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  1. Merry Christmas to all who may dwell here… Please join the Finding Clay Aiken message board in a “Merry Christmas with Love” listening party! It will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2006, beginning at the following times: • 9:00 p.m. EST • 8:00 p.m. CST • 7:00 p.m. MST • 6:00 p.m. PST This listening party will be a little different from our last successful listening party for “A Thousand Different Ways” in that, instead of spreading the album over two nights, MCWL will be listened to in its entirety. Also, instead of listening to each song continuously for 15 minutes, each song will get 10 minutes. MCWL should then take 2 hours. The schedule will be as follows (using the EST guidelines): • 9:00 – O, Holy Night • 9:10 –Winter Wonderland • 9:20 – Silent Night • 9:30 – Hark the Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful • 9:40 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas • 9:50 – Mary, Did You Know • 10:00 – Joy to the World • 10:10 – The Christmas Song • 10:20 – Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day • 10:30 – Merry Christmas With Love • 10:40 – Sleigh Ride • 10:50 – What are You Doing New Year’s Eve? Hope you can join us…we’ll have a grand old time celebrating with Clay!
  2. If you hate MSNBC, do not click on the following link.... Are "Idol" Finalists Quickly Forgotten? However, I think it is a very interesting article, and it ties in with the discussion at hand. It mentions Clay as the true anomaly regarding the finalists, not the winners, as well as the crowding of the field. UNC - Charlotte honors alumni Very cool! A little surprised he's in jeans for something like this...I guess he considers it his "down time." *g* But it certainly is nice to see this, and him, again. Love the hair too...and is he wearing his glasses? I LURVE glasses Clay!
  3. I've always wondered if Clay "seeming to be everywhere" was a product of our obsession. As devout fans, we were pretty overzealous about finding each and every little detail of promotion. While I agree that it sure seems Clay had a hell of a lot more promotion than DAUGHTRY! or Taylor are having right now, could it be that at least some of us aren't looking all that hard? Nah, probably not. *g* But I do think the record/album/CD business has changed enough in the past three years that promotion is just simply DIFFERENT. Record companies will cut corners to maximize profit as much as possible, and then sometimes just hope for the best. That's why I really believe that what Clay had (and is still having, as far as that goes) with this round of promotion was quite quite good. To know that he's still got a major appearance on R&K this week (EEEEEEEEEEE), plus an EP to tie sales to all his albums together, I think, is pretty gosh darn good. Does anyone have an inside track to know if Clay's gonna be in the People Sexiest Men issue this week? Sure seems like it, with all the polls, and the picture in that 100 men online thing. Who would you most like to be serenaded by? BTW, I loved Barry back in the day, still think he's a talented songwriter, and love that he's kind to Clay. I also love that he's still got a major career going (selling that amount of albums in the first week still is pretty darn good). But I'm sad that he looks terrible, and he just simply seems to be coasting now in some ways.
  4. Barry Manilow comments on Clay from TV Guide channel You can watch, and then download. (I've never seen this website before download sharing, it looks interesting...) Very nice mention, and it shows Clay too! More later, after dinner, but I gotta offer condolences to bottlecap. That sucks about your laptop.
