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    Hee I got the job. Said they had seen me work so they didn’t need a resume or interview.
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    Ah! Room service! Cheese and chutney sandwich. Heaven its 10:30 at night here and it's still light but I'm too tired to go for s walk.
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    As my daughter put it I will be glamping! I have rented a small apartment but I’m not taking any furniture. Blow up bed, fold up table and a bean bag chair. Last time I did this I rented furniture but it seems a waste of $500 a month. However I already have the WiFi sorted and I’m taking a tv and my fire stick so I’m fine. I’m taking kitchen stuff and that’s it. My main computer died this week so it’s going into storage and I’ll figure it out later. My daughter lives about 100 yards away so if I need anything I can get it. ‘For Xmas I received a gift certificate to put pics on a thumb drive so I’m going to get those ready while I’m in the apt. As it’s just me I think it will be fun.
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    New York. Here I am! Bring on clay and Ruben.
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    I'm all set if hurricane Harvey comes in! I went and stocked up on chocolate.
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    I remember having a third grade student with ADHD. We didn't have fidget spinners at that time. He had a small, smooth rock that he would hold in one hand and "fidget" with it. It did help him to focus. At the end of the year he gave me the rock. I collect heart rocks and keep them in a ceramic bowl. But, there among the heart rocks is a small, smooth rock.
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    Yep!! Here I am back again after a few years away!! Always loved this board and happy to be back. Couldn't get in last time--no longer had the right link. So, thanks for posting it, ldyjocelyn. You mentioned The Handmaiden's Tale. Have never read it and think I will try it. Another book I want to read that was mentioned again on BOLD today is Hillbilly Elegy. Wonder if anyone here has read it? Will miss our other board and hope to see some familiar faces here. I am one who is enjoying Clay on BOLD and even though I miss his singing, I hope he succeeds with this new career path. He's just so darned good at it. I find I love hearing him on BOLD and other shows.
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    Well I just got home from the March on Austin. What a day! It was amazing. It was fascinating that there were all ages, genders, orientation and ethnicity. Everyone just bonded together in a common cause. There were so many people it took us an hour and a half to just get out of the park and begin to march. People were on roofs of buildings waving signs, people giving out free hugs and a baptist church, not even on the parade route was giving out water!I am so glad I went because it was such an empowering moment. I got to hear Wendy Davis speak.....very inspiring. I'm also sunburned and exhausted. It was 78 degrees with no shade or breeze but so worth it. Before Clay ran for office I had no interest in politics but now I'm marching in parades. Thanks Clay!
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    Thanks to Google, I have fixed the "Like" problem! You may now like up to 25 posts per day. Sadly, as if we have 25 posts per day...c'mon Clay, give us something to talk about...
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    Hi there! All is good as I now have WiFi in my apartment. I am out of the house and I closed today. I’m so glad that’s over with. Less stress! Now to find another house.
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    Cheesy! Christmassy! Clay! What more could you ask for? I loved it.
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    Gotta go to bed, it’s been an exciting day around here, plus my bell choir plays at church tomorrow. Loved watching the Instagrams, he’s in fine voice. Here’s the new kitties...Mac and Meyer...
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    Interesting weekend for me so far. Received an email last night — I’ve won a M&G, along with two tickets to a show, and signed merchandise for the vocal group Straight No Chaser! It was some silly “follow us on Spotify” contest, and lo and behold I won! Therefore, I’ll be going to St. Louis in December along with my husband. I’ve seen them a few times before, and they are GREAT, but this will be my first M&G with them, other than a brief autograph line. And then today — I upgraded my iPad! I also have a new keyboard case. My old iPad was 5 years old, and actually, it sitll worked pretty well. But, it’s nice to have a speedy iPad, and an easier way to type on it!
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    Greetings and salutations! (waves madly at the FCA, wonders if I still have mod privileges and manfully resists the urge to jiggle everything) Since I am currently listening to Solo's recording of Kyrie in Dallas, my fingers automatically went to post on the board. Hey to all my old friends (and to those who don't know who the hell the eHP is, nothing can be proven and we have never been convicted!) I am so not a nostalgic person, but last night took me back (although I admit, for a second I was wonder why Anderson Cooper was singing to me). It was crazy fun. Clay was playing to the hard core target audience...purply-blue shirt with the gray inner button placket and gray slacks (but no tie). And they didn't fit the way they did back in the day, but hell, neither are the fans. We even got a shirt tug. We got a little of Don't Save it All for Christmas Day. I was happy and what else matters!
