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    Wow! Thanks for the videos. It is pouring down snow here in NC. Newspaper said 12 inches so far. About twice as much as we normally get in a snowfall. I am enjoying having some time to myself since I can't go out in this weather. Takes several days before the streets are plowed. Our development has private streets so we have already been plowed once, not that you could tell several hours later. Got a steroid shot in my knee and can walk again so I am thinking of going out to NYC after Christmas. Start wrapping for the NIP on Friday and three more days after that so before Christmas is almost impossible to do. But after may be doable. .
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    Aw, sweet that at least some people were able to see Clay and Ruben at the Today Show!
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    Adam Corolla show around the 27 minute mark https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=560898104358006&id=17738138995&_rdr
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