  5. I woke up this morning, and discovered I was dreaming about the FCA...and Clay! For some reason, I was with Clay at a computer, and we were trying to get him on the FCA message board so that he could talk with all you sweet and wonderful people. (I NEVER have smokin' hawt dreams with Clay. I guess I need to read more muski stories before going to bed... And then? I get on the boards and discover that someone tried to pose as Clay last night at the OFC chat room, and Clay needed to blog because of it. I'd say my premonition sense needs a bit of a tuneup, but could be a lot worse... *g* Anyway, I'm glad that he blogged to reassure most of the fandom about this incident. Icing on the cake that he confirmed he had been in the chatroom the night before, IMO. I've almost always thought of it this way: since Clay is the object of our affection, I treat him as if he was a member. His name is almost always in the name of the boards, so I think he's a defacto member. (And at least one board has joked that he has a membership under some silly assumed name...) So, if in my eyes, he's a member, I treat him with as much respect as I do the rest of the members of the board. Probably moreso, actually. I've never understood why others didn't see it this way, but then, I sometimes see things way differently than my husband or my Mom, so my sense can sometimes be skewed. STALKER!!! STALKER!!!! Well, never mind then. Someone else is a STALKER!!! *g* I actually felt badly for him that his night had to end on that note. Here he was, attending a ceremony honoring him (congratulations Clay!), keeping it fairly low key so that only family and immediate friends would be there (you go Clay, keep that privacy!), and was probably feeling pretty good. To come back to his house and find that someone was taking your identity (I suppose you could say AGAIN, *g*) and being a loud, foul-mouthed jerk to your fans, had to put a damper on his feelings. ITA. IMO, being a fan, first and foremost, should be a fun experience. I love getting together with Clay friends and laughing so long, my sides hurt. Or reading a particularly funny post that makes me spit my coffee out with such force that my monitor becomes permanently stained. It doesn't happen much in some of my old haunts anymore...but it does here. Case in point: LOVED this....and I'm watching water drip off my monitor right now. muski, what a sweet sweet story about your dog. Such a cute doggie! Aw man....I wuv my kitties. They're our kids. But I still like you playbiller. *g*
  6. Now that I've finally caught up on Lost (damn you spoiler people...heh)...I'd have to agree with this sentiment. I missed the first season entirely, but then they did the reruns over the summer that first year, and my husband and I got hooked. Unfortunately, they didn't do EVERY episode, so we had to run out quickly and buy the DVD set. I haven't had the inclination yet to get the second season. But this season, I'm hooked again. The main thing I'm missing so far is Hurley -- I love that guy. He's so sweet and funny. And I still want to know more about him. BTW, I loved Jack the other night, and I'm really liking the Elizabeth Mitchell character as well. If she and Jack get down and dirty, I'd like that. It really does seem that way, doesn't it? The problem I see, though, is that they don't stay jilted for long, but always harbor those jilted feelings. Case in point: those that hated a particular Christmas show, but had seats in the first 10 rows for every single one of them. I simply don't understand that rationale -- if someone doesn't like a show, they generally sell their tickets to someone who does. *shrug* Front row is very unique experience. I've had it twice -- once with a camera *waves back at couchie, and also at Scarlett*, and once without. There are just simply things that you can see that are not visible even from a few rows back. My wish is that everyone gets that experience at least once. Will I be upset if I never get front row again? Nah. Will I keep trying? Heck yes. (But never via brokers. Yuck) There really does need to be a place for people to learn to get their feet wet regarding the online Clay fandom, and also just to simply be a fangirl/fanguy. The OFC is a logical first place. Therefore, there's no need to overtake that board if someone is perfectly happy at their own board where they can have "deep thoughts." As far as the insider jokes...well, I'm a firm believer in lurking for a while before posting. Yeah, there will be some jokes I just don't get, but either they'll fall by the wayside, or I'll get around to asking someone later what they mean. It really is a skill to figure out the quirks of message boards. That's why I love the concept of the actual FCA board -- so many places to choose! Depends on the thread title..."what am I wearing right now?" would have muski over there real quick. "Should Clive Davis burn in hell?" would have certain other boards over there in a flash. And both threads would have "I LOVE YOU CLAAAAAAAAAAAAY" throughout them. Actually, just look at his blog comments and you'd probably get a pretty good idea.... I just hope he reads other boards besides the OFC. And geez, now more smart people have written: Claygasm, this is so so true. There have been several people I've "known" on the boards that I wonder if Clay left show business tomorrow, what would happen to them? I feel they'd be crushed, and depressed, and would have nowhere else to turn. That just makes me sad. ITA on your Clay decorations too. It's even harder when you're married! My computer room has a giant Clay poster, and my bulletin board is filled with name tags from preconcert dinners and my Clay calendar. The rest of my stuff is put away. My work off has another Clay calendar and a few pictures, plus my computer wallpaper. That's it. I proudly wear my Clay Aiken t-shirts out, however.
