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  1. Wow...Where did that comment come from? Sheesh, I was thinking more more northerly - look at the jacket and scarf he's wearing....It's still warm down here.....
  2. Got my vote, too! I so agree, whatavoice! It's always a breath of fresh air here. Thanks from me, too! Just saw that too. I.am.getting.old. That was just not right.
  3. The new pins are great and ordering was a snap. Thank you couchie and cindylu2 - nice job!
  4. Count me in for the new Sir Robin pin. Love the crisp design. Sure hope it's a go! ETA: Oh yes, the new banner is most fascinating! Great job!
  5. Evening! I'm embarrassed that you can see how long I've been a member...and as you can see by my post count, I'm a lurker here...but had to pop out and say, indeed! The humor here is priceless! I'm sorry I've missed so much of it, but the past ten days or so that I 've visited regularly have been huge hoot! Kudos to all for some sane and seriously funny stuff!
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