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  1. I love that entire clip...he talks with such ease about this album and what it means to him. "His thumbprint is all over it." LOVE that. What's the song he seems to be singing with the guy with the guitar (not Andy, looks like it might be a producer...)? That will be the next big mystery for the Clay Aiken fans to figure out... Must watch a few more times. The ending with WISYS kills me...what a look on that man.
  2. And no wonder some of his FRIENDS didn't even recognize him... Man, I love looking at comparison pictures like that. He really has "grown into himself," hasn't he? (Yes, I know that was smut....but hell, when you're looking at these pictures, the smut just flows. Can't help it...) His maturity and confidence shine in these new pictures, IMO. I think I need another cold shower.
  3. Morning ladies... Just a quick message to let you know that the honeymoon last night, with those two pictures, was OUTSTANDING. I'm spent. muski, I took your suggestions to heart...and tugging is good.
  4. I'm marrying these two pictures later on this evening. I don't care if polygamy is legal or not in this instance... Good Lord that man is hawt. H-A-W-T. Cigarettes, anyone? And if I ever run into a hobo that looks like this...Well, I think I'd be saying goodbye to my job and my husband toot sweet. bottlecap, no one called me either. I thought people liked us two... :o What's your phone number? Can you do text messages on your cell?
  5. Well, this weekend is the time when the Simply Clay board is doing it...and it might not be nice to step on their toes, per se. Maybe we could, instead of doing it over one weekend, do it on two consecutive Friday nights? Friday nights are good for me; my husband is usually tired from the workweek and doesn't like to go anywhere else, so I could spend the time on my computer. How does that work for everyone else? Maybe Oct. 20 and 27? Mods, please consult; I'd be willing to coordinate this for the FCA. My guess is the panic attacks and his using Paxil. It would be kinda cool if he also rants and raves about the tabloids, but he might be through with that topic. That's EXACTLY the way I've always pictured this as well...especially after hearing his words in that OFC video. "My fans have been waiting for a year and a half now..." And it just makes sense to me for the push to continue on through 1) the premiere of AI; and 2) Valentine's Day. BWAH!!!!! And EWWWW! I think this was only speculation early on, because people who watched the show regularly knew that Regis always takes Friday off. So, nothing "official" was announced, but the rumors looked pretty darn good. *dies* That would be my dream. Very frustrating, and stupid, IMO. I don't know what's up with these stores, but I sure wish they would get clues. One more thought: I've always wondered if that footage we've seen of Clay performing the songs off the album might not show up as a DVD in the near future. We can only hope, right? BTW, bottlecap, your reference was correct. DS9!
  6. Man, I feel like Odo after looking at that closeup. Gah. Raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about with that reference... Here's an idea for an organized time-waster. I've ripped the idea off another board I've started hanging on, called Simply Clay. They are having a "listening party" for ATDW. Their idea is that over two nights, the entire group would listen to the album. They are organizing it so that everyone plays the first track, RHW, for 15 minutes on loop, and discuss. Then a signal is given, and everyone moves to track 2, LNM. They are planning to do the first eight tracks the first night (for a 2 hour listening party), and then the final 6 tracks plus the two bonus tracks for the second night (again, another 2 hours). It sounds kinda fun to me. What do you all think?
  7. Um...where the hell did that come from? And man, is he cute or what? OK, I'll agree to the barely legal thing...but still. YAY!!! This is very cool. I'll celebrate that!
  8. Heh...I used to be like that (although I'm central time zone). 10:00 p.m. -- out like a light. Since becoming a Clay fan...I'm up until at least 11:00, frequently past that. But I still wish they'd post something for us early people. Post something at, say, 4:00 a.m. PDT. That would make both of us happy, right? Love the new appearances scheduled. The AMA one makes me especially happy. I also simply love some of the friends I've made in this fandom. I stayed away from the other board all night last night...but still knew about everything posted at the OFC, due to friends IMing or emailing me. Gotta love it. (Still haven't checked the other board either...may not; I like it here). Don't forget about it getting "more and more absurd" as well. That's so very true too. I hear ya Clay.