  7. I've always wanted to see NYC PERIOD. Someday I'm going to try it, but would love to have someone there I "know" (like from a Clay Aiken board) to visit. Having Clay there would be icing on the cake. muski, that sounds like a great trip with you and your daughter. Have a great time! YAY! He answered the question I submitted to Larry King! OK, so a few weeks late, but still... Anyway, I'm glad to read these comments. You know, thinking about this, maybe this was a good way to get people more established in the biz to notice Clay. "Hey, they did a great job with one of my older songs...hmmm...maybe I should write an original for this guy." Just a thought. I'm very glad to hear that. And that's no spin from me. I'm sure this statement scared a few in the fandom. Me? I think the attitude is spot on. It's that "one day at a time" thing that he seems to have learned in the past few years, and I personally think it suits him. ITA. I would say that this group "email" was his way of getting the interviews with the press without losing his voice, and also to control the message a bit more. Of course, to some people, control = spin. Can't win for losing sometimes. The chat transcript was too funny. I'm glad a few ladies/girls got the thrill of their lives last night with that -- they'll remember that for a long time to come. And money can't buy that kind of feeling.
  8. Heh. You smutty woman. I knew there was a reason I liked you. Is this anything like "seeing in his eyes" how sad he is about the ATDW turned out? YAY! Very cool! It seems to me that he hasn't done a lot for UNICEF this year (other than presenting the money to the school earlier in the year), so this is neat, and I'm sure near and dear to his heart. And thanks bottlecap for the complete information on the Snowflake and the lighting ceremony. Hopefully some new pictures will come out of this appearance!
  9. Jenna, I see someone else has already "WORDED" your words...but they jumped out at me when I read your post as being at the heart of everything. That goes for me too. It really all boils down to that, doesn't it? WHAT DOES CLAY WANT? (Excuse the shouting...) I, as a fan, have no idea...nor should it be any of my business, really. I just want the man happy, and I can easily put aside MY needs for his, if it comes to that. As for Claygasm's evil thoughts...move over, honey, because I've had that thought in my head for SEVERAL months now. As a matter of fact, I've placed an order for a "protect your clothing from head explosions" apron. Do I need to place an order for more? Honestly...it could be exactly at the CTers say. It could be that Clay would stay at RCA until he's 85. The point I keep coming back to again and again is -- "is this my job to worry about that?" I really don't think so. Instead, I'll just keep listening to his voice, watch him on my TV, and buy almost anything that has his name or picture on it. He's my joy in my life, not my job.
  10. *hands luckiest1 a sewing kit, some iodine and some bandaids* We'll take care of you here, don't worry. EXACTLY! Regular guy Clay, the man who is trying to keep himself grounded in the crazy business he's in, came through in this interview loud and clear. Yes, he has ambition, but he also knows that what happened a few years ago was not the norm, and he really wasn't expecting that again, IMO. Can I just interject here right now that I LOVE him???? I read that and just visualized Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Heh. And for some reason, I think the subtitle of this thread should be "...and that's no spin-o." MCWL Listening Party!!!!! It's not tonight, as previously announced, but will be on Saturday, November 18. In this instance, we're going to do the entire album in one sitting...but with only 10 minutes a song. (I might stretch DSIAFCD and MCWL a little, since those are the two longest songs on the album). But, with 10 minutes per song, that's exactly a 2 hour party. I think it will begin at 9:00 p.m. EST. Also, plan ahead...there will be a listening party for the AIW EP! I believe the date for it will be Friday, December 8. (I've checked...there's no concert that night...) More information on these last two items will be forthcoming shortly!