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    It is hard to believe it’s been 15 years, time sure does fly by. I was 14 when Clay was on Idol. I didn’t have internet then honestly I wasn’t worried I would never see Clay after the show was over since I saw what happened with Kelly and Justin I was mad he didn’t win for while especially with living in the Raleigh area. All I remember about that summer is it took me a week to get the TITN / BOTW single in my hands , I couldn’t wait to go to the Idol tour my very first concert. I somehow was in the 12th row with a couple other friends I’ll never forget how loud the screaming was for Clay. These past 15 years have been filled with ups and downs, music ,joy memories and friendships!
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    Power went out for about 3 hours and there was storm damage but so far so good.
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    ldyjocelyn - sounds like you had a great time at the concert. Hope you enjoy your week off! I have to agree with soulsista4clay - even though I don't post much, this seems to be my home board since CAT closed down. I've been at CV since it started (my membership number is 2!) and CB since 2003, but the bigger boards don't really work for me at this point in time. If all Clay breaks loose, then all bets are off! But for now, FCA is a good place to be.
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    Taylor said today that she really likes Clay and he is really smart and a great person! Aww!
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    I remembered my password. I used to read here all the time. I'll try to post more often. It looks like I need to change my picture...that picture of Clay is probably 8 or nine years old.
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    Fortunately some calmer heads prevailed and the bill will not be presented for a vote.
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    Sleeping in the afternoon, in the Park Hyatt hotel, the door is open , no bugs, it's raining a gentle rain and no humidity in Colorado! That's wonderful but you know what makes it better? It's free! We are on our free trip to CO, that my daughter won. It feels so good and is really what I needed!
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    Just popping in to say thank you for all the good thoughts. It helped a lot knowing people cared. He is no longer suffering or unable to live a normal life and that's what I am choosing to focus on. I am telling everyone that the saying "Life is short eat dessert first" should be heeded by all! So many things got put off for later, because life got in the way, and unfortunately for him there was no later!
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    I think ldyj and I make a good team!
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    Woo hoo on the job! Who is that gorgeous guy? Oh yeah the one who is leaving it all behind and moving to Tibet to be a monk!
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    So, Friday I took the afternoon off to shop for my mom's birthday present, and cut the grass. I started some light cleaning and then Saturday got into the heavy stuff. Also went to the market and grocery store for all ingredients needed for what cindilu2 coined our "Thanks Birthday Going Away" party. My daughter arrived Saturday with a steam cleaner, and we proceeded to do the couches that the dogs have destroyed (what a chore!) and the carpets upstairs. Then I made a broccoli casserole, pumpkin pies and two batches of cupcakes. By the end of all of this, I wasn't even thinking straight, I was so tired, so no wonder the cupcakes didn't exactly turn out the way they should have. Sunday was more cleaning (yeah, it was dirty!), preparing veggies, icing cupcakes, and of course the turkey, which was stuffed and in in the oven by 6:10 a.m. There were 10 of us in all at two tables, and we ate on schedule at 1 p.m. Craziness! But we celebrated my mom's 78th, my ex's 50th, my daughter's impending trip to England, and of course, an early Canadian Thanksgiving! It was a great day, it all went off as planned, and I think everyone who was being honoured really enjoyed themselves. I went to bed for a nap yesterday about 4 p.m. and was in bed for the night by 9:30 p.m. I plan to lay low this week and eat left overs.
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    Wide Spread Panic would be a great name for a band. oh wait...
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    That was a great article! I love that Clay is still open to any opportunity that comes his way! thought I’d shareI’m excited! My friend Casey and I are going to be holding Jeopardy for Inclusion August 1st on behalf of National Inclusion Project If you are interested please check out the link below for more info. If you have any other questions feel free to contact either of us! This will be something fun while supporting a cause we love. We will have prizes! Everyone is welcome to participate! If you don't wish to participate a donation of ANY size is greatly appreciated. #Jeopardy4inclusion https://inclusionproject.networkforgood.com/projects/102966-jeopardy-for-inclusion
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    If you don't follow the National Inclusion Project on Facebook, the Project is doing "The 12 Days of Giving," with a suggested amount to be given each day. Each amount is tied to a theme. Here's todays, and it's cute. And have we seen this picture before?
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    Clay is on Taylor! Briefly talked about the hair...he's not seeing dark roots at this point!
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    Welcome back, Merrieeee!! Love the new banner!! Also love that Clay turned down the PR opportunities--have so much respect for him.
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    Finally wifi! St. Petersburg is amazing. The palaces are unreal.
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    RIFAN, I hope you and your DH have a great anniversary trip! I've only listened to the show just past his letter. While I didn't cry, I was very touched by the whole thing. I can't imagine anyone thinking, after that, that he isn't a kind and gentle human being. One with faults, sure, but one who knows who he is at this point too. Can't wait to hear the rest of it later today! The one other thing I've got to say: does Clay think of Taylor as his therapist? My gosh, he's told so many stories about himself that I NEVER would have expected we'd ever learn. He's so open and free with her. It's amazing.
