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  1. Tonight's game will decide the winner of our little bracket. Couchie vs. LdyJ. Showdown time!
  2. It's not like I actually watch any of the games. It looks like couchie and I have a showdown tonight as our respective chosen winners face each other.
  3. If KAndre gets first in our little bracket and Houston wins this whole shabang, I'll buy broker front row tix for her. There have been some nailbiters today. I was concerned for Baylor until the last 3 minutes.
  4. If you want your board name instead of your real name to show in the standings, go to Options - Personal. Change your name to what you would like others to see.
  5. This is the revised to a much simpler way than what I originally posted. If you're getting the "this bracket is private" message, go to and enter your login info and/or group password (clay1234) as requested. That should get you in so you can make your picks.
  6. Somebody ***coughScarlettcough*** needs to check their text messages!
  7. Dream on!! It will be a miracle if she's caught up. She'll see her birthday wishes next week Happy Birthday PerusingOne. Not quite a week later, but I'm just getting to last Friday. Thanks for all of the Bday wishes. Love y'all - (even if no one called/texted me about the blog).
  8. I finally talked to keepingfaith earlier this evening. It was great to hear her voice. As KAndre mentioned, she's at her sister's house. Her sister has satellite TV and a generator. That makes keepingfaith very happy. She’s had sporadic cell phone reception (more out than in) so making calls has been difficult at best. We’re going to have to teach her how to text. She did take a trip to her home. Her house is still there and looks good. She will have to do a lot yard work to do with tree and fence clean up, but her house is sound. A tree fell right in front of the door so she had to machete her way in.
  9. merrieeee should be able to provide her own updates as of tomorrow. She is flying to Oklahoma City to be with her hubby. She is giddy that she is going to an area with AC and internet, especially the internet part.
  10. The offline members of the eHP waves hi to everyone! Scarlett likes to drive to Walmart to get a better signal on her T-mobile line and to recharge her cell phones. Her AT&T line has good reception at her apartment but she still goes to Walmart so that she can spend a few minutes in the comforts of the air conditioned SUV. She's the only person I know that pays for cell phone service on multiple providers. Solo has not made it back home yet. She got word from friends who stayed behind that her family's property looks fine but they will need to clean up branches and fences. This is great news since she lives in a heavily affected coastal area. merrieeee is doing well, all things considered. She's among the many still without power. She really misses everyone.
  11. from Scarlett. She is in good spirits. The Walmart in her neighborhood is opening in a few minutes so she decided to drive to the store. She doesn't need anything but wanted to see what they had. She used her time in the car to recharge all of her electronics and get a better signal on her cell. We also went over the open gas stations in her neighborhood. She's hoping that her work place is open tomorrow so she can be back on the net. Needless to say she's already giddy about seeing Clay next weekend. ETA: KAndre also says, "Hi." She decided that the Galleria Mall would be a perfect place for her since there are open restaurants. No need to cook if she doesn't have to. She definitely won't be working tomorrow as she works downtown.
  12. I don't think PerusingBro has a basement. He moved to that house about a year ago and I haven't seen it. His previous place in the Heights didn't have a basement. He still has wind gusts now and then but not the constant barrage. He stayed put since they didn't put his area under mandatory evacuation. ETA: Just spoke to KAndre. She's still bitching about her lack of internet. She's one of the few who still has electricity. Her sister found out and has invited herself and the kids to KAndre's. Sis has a broadband wireless card so I expect KAndre to grace us with her presence soon so she can bitch in person.
  13. Merrieeee has no power but so far no major damage. PerusingBro lives in the southeast corner of the inner loop and is ecstatic that major rain has stopped since the rain was coming up to his door. The drainage system is doing its job and the water is receding.
  14. KAndre is in bitchy mood (well, bitchier than normal). Her cable went out about 45 minutes ago so she's now without internet.
  15. Solo just texted that she has evacuated and is safe. She will check in after the storm.