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  1. Clay and Ruben added to their Instagram story, tagging the places where they got their clothes. Clay's is from Mr. Turk -- which I believe was something else from a few days ago, but I don't remember what it was! https://www.mrturk.com/
  2. Clay's Instagram story worked! That's sooooooooooo cool! DSIAFCD from Today: https://www.today.com/video/clay-aiken-and-ruben-studdard-sing-don-t-save-it-all-for-christmas-day-1395968067643?fbclid=IwAR0exX5XY9c9yWuG99qwFGYJYmzHR4uQgmv6f4JwwIP0WoPvezoDLud-vpI And damn, I LOVE that jacket.
  3. The second link leads to this: http://www.playbill.com/article/go-inside-the-opening-night-of-ruben-studdard-and-clay-aikens-broadway-holiday-engagement, which includes even MORE pictures.
  4. Video of the Today Show: https://www.today.com/video/clay-aiken-and-ruben-studdard-on-reuniting-for-christmas-show-1395952707983
  5. https://www.theatermania.com/broadway/news/ruben-studdard-and-clay-aiken-opening-photos_87290.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=12dec2018 Good pictures here.
  6. They must have also done a few radio interviews yesterday. Saw a picture with a different DJ, and now this one (which includes the interview): https://litefm.iheart.com/featured/the-bob-and-christine-morning-show/content/2018-12-11-ruben-studdard-and-clay-aiken-are-heading-to-broadway-this-christmas/
  7. Another decent review. http://www.stagezine.com/ruben-clays-first-annual-christmas-show/
  8. New York Times review: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/11/theater/ruben-and-clay-review-ruben-studdard-clay-aiken-christmas.html?smid=tw-nytimesarts&smtyp=cur
  9. IMO, the reviews are surprisingly good, except for the one. That's pretty cool! Reading that Whoopi Goldberg is there as well, and Carrie Sheffield. Another article, not really a review. https://www.didhelikeit.com/shows/ruben-clays-first-annual-christmas-carol-family-fun-pageant-spectacular-reunion-show-reviews.html
  10. I DM'd Ken at the Ruben and Clay Instagram account, asking to see the pit area for tonight's show. He messaged back: "Who doesn't love Ben?" EEEEEEEE!
  11. Clay himself just tweeted and Instagrammed the picture above as well. Here's the tweet: Also, Ken Arpino has taken over the Ruben and Clay Instagram account. He's done two live videos so far, basically just to say he was doing these. Going to be going behind the scenes all day today!
  12. The way that's worded, I'm not sure if this will be on his Instagram or on the Ruben and Clay Instagram. Ken's: https://www.instagram.com/kenarpino/?hl=en Ruben and Clay's: https://www.instagram.com/rubenandclay/
  13. Theater Mania with pictures from the show: https://www.theatermania.com/broadway/news/ruben-studdard-and-clay-aiken-photos_87269.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=10dec2018