  11. Is that sung to the tune of "if you're happy and you know it, clap you hands?" Claygasm, I wuv you. Gave me my first true belly laugh of the morning, and I have to have at least two a day. Why do you think I play a couple of dollars on the lottery every week? Because this is my dream! It's not my husband's dream, of course...but eh. I'd allow him to go to things that HE wants to do. So there.
  12. *imagines Clay with his hair to his ankles* *falls on floor laughing* I love this interview. I think ya'll know I'm in total lust for goofy Clay, so the whole first part of the interview made me smile. I remember that first Singapore interview, where they DID call him bored and such; I'd rather have him being called "unnaturally chirpy." I'm glad we've gotten to hear more about the AI5 finale from his POV. Happy pills? Whatever. But the end of the interview, with his basically admitting that the publicity he got after MoAM was the anomaly (IMO), was priceless. I love this man. Back to the "bored" vs. "unnaturally chirpy" thing for a second -- that's the problem with print interviews. We can't hear the tone of his voice, and unfortunately the interviewers can, and then take that with their own filters added. (IMO, fans tend to do the same thing...) Also, I think the cultural difference plays a big role in this. I could be wrong on that, though. *smooches Scarlett* ETA: From Simply Clay:
  13. Hotel in Chicago = Centrally located venue for a North American FCA-Fest? I'm in! But of course, it's easy for me, simply a 3 hour drive.
  14. Man, that one was easy. I didn't know who two of the guys are. Spade can be funny, but sexy? Nope. And KFed is just slime. I did the same thing. Great minds think alike. Nice to see that. Thanks for bringing that over. And WHAT body part was sticking out of the convertible? BWAH! And KA-CHING! I've had seats all over the map when I've seen Clay. I've been fortunate enough to be in the front row twice (and one of these times, couchie remembers extremely well). I've spent extra money on TM for an upgrade, but never spent for brokers. I'm with play on that one, they're totally unethical, and I hate that people spend their money to scalpers. I've also had fairly bad seats for shows. But, in one instance, I got the best clack of my life by being in those lousy seats. The point is, though -- have fun with the show. Don't let the worry about good seats cause you to lose sleep. And those people that show up time and time again in the front few rows, but yet later seem to not even like Clay all that much? I'm finding they are not worth my time of day. That's why I like it here. Fun Busters! BWAH!
  15. I never really thought of myself as an extrovert, but my husband tells me that in a crowd, to him "I come alive." Having attended several Clay-related parties, I'm realizing that about myself. But it really is EFFORT to do this, and some people have a hard time with that. What I don't particularly like is if people go to parties, sit in the corner without much effort, and then say "I had a terrible time, I sat in the corner and ate Cheez Doodles all night." If the effort isn't there, I'm leary. Of course, I've never had a problem with public speaking either, and I know I'm an anomaly with that too. I've got a board party coming up in three weeks. I think it will be incredibly interesting to see the interactions, just because of how fractured I see things at the moment. Will there be catfights? Or will people put on their game faces? Or will it simply just be a joyful time because we're going to be seeing Clay in a few hours? Stay tuned sports fans. This quote made me smile, because it reminds me of the IT show where Clay, during the cell phone bit, asked how the lady on the other end met the person holding the phone. "You met her on the computer. That could be dangerous." Hee. But that's one of the reasons my family, except for hubby, knows very little about my Clay fandom. I think they just could NOT understand this concept of "knowing" someone only through an internet message board. ITA. I feel that way with so many of you at the moment. I'd love for all of us to meet some time. atinal, we're gonna have to have a date soon. (She and I have discovered that we're not all that far away from each other!) Totally understand this, not because I don't think we should be out there supporting a guy like Clay...but just because it reinforces the sterotypes of the media has of Clay fans when really Clay does appeal to a very diverse audience. That