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  1. Thanks for the compliment on the banner. I love making things like these, and I thought that a good theme... Happy birthday to kimiye, who sometimes posts here!
  2. I’ve seen the answer elsewhere....and this was the night. *g*
  3. Clay was just on Instagram Live, doing “Somewhere Out There.” Very lovely. And he did “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” too. Missed the notification on that one, but just saw it. Also quite lovely!
  4. If I remember correctly, there should be something special coming up tonight....
  5. Better clack showed up yesterday...heh. Thanks for the good wishes RIFAN.
  6. There's some good clack over at CV. Just sayin'.
  7. Politicon is moving to Nashville this year, being held the last full weekend in October. I'm tempted....it's only 6 hours or so away, and my husband would love to peruse the musical instruments shops again. But, he still doesn't have a full job though -- several opportunities have arisen though, so if you can send any good thoughts/prayers our way, it would be appreciated. Anyway, I'm hoping that Politicon has another successful year!
  8. Those reviews are excellent! Although I'm not quite sure about Clay as Frank N Furter.... As promised, the recap from hosaa used with permission. The M&G picture is of her and siclayfan also with permission.
  9. broadwayworld.com BWW Review: Pittsburgh CLO's GREASE a Shoo-Be Doo-Wop She-Bop Good Time
  10. www.broadwayworld.com BWW Review: Pittsburgh CLO's GREASE Is Still the Word at Benedum Center
  11. Clayversity is REALLY having problems. I just saw on Facebook from dmom that the tech said they are having low memory problems, and will probably have to replace the RAM in their server. We'll keep you all posted!
  12. Clayversity has been up and down for the past 24 hours. There's a recap from yesterday's performance that I'm trying to get to, hopefully I can get to it soon!
  13. You know, as much as I love getting all the pictures of Clay from the Gala events, and recognizing friends in the crowd, I simply love this one.
  14. Gala Preparty pictures: Saturday Daytime events: Gala evening events:
  15. Weekend recaps from ncwannabe at CV, posted with permission.
  16. Supposedly the Clay radio interview is on now here: https://starpittsburgh.radio.com/shows/show-schedule/bubba-show-bubba-and-melanie-taylor