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  1. Sorry I haven't posted in a while...part of it was just trying to get back into the swing of things at work, part of just general malaise.

    The weather here has been all over.  One day it's almost 60 degrees, the next it's 20 and snowing.  Throw in some freezing rain once in a while too.

    ninna, I'm starting to be a real nervous Nelly regarding driving in snow, although for me, it's actually more about the walking to and from my car than anything else.  After having hip replacement surgery, I don't trust almost any pavement anymore.

    merrieeee, I don't quite know what to think regarding the whole royal thing.  I do think the British press has treated Meghan way more unfairly than any other royal in history.  I saw a FB post yesterday that compared headlines between something Kate did and the same thing that Meghan did, and it was eye-opening.  What I don't like about it was that they just kind of sprung it up on the rest of the family without consulting them.  :shrug:

  2. I keep a ton of email as well.  But I've been cleaning emails of a different sort -- I've been unsubscribing to MANY of the email lists I've ended up over the years.  With the new Apple watch, I was getting notifications every minute or so from my gmail account, and most of them were spammy type things.  So I've spend the past week or so either unsubscribing entirely, or saying "please send me one or two a month, rather than 3 a week."  Hopefully I'll catch all of them within a month's time!