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    Stealing this! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! And don't forget the pet mothers too! The kitties "got" me tickets to see "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" today, along with popcorn and sodas, plus pizza afterwards. I love my kitties!
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    Carrie said Clay should go as a sexy Clay Aiken for Halloween and Clay said he already was. :wink:
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    LadyJ have a wonderful trip. I just can't take all of these mass murders. We mourn for a week and then we wait 2 weeks for the next thing to happen and ultimately nothing is ever done. This latest thing hurt my heart but I had to just check out. Just too painful. So I've turned back to music to help me get through ithe days. And Clay is a big part of that. He seems to be the go to person on a lot of different topics. He's a smart guy. Always thought Clay could have his own show that dealt with social and political issues. But I like that he is busy across so many types of media. Good for him. He's found his calling.
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    You know apart from little insurance thing that can be solved even if I have to pay, since Sunday I had a leak in a new toilet and accidentally left the freezer door open and almost lost all the food. And to top that off I had to get a new battery in my car. So today I'd had enough and I consoled myself with a new tv. Did I need one.....no. Did I want one .....yes! So I bought a 65" smart 4K tv. I can't wait to see Clay on it. Do I feel better.....maybe!
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    Hey sweeties! Had to say goodbye to the CH (and come check in here to make sure this is good...you stay good!) I'm glad I have good taste in singers (and friends).
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    Hey, I was deep into the depths - is it working yet? I can't see my "like" button at all at the moment. Getting dizzy.
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    Hi from Toledo! Tomorrow my old stomping grounds in Detroit and then on to Chicago! Woo hoo!
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    Finally I can stop watching the Esquire channel! I saw the ad!
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    I'm trying my best to be that person who ventures out. However -- let's just put it this way -- thank goodness for FaceTime and Skype, as I've had to use that technology to vent in the past few weeks. That emoticon is soooooooo the way I've felt. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And also to jamar's post too! Negativity breeds negativity. What a concept. I very much agree with that, and your entire post. If he "leaves" (and I put that in quotes, more on that in a minute), I've gained so much from being a fan of his. I've learned about technology (how to navigate message boards, make DVD's, download clips, etc.). I've learned about Inclusion and situations far away in the world that UNICEF covers. I've made friends from across the world that I hope I will stay in touch. I can't be sad about any of that. (Oh, and the clack! Can't forget about the wealth of clack we have!) You did like it, or at least it showed up for me... jmh is a wise woman. I'm not sure what the future holds for Clay, and honestly, it's not for me to decide -- it's up to Clay. I think as much as the uncertainty is killing some...well, life is like that. None of us know what the next day will bring for us, even if we keep our calendars up to date! Things can change in a blink of an eye. Therefore, I cannot worry about what's going to happen, I just put my faith in a higher power (in my case, God). If I didn't, I'd go bat-shit crazy! I too believe he'll never give up singing. Having said that, it might not be for US all the time. It may be for private, fundraising concerts. Nothing can stop the voice, but also...nothing can stop the man. If nothing else, I believe he'll continue holding the Gala every year, and he'll sing at that. For those who aren't happy about that -- I full believe in facing your fears. (I remember a long time ago how many fans said they had never gone on a plane, and never stayed in a hotel by themselves...until the AI tour in 2003.) Travel can be done. Money can be saved. (I'm working on that one myself right now...) And finally...the choice is yours. I will not begrudge anyone who chooses not to see Clay; I also will not begrudge those who spent the money to get the piano and concert. Live your life as you see fit. Clay -- you too. Live your life as you see fit.
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    Are they cutting it back down to 3? I would definitely start watching again if Clay was on.... dunno if I'd listen to much else of it though. LOL So I have some news!! I know I've been more of a lurker lately but I just haven't had much to add to the conversation and I've been had plans just about every weekend for a few months. But I digress...the good news! I officially have enrolled back in college! I turned in my admission form on Monday to a local community college and I'm just waiting for my welcome letter. Once I get that I can go through all the rest of it, getting my student ID and registering for the class I want to take. And no, that's not a typo.... I want to start slow and just see how I do with this one class before I start piling stuff on myself and getting overwhelmed. I'm going to take Marketing 1010 which is the first and most basic marketing class. Eventually maybe I'd like to go back to taking French as well, the first 2nd language I learned which I still absolutely love but it's so rusty since I haven't used it in years. I'm SO looking forward to this fresh start and a new chapter in my life. I really hope this little step turns into something bigger.