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  1. It's been an interesting 24 hours at our house.  I was working my last day of work from home yesterday, and a storm blew through.  While not near us, there were a few quick tornado touchdowns in the area.  For us though -- 4 inches of rain!  We were at a deficit of moisture for the year, so it was welcome.  But then....a second storm blew through.  Another FIVE inches of rain, in just over an hour and a half!  Localized flash flooding everywhere, and with many friends suffering wet/flooded basements.  Again, thankfully -- not us!  I have today off, and I was going to pick up an online order at my local Kroger store.  Except, they called this morning -- they had flooding in the store, and weren't going to be open until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest!  Sigh.  So I went to Costco and bought way too much stuff.  Anyone need a few onions?