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  1. Yum. Super yum. Yummy with a cherry on top. I've got to go to bed. But I'll be sweet dreaming about a wonderful man. ETA: From the CH and Starhorse at CV. Too funny.
  2. Yep, almost all of him is soft. Except for...well, never mind. On that note...I want to thank you all for attending the party this evening! I had a blast, even if it was early for Christmas music. *hands shiv back to KAndre* Don't forget, AIW listening party on December 8!!!!!!
  3. I think he may have slowed it down in concert a touch. To me, I just love the idea of Clay asking me this question. And then I feel faint. And I have parts that shudder.
  4. I guess I just accept those EEEEE's as Clay's quirk in singing, and can get past them easily. Yes, very adult song. *g* I loved how he pulled people out of the audience in 2004 to sing this song. That was such a thrill. And then, last year, at the last show...wow, that would have been soo cool to have been there for that.
  5. Now this...this...I swooned at first listen. I still swoon today. I'm swooning now. I love this song, and his version. Such a classy way to end this CD. It's so romantic, and something that can get played the week AFTER Christmas. *sigh*
  6. I guess EVERYONE sings it "coffee" except for me and Clay. EEEE! We have a connection! What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?
  7. Atinal is a bad, bad girl. I love her. *g* I'm very glad that my only performance of the JNT was about 30 rows away from the stage. I really got a good view of the entire proceedings, and that made me focus on the entire show, rather than just Clay. Good perspective. I loved that show. Pop, pop, pop...
  8. Man, I'm torn on this one. He's very "lounge lizard" on this one, IMO...but it really works. I mean that as a compliment. At the same time...the version he sang in concert (which was almost twice the speed, hee) was so much fun. And remember the controversy of the lyrics about "turkey and pumpkin pie?" Those were the lyrics I knew... KAndre knows me too well. That skeers me.
  9. I don't notice those, but his hard RRRRR's bother me a lot. Maybe we could start a vocal coaching service for Clay? Hee. I like shiv's. Thank's KAndre.
  10. Hee...well my first shudder was couchie's mention of that TERM, but I know what other kind of shudder you're talking about tooo. *g* This song needed more ooomph for me, don't know what though.
  11. Yeah, Ansa and KAndre, he sings it pretty, to a point. But it's not my favorite either. "The work?" I'm gonna shoot you couchie for bringing it up as that term. Shudder. Five minutes to next song!
  12. This one...I was not familiar with at all. This has could have gotten maudlin, IMO, but in Clay's hands, it's a very touching story. And making it the basis of the show last year just makes it even better for me now.
  13. It bears repeating!! Who sang the original of this. This is a Celine Dion song. My brother the conservative Christian loves this one too. The only thing we have in common. *g*
  14. Five minutes to next song! And I just changed my cellphone ringtone to this today.... Still kills me thinking about all his "oh, baby that's a fact" and then his cracking up afterwards. The screams that would get!
  15. BWAH! Where's the high find?!?!?! Oh yeah, live version. I actually really like the way he hits the glory note better in the live version...with letting the background singers hit the notes first before the key change.
  16. After the regularly scheduled programming, OK? Personally, I'll be playing WAYDNYE long after the chat tonight is over...*g*
  17. But remember the excitement when the record came out over this song, and the glory note? And I was one who didn't like the glory note on the record...hee. I much prefer the live versions of this...and the playful ways he would do "oh baby that's a fact..."
  18. Deeper, yes. Slower, no. I think the tempo on this one works on record better, honestly. But lower it a half key and I'm happy! Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day Sorry gang, we'll only get to listen to this one twice...it's a long song!
  19. Ooooo, I like that idea. Deep voice Clay is super sexy!
  20. Sorry, OK!?!?!? I know it's before Thanksgiving, but after turkey day is all the Christmas concerts, alright? No one would want to do the party at that time.... He slowed this one way down in concert. I think I like the peppier version of the record. Not quite as jazzy, though. And I agree with everyone else -- Nat's version is number 1 still. But Clay gives it a good shot. Have I mentioned that I love his voice throughout this album?!?!?
  21. But, but, but...what about WAYDNYE?!?!?! THAT's a closer. More on that later. *g* The Christmas Song