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    Yep!! Here I am back again after a few years away!! Always loved this board and happy to be back. Couldn't get in last time--no longer had the right link. So, thanks for posting it, ldyjocelyn. You mentioned The Handmaiden's Tale. Have never read it and think I will try it. Another book I want to read that was mentioned again on BOLD today is Hillbilly Elegy. Wonder if anyone here has read it? Will miss our other board and hope to see some familiar faces here. I am one who is enjoying Clay on BOLD and even though I miss his singing, I hope he succeeds with this new career path. He's just so darned good at it. I find I love hearing him on BOLD and other shows.
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    Well I just got home from the March on Austin. What a day! It was amazing. It was fascinating that there were all ages, genders, orientation and ethnicity. Everyone just bonded together in a common cause. There were so many people it took us an hour and a half to just get out of the park and begin to march. People were on roofs of buildings waving signs, people giving out free hugs and a baptist church, not even on the parade route was giving out water!I am so glad I went because it was such an empowering moment. I got to hear Wendy Davis speak.....very inspiring. I'm also sunburned and exhausted. It was 78 degrees with no shade or breeze but so worth it. Before Clay ran for office I had no interest in politics but now I'm marching in parades. Thanks Clay!
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    Thanks to Google, I have fixed the "Like" problem! You may now like up to 25 posts per day. Sadly, as if we have 25 posts per day...c'mon Clay, give us something to talk about...
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    I remembered my password. I used to read here all the time. I'll try to post more often. It looks like I need to change my picture...that picture of Clay is probably 8 or nine years old.
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    Fortunately some calmer heads prevailed and the bill will not be presented for a vote.
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    Sleeping in the afternoon, in the Park Hyatt hotel, the door is open , no bugs, it's raining a gentle rain and no humidity in Colorado! That's wonderful but you know what makes it better? It's free! We are on our free trip to CO, that my daughter won. It feels so good and is really what I needed!
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    Just popping in to say thank you for all the good thoughts. It helped a lot knowing people cared. He is no longer suffering or unable to live a normal life and that's what I am choosing to focus on. I am telling everyone that the saying "Life is short eat dessert first" should be heeded by all! So many things got put off for later, because life got in the way, and unfortunately for him there was no later!
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    I think ldyj and I make a good team!
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    Woo hoo on the job! Who is that gorgeous guy? Oh yeah the one who is leaving it all behind and moving to Tibet to be a monk!
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    So, Friday I took the afternoon off to shop for my mom's birthday present, and cut the grass. I started some light cleaning and then Saturday got into the heavy stuff. Also went to the market and grocery store for all ingredients needed for what cindilu2 coined our "Thanks Birthday Going Away" party. My daughter arrived Saturday with a steam cleaner, and we proceeded to do the couches that the dogs have destroyed (what a chore!) and the carpets upstairs. Then I made a broccoli casserole, pumpkin pies and two batches of cupcakes. By the end of all of this, I wasn't even thinking straight, I was so tired, so no wonder the cupcakes didn't exactly turn out the way they should have. Sunday was more cleaning (yeah, it was dirty!), preparing veggies, icing cupcakes, and of course the turkey, which was stuffed and in in the oven by 6:10 a.m. There were 10 of us in all at two tables, and we ate on schedule at 1 p.m. Craziness! But we celebrated my mom's 78th, my ex's 50th, my daughter's impending trip to England, and of course, an early Canadian Thanksgiving! It was a great day, it all went off as planned, and I think everyone who was being honoured really enjoyed themselves. I went to bed for a nap yesterday about 4 p.m. and was in bed for the night by 9:30 p.m. I plan to lay low this week and eat left overs.
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    Wide Spread Panic would be a great name for a band. oh wait...
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    I'm another who has responded to ldyjocelyn's post at CAT. I looked up my list of Clay boards (there used to be so many, that I kept a list with passwords so I wouldn't get confused) and sure enough, I'd joined here ages ago. Glad to see so many others from CAT over here. And thanks for the welcome from the regulars!
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    From a singing duck one day, to dancing bunny the next! Hope everyone has a peaceful day.
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    LadyJ have a wonderful trip. I just can't take all of these mass murders. We mourn for a week and then we wait 2 weeks for the next thing to happen and ultimately nothing is ever done. This latest thing hurt my heart but I had to just check out. Just too painful. So I've turned back to music to help me get through ithe days. And Clay is a big part of that. He seems to be the go to person on a lot of different topics. He's a smart guy. Always thought Clay could have his own show that dealt with social and political issues. But I like that he is busy across so many types of media. Good for him. He's found his calling.