  9. Sometimes?!?!? Only sometimes?!?!? I guess that's just me then. *g* Or maybe not...because as Ansa says: There are some fans who think that since "insert company or person's name here is a nincompoop who can't do their job correctly," they must do it for them. Sorry, the business world doesn't work like that. I bet they followed their children all around too, making sure that the teachers gave their kids all A's, even if their work was D level. Let's see...topics du jour for today. I'll take Clay, stubble or no. If he's a hobo, he's certainly a well dressed one lately. Ooooh, I know...a shaving scene. Imagine hot lather...and a shaving brush...and...uh...uh... What was I saying? Claygasm, I agree that he deserves better...but I also know that these things happen. It's just sad that Clay's caught in the middle a bit. But then I tell myself that's Clay's a grown man, and he certainly doesn't need me protecting him. He'll learn his lessons.
  10. Not tired of the animations AT ALL! Thank you bottlecap! I can hear the prrrrring sound effect now... BTW, just rewatched the performance of ATD on Martha. He's still so handsome, and that camera person needs an Oscar for their camera work. I also noticed that Angela is looking mighty fine!
  11. *smack* Owww..that actually hurt a little. *g* But back atcha...dude. Men. Harumph. BWAH! What a wonderful analogy..and so very true. No one said this would be easy; never expected it to, actually. And I don't think Clay did either...he knew he was going to be playing with the big boys this time around, and I personally think he's got his head on straight (while standing up for what he believes in) right about now with expectations and such. It's the FANS that I see that are having a hard time adjusting. He's not always going to be handed things on a silver platter anymore. I can deal with it, but there's going to be some bumps along the way.
  12. Ansa, that's a good point about being addicted to the drama, and you're probably right about that. I was also thinking about how the creativity used to just flow out of Clay fans...photoshops, song parodies, stories (not fan-fic, per se), and the like. What happened? Unfortunately, I'm not a photoshop person, and every time I've tried to write something I end up getting frustrated. But I can try, and I can try to find other people who would be willing to help. A new banner contest would be good. I like the banner here, but it doesn't reflect Clay's new look anymore. What to do? Well, off to work. I'll try to come up with more later....
  13. Bolding mine. Could this be the problem...there's not enough new clack? I've actually thought this a long time now, that the "addictive" nature of clack (actually how it got its name) is really part of the problem. People are seeming to need more and more hits, and they need bigger sustains too. Right now, people have burned through the clack we've gotten in the past few weeks, or it wasn't satisfactory to them. Therefore, angst. I personally love all the clack, and go back to watch the old as well as keep up with the new. IF Clay gave it up tomorrow, I'd have a lovely time going back through all my clack collection. But then that's just me.
  14. Oh man, yeah. I think this would be sooooo wonderful....and I've thought that for a LONG time. I remember when the news came out about his trademarking "Every Day with Clay Aiken," and the drama that ensued on at least one board afterwards. (I don't get out much to other boards, so I'm speaking from limited experience here...) I've always thought that a talk show would be perfect for him. The man is smart, funny, quick, and just doggone it, nice. He could sing, he could cook (more pineapple salad bottlecap? ), he could do all kinds of things, and I think he'd gain a bunch of new fans. IMO, probably more than a radio hit single could (although that could go either way). {{{{{{{{{{{couchie and Mom}}}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{muski}}}}}}}}}}}}}} May both you ladies continue to find peace somehow. We'll be with you.
