! From Hope at the CH: See Clay go from goofy southern boy to 'oops I'm on stage' voice to joker to "sexy face" to beautiful singerman in 60 seconds!! I'm remaining semi-unspoilered. Am reading only here and at the CH, enjoying the recaps, skimming through the usual whiney stuff, watching just the occasional video like this one. My first concert is Thursday night at DPAC. Then on Saturday morning I'm heading up north to Verona, and combining that with a visit with lilyshine followed by a visit with my BFF Richard, who is coming to the concert. (He lives about half an hour from the casino.) So I'll be gone 10 days! Wheeee!! In the meantime I'm supposed to be getting all this stuff done before I go, and I'm looking forward to getting all this stuff done someday! Say what? Well I mean that I get involved in these long, long, long term projects and then think I have to focus entirely on them until they are done. Then I burn out and do nothing. And I keep saying that it'll be done and then I can __________ (post more, finish unpacking, clean house, start to exercise, etc.) Thankfully I allow myself to eat and sleep regardless.
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    Oh, Clay -- really? REALLY? That's it, we're through... Just kidding...