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  1. I still love Clay even though he is not on the charts and I will take whatever you have my address if 50 Taylor Lane Concord NH 03303 and my name is Debbie Stauffer
  2. has not set their status

  3. these tickets do not show up anywhere - can you let me know where this information came from
  4. :DoC :Tour3: lay: To all of you who forgot - i would love to meet every OFC member going to the meadowbrook concerton Wed - my seats are now section B, row 8 seats 19,20 Lost lots of info from those who emailed me prior - help me out. email me msclaylady@yahoo.com LOL Debbie
  5. want to meet up with all OFC's going to meadowbrook concernt 7/25 - please email me personally with seat info and I will make a list and try to meet with everyone prior to the show. :TourExcite:
  6. :Tour3: have anyone going to meadowbrook email me - I want to try to network when we getthere. I will be livng in NH by the 18th so I will know where I am going for theconcert. :Tour3: :Tour4: :TourExcite:
  7. Information moved to the Meadowbrook thread in the Summer Tour 2007 Section -- ldyj
  8. Another topic that was suggested later was Clay's involvement in AI at this point in his career. I have included a poll at the top of this thread, with 4 suggestions for dates. The chats will begin at 9:00 EDT, and last for approximately 2 hours each. The idea is this: A schedule will be set for the topics at each night's chat (between 3-4 topics during the two hour period). We'll chat for approximately 20 minutes on each topic (with 30 minutes being the max), and then move on to the next. I have been given the responsibility to "watch the clock" and keep people moving. Dwelling on ea
  9. anyone going to meadowbrook in July - would love to meet up with you. Also looking for good tickets - anyone has them i will buy them Let me know who is going to NH
  10. :F_05BL17blowkiss: :Tour4: Yes I would like to have some help.
  11. I am looking for better tickets and possibly meeting up with claymates at the Meadowbrook concert. Anyone can help please let me know.
  12. looking for those tickets - did not know how to get back to this board - please anyone has reasonable tickets I am desperate without spending $1000 msclaylady
  13. anything that comes from that angelic voice is music to my soul. I still state he should have won AIdol - that voice just melts one's entire body.
  14. Please read my previous responses - i am new to this emailing stuff and have been ill for the past few days. I did not get your message until today - silly me. Please let me know seat #'s - If they are better than my other two sets of tickets - I will pay you plus processing and something for your kindness. Let me know ASAP your response and total cost - and I will have my daughter put my other tickets for sale on ebay - even at a loss. Thank you for being a kind claymate. hope to be able to meet you someday Sincerely Debbie S - myclaylady my email is msclaylady@yahoo.com
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