  15. Ansa, I love you! Your attitude, as well as almost everyone else's here, is exactly the reason why I love this place. As much as I think the relationship between RCA and Clay is a bit hinky...it's not my job to try to do RCA's job, IMO. My job as a fan is to watch, swoon, buy, and just enjoy. I know there are personalities out there that just can't do that (those infamous Type A's, I guess), but I find it frustrating that they cannot see how much simple enjoyment I get out of watching and listening to Clay. The other thing I keep remembering is that Clay is a man. For God's sake, he's almost 28 years old...and sometimes I feel some fans can't see that. Gotta protect him, for some reason. I'll never understand that, because he IS almost 28, and also for the fact that I just simply don't know the man. My computer is back up and running, with sound! Would you believe, after trying everything under the sun, including a complete reinstall of Windows, that the culprit was a bad plug-in on the power strip? It wasn't delivering enough power to the power supply to run the sound card and speakers correctly! My husband had just installed a new power supply for me, and when he finished, he plugged it in to a different plug. *insert head banging against the wall sounds here* So anyway, my husband says a reinstall of Windows is a good thing. Heh...funny he should say that, because I'm now here updating all my software (we made an image of my computer a year ago, but had a LOT of new stuff installed, or updates done, since then...), while he's off enjoying himself. I think I need to watch the Martha clack again...
  16. *knock, knock...is this thing on? play, I think I'm in the top 50 posters on the CH. I am however weening myself a bit, and trying to post more here. Let's just say my blood pressure doesn't rise here as it sometimes does elsewhere. *g* I totally forgot about watching LKL again last night; I should have as well, because my husband has indicated an interest in seeing that interview, and I haven't had the chance to show him yet. I think my favorite little bit is when they show him on LKL in 2003 side-by-side with him appearing in 2006, and him figuring out that. It was so cute. My sound problems with my computer have not been resolved, even with a week's work on it from my husband. Therefore, he's going to blow my Windows XP out of the water and reinstall. Don't worry, my clack is on other partitions of the drives, or on externals. The important stuff is safe. However, I'll be spending most of the afternoon reinstalling programs, setting up cookies, importing my email...it's gonna be a long day.
  17. Morning everyone! I was at a work cocktail party for my husband's workplace last night. Then we had to watch this week's Lost (another mind-blower). Then, I went to bed. My cold has turned into a "water faucet coming from my nose" type of thing, and I've had 3 Actifeds in the past 24 hours. Not good. Therefore, I didn't get to watch Martha until this morning. Lorrrrd Jesus, that man looked fine. He was so cute with his Granny -- it seemed like there were three cooks battling for control in that kitchen, and I think Granny won. As far as ATD goes...wow. Nice changeups all over the place. And I want to give that camerperson a big ole kiss for all the closeups. Clay is still the master of the eyef**k, that's for darn sure. I'm spent...and it's just 8:00 in the morning. I'll try to go that site later today and ask a question or two or ten.
  18. I simply LURVE fresh pineapple. The sweetness is just perfect. I also do really liked canned pineapple from time to time. My favorite in that regard is a sliced pineapple ring with cottage cheese. On the other end of the spectrum, my Mom used to put crushed pineapple in lime or lemon jello and call it a salad. Ick. But then, I've never considered jello a salad, while that's a standard thing to my mom. My mom and I have never agreed much on cooking though. I think what turns me off of this recipe is the fact that it's supposed to be served HOT. Blech, ick, barf. But Clay will still be totally cute cooking. Just wish he was sharing his mac and cheese recipe instead. Oh wait, I guess cooking from the Kraft box mix doesn't count.
  19. Doesn't she though? And that Clay guy? Um...yeah...he's cuter than a bug's patootie. (Mixing my Rosie metaphors here...*g*) I'm with you on that. Anytime anyone puts pineapple on my ham, I turn away in disgust. I've never been a fan of hot fruit at all. Pie? Only if it is served cold. Sweet and sour? Ick. This is one recipe from Clay I'll be skipping. ITA. You're sweet and cheerful and doggone it, good enough. There. Now stay home and get that clack up on the board toot sweet. I love hearing him talk, even if he has a cold. (Hey, I have a cold right now...we have a con.nec.tion!) He's so humble, and I love that. And I think he could have squeezed in a few more OMG's if he tried real hard. Ooo, oo, Mr. Kotter -- ME! I missed you! {{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}} Went to 2 different WalMart's last night. The first was the big success...for just as I entered the electronics department, Clay was on all the TV's! It was the beginning of the soundscan interview, and he still looked good and sounded great. Hee. Regis & Kelly scheduled for Nov. 17, according to the fan club. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Some are speculating that Regis usually takes Friday's off; so could Clay co-host? And wouldn't that be a blast?!?!?