is why I was happy to see the two tattoo girls...fairly young attractive and aside from the tattoo thing...pretty normal girls. I'm really of two minds on this. Like muski and Ansa wrote here, I too do not like the stereotype of the Clay Aiken fan as what the media portrays. I've had experience with this before -- as a former Star Trek geek, I hated being classified with the guys who lived alone in their parent's basesments. There are lots of different types of Clay Aiken fans, and it really does a disservice to focus on one type. OTOH, though...heck, I'm proud to be a Clay Aiken fan, and I somewhat fit the stereotype. Should I not be proud? I think not. I don't see any reason to not stand up to the media and say "yeah, I'm a woman who's almost in middle age range, who thinks Clay Aiken is pretty damn cool. What's it to ya?" Know what I mean? Just because I may fit a possible stereotype doesn't mean my opinion isn't valid. It's always bugged me a bit that the people who seemingly complained the most frequently about Clay fans being characterized as middle aged white women...were middle aged white women. OK, I'm off my soap box now. Y'all can shoot me later. I've not read over there for a few weeks, and have not posted in just as long. The first real time I had a twinge of wanting to go back there was the night when AIW was found. I so wanted to celebrate, but didn't have a chance. By the next day, the kvetching was back, and I was back to losing interest again. I know keeping up a "constant state of celebration" can be somewhat difficult, tiring even. But that's why God created vacations. Jin? Yum.my. I also find Locke hawt, actually. And I have a soft spot for Hurley. *waves to luckiest1, whom I will be meeting for the first time very soon -- but yet someone I feel like I've known forever*
  16. Hopefully this will work for you as far as the abs goes... Josh Holloway cover I still find him icky though. IMO, abs do not make the man.
  17. Will y'all STOP with the "Lost" talk? I haven't seen the episode yet!!!! But I'll have to say that I like Jack (a very unpopular stance in most of the Lost fandom, it seems), and love to hate Sawyer. Sawyer, hot, though? ICK! POOH! BLECH! I do not get the attraction that so many have for "bad boys." I'd rather have a guy who can look totally innocent but I'm sure is a bad boy underneath. I'd include a picture of this guy, but photobucket seems to be acting up. Let's just say...that banner picture features the bad boy pretty well. *g* Back to TV shows for a second -- could someone PM me with what happened on ER last week, or point me in the direction of a good summary (preferably NOT TWOP)? Our DVR didn't record it for some reason. Oh, THANK YOU! I think that hair is awful too...looks like a helmet on his head. Ansa, I would have to say I'm very guilty of being "cliquish" when I've been at preconcert parties. I think I was lucky in that my first preconcert party, the fandom was still fairly new, and no one really knew anybody all that well, so I worked my way in pretty well. But, after that first one, then I started hanging with the people I knew, so to speak, and wasn't as good at talking to others. I've read stories similar to yours though, since then...and I'm making a conscious effort to at least be nice to people and include them if they seem a bit lost. The clorilla is a fascinating animal. I'd love to do an actual study of it, but since I'm part of it, I'd find it incredibly hard to be objective.... I love muski's one track mind. I personally think it's a monorail. Reading about the Tyra show thing makes me incredibly glad for Clay, but incredibly sad for me, because I won't get to see it immediately. *sob* Claygasm, I know how you feel -- I'm going through that right now myself. I know that fandoms change, and simply that people change. It's just incredibly uncomfortable when you've changed in a different direction. It feels weird -- but I guess if we all stayed the same, everything would be incredibly boring. I think he really does appreciate "us," no matter our ages (or sex, as far as that goes). And I would also venture a guess that women 3 times his age talking about Waldo probably squicks him out a bit. (OTOH, maybe he laughs about it...) In a way, I'm torn by what you've said here Claygasm. I guess I think that "a fan is a fan is a fan," but I'm guessing that he has a pretty good idea who are the opverly cra...enthusiastic ones. OK, here we go...I'm sure he has a love/hate relationship with us too.