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    From a Facebook page that copied Clay's blog. ____________________________________________________ Clay Aiken is a smart, mindful young man with a well-tuned Sarcasm-o-meter. I love the way he starts his article sedately and, as the paragraphs continue, the snark and impassioned disdain start flowing. I didn't expect him to combine this kind of evisceration with bitter humor, but I like it. I guess I just still think of him as that young guy with the voice.‪#‎TrueBlueDemocrats‬ ‪#‎EqualityNOW‬
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    The reception Friday night was fun and informative. Question and answer session with Diane, Clay and Zac, a board member. Jerry Aiken made a little speech but Aron Hall was the emcee for the evening. We had wine and horsd'oeuvres :3 kinds of spring rolls, fruit and cheese, mozzarella and basil tomato sliders. They were filming the entire event so we had to sign releases after the photos. I limped up to Clay and Diane for the photo. Diane put her hand out as did Clay and they both said good to see you again. Jerome told me he loved my necklace and I said it was cheap. He said, "see everything beautiful does not have to be expensive. I did get a lot of compliments about it. They did the dinner auction and 2 people were bidding it up. Clay originally said because he was fat they would have lettuce. When the bids got higher he said they might have more to eat. One person won for 28000 and Clay asked the other if they would take the same deal for another dinner. She agreed to this. Then Clay said they had one more thing. He introduced Tucker Middleton who was carrying a box. She opened it and took the infamous green plaid shirt. It was bought for 2800 or so. Not sure. It was a lot of fun.
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    Good grief the guy gets noticed by some very important folks! Hope they donated! Ok so picture this.......Jane says to her friend Gloria "what about that Clay Aiken guy". Geez the mind boggles
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    I think this is really funny..."Clay Aiken: He's Smart, He's Cute, He's Your ... Next American Congressman." http://fusion.net/Culture/video/clay-aiken-smart-cute-nextamerican-congressmen-761856?utm_campaign=&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
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    So Clay has a tracker! Amateur.......we have 11years experience. Clay should not be fazed by this at all.
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    I watched it live last night, turned it off after the skit where the girl jumped his bones, and went to bed to sleep on it. I haven't read anything elsewhere, I just wanted to put my thoughts down here before I did. I was so thrilled when he came out singing and swinging! OMG how much do I love full body, belting-it-out Clay Aiken? I was jumping around my living room, I was so excited. This is the entertainer I love! OMG I've missed him! So happy. And so articulate on the couch. I was thrilled with Arsenio as well, for talking about their friendship and being honest about his own feelings. Great, great interview. Clay looked wonderful, those green eyes were piercing. And then the career question happened and that kind of took the wind out of my sails. You know, since gala, I've felt as though Clay was saying goodbye to something. I didn't know what, and I was still very hopeful for the future, for Broadway, for something that involved "fans". These past ten years have been so much fun. I've made so many wonderful friendships. Of course I want it to continue. But I think it's clear that that chapter has come to and end (or at least I'm pretty much convinced that it has, at this point). Perhaps Joseph was meant to be a last hurrah. I kind of wish I'd known. It's like eating that box of Smarties and not realizing you've already eaten the last one, you go looking for just.one.more. I do hope that Clay blogs again, lets us know more of his future plans. Not because I think he owes us anything, but I'd like to know more details, if he is able to give them. We all come to points in our lives where we feel the need to change paths, do what's right for us, and our families. Things change, nothing lasts forever. I'm very sad that entertainment seems to be ending for Clay. He's never shied away from the fact that his first love was working with those with disabilities, teaching, those sorts of things. So I'm not shocked or anything, that he would choose a more philanthropic path. I don't know what the future holds, I don't know that he'll never sing again, but it seems as though there won't be any more inexpensive 'concerts' or events that people who don't have disposable income will be able to attend. It's no secret that I've funded most of my Clay trips with a credit card. There's no way I can do that when the price tag is in the thousands. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first one in line. I woke up with a John Lennon song in my head this morning. It was written after the Beatles broke up, when the fans were freaking out and crying about it ending. It starts off with a long list of things that John no longer believes in, culminating in "I don't believe in Beatles!" and ends with this: The dream is over, what can I say? The dream is over, yesterday I was the dream weaver, but now I'm reborn I was the walrus, but now I'm John And so dear friends, you'll just have to carry on The dream is over Good luck, Clay, in whatever you choose to do. I'm a fan for life. I will follow your path with great interest, and I will also follow my own. Thank you for ten wonderful years, and all the friendships that they helped to form.
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    So, an update on the house situation: My son bought it. In his name only. He moves in Nov. 28th, with his girlfriend. They are ecstatic.
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    Nice pic in this tweet! @M2MEee: Gorgeous Clay #looks24 @clayaiken http://t.co/yAmwAwN3aY
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    Little tour tidbit..this is in Pennsylvania: Kaitlyn Nasatka ‏@woah_its_kaitt The president just announced that they signed Clay Aiken to do his Christmas show at Shippensburg University