  20. Martha promo screen caps (clickable): Good guh, he kills me. Cooking and Clay? Be still my hot ovens. couchie, I'm curious about your reactions to the bonus songs too. Where's muski? I miss her...
  21. I like that last update...almost 50,000 copies sold with not even half reporting. I'm crossing my fingers that he makes the 100,000 mark. Won't be crying in my beer if he doesn't though. Hey! Beer for everybody! :bier:
  22. Oh that is so adorable. He is so adorable. I wuv him. I went to a meeting for the entire day. An hour and a half in the car to the meeting; the same coming back. I've now internalized ATDW. Gah, what an album. My favorite section (at the moment, it will probably change in 5 minutes) is the ending of LNM, what with 5 different Clay's wailing at the same time. Flove that. Got home. Fixed dinner. Ate dinner in the computer room (isn't that where everyone eats dinner?). Smell something burning. "Honey, something's burning, and I think it's my computer." Sure enough, my power supply is frying. So, what happens? My husband and I leave the house at 6:45 p.m. He heads to Circuit City for a new power supply; I head to WalMart for a private concert. Good God, that was powerful watching the soundcheck on a 42 inch TV screen. I'm kinda glad no one else was around all that much, because I made some gutteral noises at least a few times. OTOH, watching this while "Clean up in Electronics" over the loudspeakers was kinda not good. I guess I see the stock issues as a local problem -- I think many of these people who work at these stores just don't care about the music, don't want to be dealing with stocking CD's all the time. I also see the stock issues as a GOOD problem...because I think then the album's selling. Sure, they need to restock...but I guess I'm just not all that worried either. And...gasp...playbiller went to a WalMart?!?!?! Sacrificing political beliefs for Clay. Tsk Tsk. KAndre, loved your recap. ITA with you on the ballads thing...he's awesome at them, and he knows it. I think he can "rock" too, and hope he gets to show that sometime as well. But he loves him some ballads too. I personally will take Clay Aiken any way I can. In the past week, I've heard the originals for RHW, BYLM, and IWTKWLI. Now there's no contest...Clay rules.
  23. bottle, those pics are to die for! I'm loving both of them for totally different reasons...first one is the slyest look I've ever seen from him, while the second one just simply cracks me up. Also, that pale white leg is blinding. I'm in a workshop all day today, and gotta run. Have fun y'all.
  24. Claygasm, is the only reason you haven't seen the soundcheck is because you're on a Mac? Because it is still available at the WalMart website. I've heard rumors that this clack will be available soon...and then maybe it will be converted for a Mac. Bolding names is a good thing...
  25. Man, I was going to offer individual hugs to people...but geez, it sounds like we're all a pretty sad lot at the moment. {{{{{{{{{{{{{FCA board}}}}}}}}}}}}} I do hope muski is OK, but if she wants to jump Clay's bones...heh. Larry King was a great interview, IMO. Yes, play, LK was a bit pushy and "rude" as it were....but I really expected that from. It's kind of his stock in trade. I've seen other LKL interviews lately, and he was much more "on the ball" than some of them. I personally think Larry really likes Clay, and Clay really likes Larry too. I also thought Clay looked smashing. I think the cutest thing was when he discovered they were showing baby pictures of him, and he went "Aw, I was cute back then." Love him. Besides, Clay's audition for "Every Day with Clay Aiken" went well. Why do I have to be at work today? I'd rather be home watching the clack from the past 48 hours. Good stuff, all of it.