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  1. Pictures from the luncheon on Saturday -- thanks to nickikiwi for allowing me to share them!
  2. playbill.com Clay Aiken Will Join Jackie Burns, Zach Adkins, More in Pittsburgh CLO’s Grease
  3. broadwayworld.com Clay Aiken, Zach Adkins, Jackie Burns and More Join GREASE at Pittsburgh CLO
  4. Fear and Twilight, thank you for the recaps! It sounds like it was a wonderful time.....
  5. Nice article in Broadway World about the Grease appearance: https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Clay-Aiken-Derek-Klena-Jackie-Burns-and-More-Join-GREASE-at-Pittsburgh-CLO-20190520
  6. See that “blank space” up earlier? “Video no longer available?” Well, the Project righted themselves! (In other words, it was originally on it’s side, and it’s not now...YAY!)
  7. From artquest at CV, used with permission. Interesting to learn more about Jerome!
  8. I think she did five total. Casey Grant also did a FB Live. Didn't get to watch per se, because DH and I are starting with the Marvel Universe movies, so I'm watching Iron Man. I'll make sure to watch all the Gala stuff later tonight!
  9. Fear, have a great time! Please send Clay and Jerome our love....