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    From the album: My pictures

  2. I'm not from there, but my husband is, and we visit there all the time. If I remember correctly, the arena is downtown. If you're staying downtown, they have a train that goes back and forth from downtown to the Mall of America. I can't remember how much it costs for a trip, though. And the Mall of America is a fantastic place to get lost in....IMO. I personally like Lego World. I really wish my schedule could clear and I could attend these shows, but both hubby and I have to work that week right before Christmas; we'll be going to Minneapolis to visit his family during Christmas week.
  3. You rang? Yeah, I saw these the other day and thought "selling a Clay coloring book could be cool..." We'd have to get permission from the photographers, and then permission from the BAF to use Clay's image. I also have no idea how much it would cost to have the images photocopied and bound (I was thinking spiral binding) at Kinkos. Should I take this discussion to the BAF thread?
  4. cha cha, I'm going to print this thread out and try it later this weekend!
  5. 1) Does it matter if we have Photoshop Elements rather than full-blown Photoshop? 2) I know how to crop pictures; I know how to resize pictures. But what I don't know is how to get more than one picture into these wallpapers! I know it has to do with layers, but that confuses me every.single.time. Thanks cha cha!
  6. From the CH via the Clayboard: Link to ticket ordering page vie Tickets Omaha There's still nothing on the OFC about this show, however. *sigh*
  7. When you decide, just let me know, 'k? Come to Merrillville, you know you want to...
  8. Woohoo!!!! couchie's coming to Merrillville!!! I'm gonna see couchie again! And she can meet my hubby!!!!! Oh yeah, and she'll be seeing that Clay guy too! If I hear of anything, I'll keep you in mind couchie. I'm planning on trying to do upgrade tango for this show....
  9. If you're attending any or all of the shows in this thread, please post in this thread. I will update this post constantly! Wichita, KS -- Nov. 26 Bookwhore friendofclay Gibby Jamar1700 jumpingjacks Meesa PuddinsJoy windstar2 (?) St. Louis, MO -- Nov. 27 atinal + 1 ldyjocelyn South Bend, IN -- Nov. 28 Karen Eh? rohdy Waukegan, IL -- Nov. 29 canuck2010 friendofclay headoverheels Karen Eh? merrieeee nicki503 princess1301 + mom Scarlett Windtalker Kalamazoo, MI -- Nov. 30 bottlecap canuck2010 cindilu2 crimsonice disneykid friendofclay gbmifan + 1 goldarngirl he
  10. One stop information for this show... Venue: Star Plaza Theatre with more information about Clay's show here. Online tickets through Ticketmaster Star Plaza Seating Chart Ticketmaster Seating Chart Venue capacity is 3400.
  11. Venue: Orchestra Hall with more information on Clay's show here. Online ticket orders Order tickets by mail, fax, phone, or box office Seating Chart Venue capacity is 2450.
  12. liney, it has to do with timing. Anyone who registered with FCA before the beginning of July 2007, the board name and homeboard fields were not required. After that time frame, though -- the admins made an executive decision to require this information. Our reason? It was strictly to eliminate those spam-bot registrants -- those that like to register and then post links to "buy VIAGRA now" in a thread. I would venture a guess that anyone who registered before that cutoff date who now goes into their profile to edit will probably be given the "you must fill this in or ELSE!" message.
  13. Well, that's what I did with the last Christmas tour -- I had my recommendation up 2 weeks before the DCAT tour, I believe. That's why I'm only volunteering for one song. If I do any more, I'll be doing this until 2010. I also think that maybe we should wait about a week or so to let the last clack flow in. There's still stuff appearing from the California shows at this point. And then, we need to make sure Scarlett gets her stuff in too!
  14. Clayzor, I ordered mine on a Monday, and it said it had shipped 2 days later. HOWEVER -- they use a weird shipping system, first through UPS and THEN through the postal service. I think my shirt came 9 days after I ordered it.
  15. From what I understand, pricing on Cafe Press is simply by the SHIRT. So, for example, I bought yesterday the white v-necked t-shirt, which is $15.95 (plus shipping). I then uploaded the graphics (one for the front, one for the back) at no extra charge. So there is no charges by the letter or anything like that. If you want one of these "I did Clay in Houston...blah blah blah" shirts, you need to PM YSRN and it sounds like she'll come up with a design for you. Then you just upload it in Cafe Press and pick your style of shirt.
  16. I know nothing about anything happening before the Frisco show. However, for the Houston show -- KAndre and the wonderfully glorious evil Houston Posse is planning a fantabulous party for FCA and CHers. The information is here. And for Tulsa, lulu0013 has posted information about their preparty here and here!
  17. One person's opinion here: I like the ellipsis with the phrase in the back -- totally agree with you on that one cindi. I don't believe "prove" needs to be italicized, though -- again, JMO. Finally, I do think the phrasing is good as is -- cindi's right in that the joke needs to play out accordingly. It was ME you can blame for being worried about copyright and trademark and all such s***, and I take it all back!
  18. First of all, I went back and doublechecked bottlecap's original suggestion, and it was worded "everything I have." For some reason, I remember her saying "everything I had." After doing a little research though -- song titles cannot be copyrighted. However, they CAN be trademarked. Two different things. I think we'll be OK with this, as long as TC doesn't get too hyped over them. But I'm not a lawyer either, I just do little bits of research.
  19. cindi, I like the red and black printing myself, but that's because they are my favorite colors in combination. I'll just invest in a new Clorox bleach pen to get rid of the coffee stains I'll inevitably get on the white shirt. *g* Just checking, though, with two more things -- in order to get around possible copyright violations, I think "a thousand different ways" shouldn't be capitalized. Also, "everything I have" should be "everything I had," both to get around copyright again, and also because I think "everything I had" fits grammatical tense correctly with the rest of the sentence (b