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  1. I see on a different board that someone fairly new here didn't register her birthday...so happy birthday NCDonna! :00003653: I don't think it's short-sighted at all. Personally...I'm one who couldn't stand the audition processes in season 2, let alone the seasons afterwards. I'm one of those people who cannot bear to watch people humiliated in any way, shape or form, and if I get the feeling that people are laughing AT people, rather than WITH them, I'm out of there. I've always felt this way -- it bugged me even when Johnny Carson would bring on someone with some strange talent. I
  2. Doing a search on the word "thumbprint" in the Fast Forward News Section of FCA, I find this, taken from the MTV.com inteview on September 22, 2006: So I'd say yeah, people are calling "bullshit" on something he said in a freakin' interview. But ya know, I guess he was forced to say that too.... It took me a minute to get past a few obvious errors in the beginning paragraph, but really -- the entire interview is good, the interviewer seemed to have respect for Clay. Which, of course, makes perfect sense to Pod People across the fandom. Me? I know isn't that neat. He real
  3. I could think of a few products he could sell.... I guess I've never thought of Clay as the type to want to shill products. He doesn't seem very materialistic to me, and pushing a particular product, IMO, would feed into the materialism. I actually think he's much happier doing UNICEF spots, and other ads for children's causes. I've seen a few of the questions asked in that thread now too...and they actually kinda frighten me. If the religion questions could be asked less "devoutly," I'd probably be OK with them...but they seem worded as if he's got to answer a specific way. Besides
  4. ITA couchie. It's just got to be rather strange for him to read posts ABOUT him. I would hope that in 3 years though, that he's learned to pick out the good stuff and forget the rest...or else give the speculation people a smackdown in his own blog. I don't spend time over at the OFC -- I think I've got 2 posts there total. Is the place a bit saner since the previous incarnation of the message board? I had heard at one point that it had gotten much better, but that was a few months ago. Just curious. merrieeee, glad I could help.... Ansa's hooked! Hee. When you've got the seductive f
  5. I think that's the stations that get called "Hot Adult Contemporary" anymore. I'm hoping that Clay will show up on that format, but I don't think it's likely with ATD. I can hope, though... That is one piece of clack I cannot stop watching. I downloaded it to the laptop, it's still on my DVR (and it will take a LONG time for that to be deleted), and I have it on my desktop computer besides. He was just so adorable that day, and watching him flirt up a storm with Tyra was incredible. And besides....it has inspired a great little story....thanks muski.... Hey! Did we lose the limit
  6. Apologies for not getting in here in the past 3 days. Been busy, so I'm going to be doing some catchup posts here... 18 Bono mentions in the past three days, between blogs and news items. Most fairly random, but here are a few of note. Would you go to a church service featuring the music of U2? I would, but then I’m a fan, and I’m a semi-regular churchgoer too. Anyway, a church is trying it. Found a blog called “Quit Blaspheming Yahweh, U2!” While I cannot tell if this blogger is a “fan” or not, it really reminded me of the conflict some had (and maybe still have) with Clay vs. very co
  7. I know two others have quoted this already. I just thought it needed to be seen one.more.time. Now I know why I feel comfortable posting here! As for being obsessed and thinking about Clay all the time...no not me! First of all, LURVE the obsessive fan emoticon. That's so true.... ...and it kind of ties into my next thought. Here we are talking about seeing a movie, or TV show, or hearing a song, and thinking of Clay. I find that a fun form of obsession. But I've observed what seems to be what I call "carryover" obsession. It seems to me that some in the fandom are just
  8. Just bopping in while hubby's cake is baking.... :F_05BL17blowkiss: gma23boys, glad to see you posting! OK, cake almost done....gotta see what you guys did to the last thread though.... ETA after reading the last thread....for those wanting just picture avatars, photobucket has made it incredibly easy. When you upload the picture to your photobucket account, look for the "Uploading options" link directly underneath where you would tell the account where the photo is located on your computer. One of the choices is "avatar." Select your option FIRST, before uploading the picture. Photo
  9. Don't look at me. I'm going to have fun with all these.... I really like this one at the moment... :garfieldodie-grouphug: Anywho....it's my husband's birthday this weekend, and we just got back from this: and this: We went to see "Night at the Museum." Just to show that I can connect almost anything to Clay Aiken, there were two times during the movie I was reminded of him. At one point, one of the characters says that something could be "problematic." I was immediately reminded of Clay saying that during his last Kimmel appearance. And then, at the end of the movie, they pl
  10. And to me as well. I did wonder if the editing put a few quotes together that weren't really connected in the actual interview, but the more I read it, the more it seemed to me that Clay really is dealing quite well with the way his career is going at the moment. BTW, with that inteview...I really :::heart::: Ruben. To quote Huey Lewis, "yes it's true, I am happy to be stuck with you..." I'm so very glad you're around...you brighten the world here, IMO. To me, the feelings in so many kind of miss the entire point of the fandom. It doesn't seem FUN to them, and that makes me sad.
