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    As my daughter put it I will be glamping! I have rented a small apartment but I’m not taking any furniture. Blow up bed, fold up table and a bean bag chair. Last time I did this I rented furniture but it seems a waste of $500 a month. However I already have the WiFi sorted and I’m taking a tv and my fire stick so I’m fine. I’m taking kitchen stuff and that’s it. My main computer died this week so it’s going into storage and I’ll figure it out later. My daughter lives about 100 yards away so if I need anything I can get it. ‘For Xmas I received a gift certificate to put pics on a thumb drive so I’m going to get those ready while I’m in the apt. As it’s just me I think it will be fun.
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    New York. Here I am! Bring on clay and Ruben.
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    Hi there! All is good as I now have WiFi in my apartment. I am out of the house and I closed today. I’m so glad that’s over with. Less stress! Now to find another house.
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    This news about Clay being in Grease is. exciting! A great way to start the week although Im still on quite a high from this weekend! The moment I walked into the Omni on Friday started seeing folks I knew I felt like I was with family. The pre party Friday night was a lot of fun! I that it was cute seeing Diane wearing a Clay shirt. Then the brunch Saturday morning was great! I enjoyed hearing from Phil Liebson hearing about this accreditation program the Projects working on. I thought it was cute when Clay said I look cute today while he was sitting with Diane and Phil answering questions. I agreed I thought Clay looked adorable! The play date with "National Inclusion Project" was fun! The main event, I was sitting just a couple seats down from Lori I loved seeing her reaction to receiving founders award she was so surprised! That was so deserved! Seeing Jerome speak was just moving real Jeung him talk about what hes been through. The lost concert was soo good! Clay sounded amazing! Some of my favorites were OMWH, As long as Were here, TITN falling, lover all alone. I dont think Ill ever listen to Falling or Grace Of God the same way again. I liked the suit Clay wore.I enjoyed spending time with new and old friends this past weekend. fear it was great getting to meet you on Saturday!
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the way it is too. Either way, it's a great picture!
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    Glad your back ldyj. I’m off on Sunday for a cruise to Jamaica. My cousin is visiting and we’re all going. There’s not a lot to do in Houston for two weeks in hot weather! He doesn’t like the heat, can’t walk far, has trouble with steps and won’t sit in a car for long periods of time. Today we went outlet shopping. His wife loves to shop. She is almost 35 years younger than him so she has no problem. I have to laugh as he is 2 years younger than I am and I can run rings around him! So I figured a cruise would be good. A lot of “old” people manage very well!
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    FYI, I'm out for a work trip until Wednesday night. I'll probably be able to catch up in the evenings, but past that...pretty much nada! So, merrieeee will be here to keep track of y'all this week (and maybe jmh123 will show up as well!). Be good and have fun!
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    LOVE 💕 the new banner! He’s done so many different things. He’s a multitalented man for sure.
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    One of these is not like the other......
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    In case anyone has an interest. Episode 1 of good omens is up now on Prime! RIP Leon Redbone. I love his music!
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    Pictures from the luncheon on Saturday -- thanks to nickikiwi for allowing me to share them!
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    Well we bought a house today! My daughter is freaking out now. Worried she can’t afford it. I know that she can but convincing her is another matter. it has more than we need but my dd will be getting her Media Room. She’s going to paint it red with a black and white chevron rug........yeah, right out of twin peaks. The only problem is it’s going to take at least 5 months to build.
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    Were up to $2,900 for the song stream challenge!
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    Omg. James Corden tweeted this: And Clay retweeted!
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    Hee that’s ok! I’ve been out of the loop getting my house ready to sell. I dont know where all the “stuff” comes from. I paid someone to empty my attic, clean my yard, clean my house and fix some lights. Geez! I did power wash the driveway myself and de-cluttered for the pics! I have one little plumbing issue to get fixed and then it’s ready. I hate the thought of people traipsing through the house so I hope it sells quick. I’m going to buy a house with my daughter. She’ll have up and I’ll have down. On a teachers salary she just can’t do it so when I’m gone it will all be hers.
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    Clays grandmothers video is up. It brought tears to my eyes. I may have come from across the pond but so many of those pics reminded me of home. Her great grandchildren are too cute. (Hint, hint)
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    I love cheese. I love Christmas! And I especially love❤️ Clay!! So glad you could go. Are you still in the “Clay fog”? (I would be.) Did you see him at the stage door?
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    From Gooood Baby Brush at CV, with permission!
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    I DM'd Ken at the Ruben and Clay Instagram account, asking to see the pit area for tonight's show. He messaged back: "Who doesn't love Ben?" EEEEEEEE!
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    Wow! Thanks for the videos. It is pouring down snow here in NC. Newspaper said 12 inches so far. About twice as much as we normally get in a snowfall. I am enjoying having some time to myself since I can't go out in this weather. Takes several days before the streets are plowed. Our development has private streets so we have already been plowed once, not that you could tell several hours later. Got a steroid shot in my knee and can walk again so I am thinking of going out to NYC after Christmas. Start wrapping for the NIP on Friday and three more days after that so before Christmas is almost impossible to do. But after may be doable. .
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    Aw, sweet that at least some people were able to see Clay and Ruben at the Today Show!
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    Adam Corolla show around the 27 minute mark https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=560898104358006&id=17738138995&_rdr
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    Great picture of Clay! Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. We ate and have a half of turkey breast leftover. One son and granddaughter came over. Even fed the dog some turkey. Talked to our west coast son.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!! Clay's up and tweeting.
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    The Instagram link leads to the “Plymouth Rock” joke that the show’s page posted a few days ago.
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    The Instagram: There's two videos with the Instagram.
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    Response to snowball Instagram post: Aww! hannah_waddingham I bloody love you Cake Bakin’! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Love the pictures! Those two together, too funny!! I see the banner ad often when I'm online
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    Something a little different: a WUNC radio interview with the author of a new book, “The Children of Harvey Milk: How LGBTQ Politicians Changed the World.” http://www.wunc.org/post/open-and-out-office#stream/0 - Author Andrew Reynolds "joins host Frank Stasio to talk about the North Carolinians who are a part of this history, from Pauli Murray to Clay Aiken." Haven't listened - I suspect Clay isn't discussed at length, but still nice to see him mentioned in this context.
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    Even though I just lurk, I had to say THANK YOU, that "transparent" thing was annoying!! You're a super tech!😎
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    What? It’s not like this is a competition or anything.
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    It’s silly how excited I got when @RubenandClay liked my tweet!
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    Sad news from Clay’s friend Meghan McCain: she had a miscarriage. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/19/opinion/meghan-mccain-miscarriage.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
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    RIP. Chewbacca! The actor that played him has died!
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    Long night last night....our 19 year old cat, Quincy, succumbed to congestive heart failure overnight. We were told last week that she was eating less and less as the week went on, but was still moving around and such. By Monday night, though, she was starting to pant. Took her to the vet yesterday, who thought some medicine could help relieve the congestion. But last night, after Tony got home from work, she took a turn for the worse, and passed away in our arms. We miss her so very much.