  18. I just wanted to see that posted again. Just sayin'. Raise your hand if you're listening to the clips on endless loop. I've had them on for 15 minutes at this point, and I'm not tired of them at all. This EP will be cherished forever. KAndre: Good one! {{{{{{{{{strummer}}}}}}}}}}}}} I'm so glad I was able to get LAA to you EVENTUALLY. It was a struggle...but in the end, I learned a new skill, so that's a good thing. And LAA is certainly excellent, isn't it? The Clay Aiken fandom is, for the most part, a great community. There are days when I want to strangle strange Aunt Gladys (and today would be one of those days... ), but on the days when things go well, I certainly love it.
  19. I think we know who we may have to thank for this particular development, and I don't believe it was Clive - a little too much fan inference I would bet. Oh for f***'s sake. Stupid assed fans and their stupid assed controling asses. I'm more than pissed right now. Where's the wine? How much does Guido charge?
  20. FYI: If you order at least 6 copies (maybe 5 is the magic number), you get FREE shipping. I just ordered 6 more. Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that... I think the low note in AIW is the best thing I've ever heard from the man.... Yep, Clive tortured him to do that song. Yep.
  21. Woohoo! That's another great number, IMO. 11,345 people can't be wrong! Damn. There goes my virginity again. OMG, that last "all" in AIW, before the clip cuts off...Good God in heaven, that's a beautiful note. CW isn't one of my favorites, but it's a nice, light, peppy number. Emmanuel? *sigh* Dreamy happy thoughts over that one. And MGUCL sounds fantastic. Ordered 4 more copies too. *g*
  22. BWAH number 1 for the day! And hey -- I have taste too! Hee. Yes, the answers he did give were incredibly informative, within reason. ITA with all you've said here. BWAH number 2! KAndre's on a roll! Bolding mine. For me, it's simple -- Clay's name was on it as a writing credit. Think about it -- before we knew about LAA, the most highly anticipated track off ATDW for many people was LNM...because Clay had a hand in writing the song. Then, LAA appears...and he appears to be the sole lyricist. I think that really romanticized the song in many's eyes. Hesitant about his writing? Yep. I got that confirmed, IMO, with the Yahoo interview, where he didn't want to say which song he'd co-written for fear of criticism. But I'm glad he's getting good feedback with LAA, and I too expect him to come up with more in the future. Send out a press release. The fandom is slipping in their investigative skills. BWAH number 3! Although I'm slipping...it took me a few minutes to remember who Erin Cates was.... I think the song is very intimate, and demands an intimate setting with an audience that will STFU when he starts to sing (rather than "I LOVE YOU CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Y" throughout). That right there suggests to me that he won't sing it in concert. Would love to be pleasantly surprised if he does, though. Claygasm, did you make it work? Did someone say Clay was tied up from behind? That was muski wasn't it? She's so bad. But the idea is pretty darn hawt...
  23. {{{{{{{{{{{playbiller}}}}}}}}}}}}} I read that "interview" last night before going to bed, and didn't even place it with you pointing us in the direction of submitting questions. Please don't beat yourself up over it. The "inteview" itself was quite interesting and illuminating. I'm glad to hear a little more about LAA, and, once again, he talks about the collaborating between him, Jaymes, and Clive. The questions he didn't answer would have been interesting for him to discuss. But this is one more thing that I just don't know WHY he didn't answer (time factor? didn't like the "tone" of some of the questions?), nor do I really care. Ah well, it looks like it will be another interesting day in the fandom. And WHY do people who end up not liking Clay continue to follow his every move and his career? I will never understand. MCWL listening party -- it may be postponed for a week. More forthcoming!
  24. JK Invisible (YouSendIt) muski, I think the consensus of the Clay fandom (HA! Like that happens...) was that the View WY was the best one. I included it on a DVD for a coworker, and she was falling all over herself. Ah yes, Gladys Knight. That really was a memorable night in AI lore, and she was a key guest. First of all, she provided Ruben with his nickname for the year by calling him the velvet teddy bear. But what she called Clay? Simply magical. That was truly special. I wonder if she recalls that event as fondly as us fans do? ETA: Heh, see the fandom can't agree. I thought the View WY was better than GMA, by far. Anyone else want to chime in?