  11. Abso-fuckin-lutely! Now, I have to admit there are times when I've got to see what a particular Google alert says, or how they frame it. But for the most part, I can tell which ones I need to give hits, which ones don't. I don't feel the need to read every single thing with the words "Clay Aiken" in them, and I think that would help a lot if people got over that addiction. Does he really get an unusually high number of negative articles or are "we" just hypersensitive to anything about Clay that is maybe perceived as negative? Isn't this kind of the reason why we're doing the Google
  12. That's kind of the point of this thread -- what do YOU think he meant? How does his quotes work for YOUR life? Don't be afraid to tell us.... I would say that one thing I believe Clay probably learned AFTER writing this blog, and reading responses...is that he will never get through to some people. *g*
  13. As a PBS special maybe, but Clay is NOTHING like those two in style and I am afraid people will just lump them together if they appear together. But then again, if it got Clay on my TV looking hot, I would take it! I could always mute the Josh/Buble parts. But see, even Michael and Josh are NOTHING alike, IMO. I like Michael (not enough to see him live, but enough to buy his CD, and thought his TV special on PBS was great), and tolerate Josh (I actually think he's funny, but his music does nothing for me). I tend to agree with Ansa -- I think it would be fun to see the three of them tog
  14. BWAH! Good one Clay! Hee. You know...I think Clay enjoyed making Kristy's day, week and month with this appearance. It made his friend go crazy, so he was happy to do it. More power to him, and to her as well. ergo...if Muski's a Claymate, he'd do a concert for her, too! And those that hate the Claymate moniker would be SOL. Right? So yeah, I think your logic works muski...
  15. Hee, one already did (and NO, it wasn't me). They said they don't have anything scheduled past May. So false alarm. Not surprised at all. I'm also waiting for some people to start buying tickets to each and every episode of "The View" from now until May, just so they can be sure to be in the front row for Clay's rumored appearance. Yes, I'm still saying rumored -- the blog mention intrigues me, and having AH pick it up makes it more confirmed in my eyes. And yes, I laugh that this is making news already. But I'm still waiting to see it either on The View's website, or else from TC.
  16. strummer, I'll add to the "bow before you club" for your entire post. But OK, I need musical history lesson -- Homme? That's the one name on the list I can't place. I personally think that Clay would do a fabulous job producing an album of him playing the spoons. It would sell 20 gazillion copies, and he would become world renowned for his skills. And it would make the fandom spontaneously combust, because he uses soup spoons and not teaspoons, as they want him to. The man is full of surprises. THANK GOD! I honestly think that's why I'm still here..he's so damn surprising.
  17. Do we have a cold shower emoticon? Or even a warm shower emoticon? I also second the idea of the eye rolling one, and also the head banging one. How about a nauseous one (as in "I think I'm going to be sick...)? Other than that....nuthin'. *waves at NCDonna*
  18. 4 news articles on Harrison Ford today. One a passing mention from an interview with Ewan MacGreggor ("I made more money on one Star Wars film than Harrison and Mark Hamill did combined on the first film"). Also, Chicago magazine is doing a feature on what Chicago-area celebrities looked like in high school, and HF's picture will be involved. 5 blog articles for Bono and the boys, one a quite comprehensive history of him and the group. The others were passing mentions.
  19. *shouts "Thank you" to stitchie for her writings* If that's what you come up without having too much coffee -- I may have to hide your coffee stash. OTOH, as a person who lives with a coffee addict, that's probably not a good idea, eh? couchie, I think your answers pretty much mirror mine, although I always thought that when Clay said something, we needed to take the square root of Pi and then add the number of years difference between your birth year and Clay's to get what he really said. Smut, snark, love for Clay Aiken -- gosh, what a novel concept. Number 10 on that list though -
  20. Yep, I really like this too -- although I'm still kinda in love with "Boyfriend has body and sheen, y'all" from strummer. Maybe we could combine them: Reflect, Renew, Rejoice because Boyfriend has body and sheen, y'all! Hee. I actually thought about that....and then maybe we could add "Lather, Rinse, Repeat..." Play, please tell me you're kidding! Not "Christian" enough for him? People have to pass a "Christian" test to work with Clay or be his friend??? Now that is scary! *insert major eye roll here* I am a Christian (although the way I enjoy smut around here, you prob
  21. Man, I need to stop going to bed so early...all the good smut comes out after midnight. Of course, that means I wake up with a smile on my face. For those interested, here is the KUDL playing of ATD, with intro. (YouSendIt file) The DJ gushes over Clay. Ya gotta like that. I've still got a smile on my face from the news about The View. He'll do wonderfully. Yep, I really like this too -- although I'm still kinda in love with "Boyfriend has body and sheen, y'all" from strummer. *big squishes to atinal* I may be trying to see you soon....
  22. And I so wanted to be able to post so I could add....And please let him wear very tight pants so he can show his very big Waldo! You mean...he's gotten over his fear of cats and will be visiting you soon to take Waldo with him? YAY!!! I like GBB's idea of him talking politics....but he can show his big brain with a LOT of topics, not just politics. I wouldn't be surprised if he talks a lot about his UNICEF experiences if there's anything in the news about it at the time he hosts.
  23. Not much in the Harrison Ford/Bono/Alicia Keyes world today. Mostly just random mentions. But this joke about Bono came through twice:
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