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  1. One of the pictures from Clay's night out last night.
  2. Meghan McCain has an Instagram Story picture of Meghan, Clay, a guy with his arm around Meghan, and a guy who is holding Clay pretty close. It's cute. I can't bring the picture over -- is there someone else who can grab it? There's also a picture of some adult beverage drinks with Clay tagged. Edit: Clay created his own Instagram story replying to the adult beverage picture.
  3. July 24 Two retweets, the first from Meghan McCain: And from Arsenio Hall:
  4. Sawyer, Michigan -- just on the North side of the Indiana border by the lake. Spent time in a rental house with several friends, and the beach was within walking distance. As you can see, we also went to a wine tasting!
  5. Last day of vacation in Michigan. The most relaxing vacation ever! Beach, sleep, and good food!
  6. Getting ready to leave tomorrow for Michigan. Books are packed, and I'm hoping to have lots of beach time!
  7. Hey! Clay retweeted and commented on a tweet from Reed. That’s cool...and also bad customer service!
  8. merrieeeee, I hope you have a fabulous time on your cruise! I'm working at the library today. Thankfully, as it's too darn hot outside to do anything much else! And then I'm off for a week. Kids, this could be trouble -- I'm also going to be unavailable at the end of next week. DH and I are going with friends to a house by Lake Michigan, and may have limited internet. Actually, I need an internet break; too addicted to FB and all the troubling news I find there! Anyway, so at the end of next week....1) everyone be good; and 2) probably all Clay will break loose!
  9. Sad news from Clay’s friend Meghan McCain: she had a miscarriage. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/19/opinion/meghan-mccain-miscarriage.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
  10. He does! But he also looks really good! I'm back! But only for about a week. These past few days were a good workshop; tomorrow it's back to "real work." Sigh.
  11. FYI, I'm out for a work trip until Wednesday night. I'll probably be able to catch up in the evenings, but past that...pretty much nada! So, merrieeee will be here to keep track of y'all this week (and maybe jmh123 will show up as well!). Be good and have fun!
  12. July 14 For some reason the picture doesn't automatically show on my Twitter feed, so I'm attaching.