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  1. Clayzor, I ordered mine on a Monday, and it said it had shipped 2 days later. HOWEVER -- they use a weird shipping system, first through UPS and THEN through the postal service. I think my shirt came 9 days after I ordered it.
  2. From what I understand, pricing on Cafe Press is simply by the SHIRT. So, for example, I bought yesterday the white v-necked t-shirt, which is $15.95 (plus shipping). I then uploaded the graphics (one for the front, one for the back) at no extra charge. So there is no charges by the letter or anything like that. If you want one of these "I did Clay in Houston...blah blah blah" shirts, you need to PM YSRN and it sounds like she'll come up with a design for you. Then you just upload it in Cafe Press and pick your style of shirt.
  3. I know nothing about anything happening before the Frisco show. However, for the Houston show -- KAndre and the wonderfully glorious evil Houston Posse is planning a fantabulous party for FCA and CHers. The information is here. And for Tulsa, lulu0013 has posted information about their preparty here and here!
  4. One person's opinion here: I like the ellipsis with the phrase in the back -- totally agree with you on that one cindi. I don't believe "prove" needs to be italicized, though -- again, JMO. Finally, I do think the phrasing is good as is -- cindi's right in that the joke needs to play out accordingly. It was ME you can blame for being worried about copyright and trademark and all such s***, and I take it all back!
  5. First of all, I went back and doublechecked bottlecap's original suggestion, and it was worded "everything I have." For some reason, I remember her saying "everything I had." After doing a little research though -- song titles cannot be copyrighted. However, they CAN be trademarked. Two different things. I think we'll be OK with this, as long as TC doesn't get too hyped over them. But I'm not a lawyer either, I just do little bits of research.
  6. cindi, I like the red and black printing myself, but that's because they are my favorite colors in combination. I'll just invest in a new Clorox bleach pen to get rid of the coffee stains I'll inevitably get on the white shirt. *g* Just checking, though, with two more things -- in order to get around possible copyright violations, I think "a thousand different ways" shouldn't be capitalized. Also, "everything I have" should be "everything I had," both to get around copyright again, and also because I think "everything I had" fits grammatical tense correctly with the rest of the sentence (b
  7. Very cool Nicki! I've added you to the representing list!
  8. White, for me anyway, equals "coffee stains" or "chili dog stains." Not good for me. I'm like CG -- the black makes me look skinnier. And I wear all my Clay shirts out in public (all 20,000 of them)! I generally don't wear them to the concerts -- but during my travels before and after! Love all the work you've put into this cindilu2 -- fantastic job!
  9. cindilu2, I think one of the suggestions for that phrase (which is actually credited to bottlecap) was to put "I did Clay a thousand different ways, and gave him everything I had...." on the front, and then "...and I have the credit card bills to prove it!" on the back of the shirt. Does that help any?
  10. Cool pin design, and I can't wait to order more than a few! Also, I cannot wait order a t-shirt....or more than a few of those too! I'm so bad.
  11. I can add you claymates3, but your use of "our" suggests more people. Do these other people want to be on the representing list too?
  12. I really like this suggestion! Simple, straightforward, and yet with a sense of humor (the connection between the symphony and the musical terms is excellent!). Just my two cents.
  13. cindilu, I don't think it would be limiting. I know I bought several pins during the craze years that had the board names all over them. I think the idea is to make the pin unique to the FCA board. JMO.
  14. Are you dragging the entire eHP along with you? If you can let me know, I'd appreciate it. And where's the bungee jumping? :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  15. OOooo, I like the first one of cindilu's 2 designs. While the flames are a nice touch, it does make the pin harder to read. Clay's dual nature? BWAHAHAHAH!
  16. Who? If they haven't PM'd me or posted in this post, I don't know who they would be. I tried my best to get information in the "Who is going where" thread, but Philly was one of the sparse ones. I'm trying!
  17. Thank you all for your PM's and posts regarding your concert attendance! I wish I could see all of you, but alas, only two concerts for me! Nobody from here going to Atlanta?
  18. From what I can gather from the "Who is Going Where" thread, plus my own personal knowledge in a few instances, here is a list of FCA members attending the 2007 Symphony Tour. If you name is not on this list, or if I have you down for a show that you're NOT attending, please PM me and I'll make changes to the list. 07/04/07 Frisco, TX Claygasm clayismynumber1 djs111 KAndre Karen Eh? keepingfaith merrieee muskifest Okie4Clay playbiller Scarlett Solo 07/06/07 Houston, TX Claygasm clayismynumber1 djs111 KAndre Karen Eh? keepingfaith ldyjocelyn merrieee muskifest Okie4Cla
  19. Ansa, are there supposed to be images in your post?
  20. I love this idea. BUt don't you have to order like 100 pins? Could we get rid of 100 pins? How hot and heavy is the pin trade? In the old days, I think 100 pins would have been gone in a flash. Not sure about in today's market. I'd buy at least 3 though, just for myself. Especially for those who are doing multiples. They would be cheaper than t-shirts, I would assume. That was my thinking too. If the "A Thousand Different Ways" weren't capitalized I can't imagine there would be legal problems. I doubt he has copyrighted those individual words and if they aren't in caps the
  21. Here's my ideas: 1) I think the "2007: The Summer FCA Did Clay" would make a faboo pin for our board. 2) I think buttons for each individual concert would be best for the fans who want representation for their particular shows. 3) I think a generic shirt, with "I did Clay a Thousand Different Ways, and I gave him everything I had..." would be the best bet. (I'd also suggest that "And I've got the credit cards to prove it!" go on the back of the shirt, if that can be done.) I do wonder if that one might cause some legal problems though, because of using the title of the album and one o
  22. Would it be helpful if someone (probably me) compiled a list of who is going to each show, that could then be stickied at the top of this thread?
  23. OK, it's pretty official for me. I'm going to Houston (have my ticket for that one) and will be buying for Tulsa as well. The eHP is adopting me for the weekend. I'm stocking up on bling right now.